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  1. Before you load the file from GSAK run a filter and have it show only caches that you haven't found. Then load that into your Nuvi
  2. I recently received notification for a couple of new caches but when I try to view the new caches the pages comes up as an error and says you can not view unpublished caches. The two caches that this is happening for are GC294P3 and GC2A0B7. I have tried opening them with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.
  3. Have to agree trash can turkey is great. We do that at least a couple times a year when camping. I have never tasted a moister turkey. If you haven't tried it you really should.
  4. We have one and enjoy watching people find it. We have met quite a few cachers this way. Most are kind of apprehensive about searching for it at first even though the cache page states it was hidden with the land owners permission. If we see someone coming to search we usually go out and tell them they are in the right location and it usually makes them feel better about searching. We were thinking we need to put some kind of geocaching sign in the front yard so people know when they drive by with a puzzled look on their faces that yes their gps is telling them the right location.
  5. For us it's about the places we go, the people we meet and all the memories we make. It also gets us exercise in an enjoyable way. It's also fun to be able to find something that someone else has hidden.
  6. If you are interested in having one in WI we would be happy to place one here.
  7. Another option would be to make a bookmark list of all DNF's. After you go back and find it you can remove it from your bookmark.
  8. GSAK works great for this. I used to keep a log in Excel so they would be in the order I found them, then I found out (thanks to the forums) you could do it in GSAK. I have a column for who was with on the search, have them numbered according to what find number it is, and I keep notes of interesting things that happen while searching.
  9. search for it on the geocaching web site. There are personal geocoins by that name. I found several when I searched by name on geocaching.com Also found when did a google search for hibou_d
  10. The $30 is definitely worth it. Pocket queries are nice. You get much more than $30 worth of enjoyment/entertainment. Where else can you be entertained for a year at that price!!!
  11. I have had this problem before but I guess last night was my lucky night. I ran 4 new ones last night and they all ran and were delivered in no time at all. Seems to be an ongoing complaint. Best of luck to all.
  12. Go to the middle of the cemetery around midnight.. preferably during a full moon. Loudly ask if anyone objects to having a geocache near their grave. If no one answers put it out, if someone does run like h3//. Preferably a cemetery way out in the middle of no where??!!!
  13. Become a premium member and use the instant notification feature Instant Log Notification Feature Click here to visit the Insta-Notify page. You can subscribe to a location and whenever certain logs are entered by geocachers in that area, you receive an email. The new "publish" log type will allow you to be the first one in your area to get notified of a new listing. As the new feature is improved, other log types like found notes will be added.
  14. When we started I was wondering if we were doing things the right way also. I did read a book and experience is definitely the better way of improving your finds. The more caches you find the easier it will become as you will come across various types of cache containers and get more familiar with the different ways people choose to hide a cache. I love to read but in this case nothing is better than experience.
  15. After I run a pocket query I open it in GSAK and then download it into my gps.
  16. we have done a few cemetery caches and enjoyed doing them. I would like to hide some cemetery caches but don't know who to contact to obtain permission. Does anybody have any an idea how to find out who to contact for permission to hide a cache in a cemetery
  17. raslas

    OK, Fess Up

    I thought at first it was just me until I went to http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ and discovered it wasn't me!!!
  18. raslas

    DNF caches

    That would be a nice addition
  19. click options then under display mode click standard
  20. I also think it would be a great idea!
  21. You definitely get more than $30 worth of enjoyment when you pay for the premium membership. When you think that is all year log it is relatively inexpensive for the fun it provides.
  22. Same thing here. Tried Firefox and Internet Explorer. No luck with either.
  23. I have no scheduled pq's. I run them when I need them.
  24. I ran a new pq this morning and it ran right away but I never received it in my email. I ran another this afternoon and it also ran right away but again I never received it. I posted a note for one of my caches and I did receive a copy of that log. Also checked spam filter and it was not kicked out-I just plain didn't get it.
  25. I know you can see them on your profile page and the watch list but I keep a seperate database made with Excel so I can see at a glance which cache I found them in and which cache I put them in. There are also some that I put on my watch list so I could keep track of where they were.
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