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  1. This quest has been fulfilled. I appreciate all of those that helped me with this adventure!
  2. Hello again Casting Crowns! I just finished a cache similar to what it sounds like you're trying to do. What I did was enter the coordinates for the next stage (in your case, it'd be the OH stage) as a search. That brought up the closest caches to those posted coordinates. Then, I sent messages to about 5 owners of those caches closest to the coordinates. I figured that if someone owned a cache near there, they might live reasonably close to it. Out of the 5 emails I sent, two of them responded and one was able to help me out. Also, you can try emailing the owner of the cache. He/she might have people who are wanting to do the cache but need help too. Good luck!! Hey....that's a GREAT idea! I didn't think about that! Lemme give this other person a try and see if they can help me. I had actually forgotten about this cache challenge for a while...
  3. AWESOME! Sent coords to Wyld Bill and fwagschal.....let's see who can get there first!!! And, like I said, if both of you get it, I have a friend here that would also like a partner to help her get the cache. Just lemme know!
  4. Goal #1.....Get one of each cache type icon. Goal #2....attend Geowoodstock (which would help with goal #1) Goal #3....Get the "trifecta" Original Stash, Ape Cache, and Groundspeak HQ Goal#4....Cache until I'm no longer able to.
  5. I am trying to tackle a unique cache here in Texas that involves finding multiple stages across the country...the next stage is in Ohio, then in Maryland, then in Florida and the final is in Texas. You can read all about it at GCV8A2. Each person that helps find these stages will get credit for the final that I would have to find. Any interest in helping me? Shoot me an email. There is another person here in Texas that would like to find this cache also so another interested person would be OK too. The second stage is hidden between the towns of Shiloh, Vandalia, Northridge and Huber Heights. If you live close enough to this area and could help me, I'd be very thankful! Casting Crowns
  6. Hey, William! Ummm.....I've logged 151 but, as mentioned earlier, I've gone back to find some of them.
  7. I don't own GSAK....and I've heard it can even find the meaning of the universe but that it has a steep learning curve. Oh well....just a thought...
  8. Someone had made a thread a few days ago asking what your favorite statistic is so far in Geocaching. I wanted to reply but thought that it wasn't REALLY a stat that I wanted to list. The thing I'm probably most proud of and find a LOT of satisfaction with is having found a night cache that hadn't been found in over a year and another cache that hadn't been found in over TWO years! Those are the MOST fun for me and several of my caching friends. Does anyone else like to go for these "lonely" geocaches? Are there enough of us to add this option to pocket queries? Huh? HUH???
  9. Boxcars has the best advice. I did the same thing here in town. My friends (Texaslibra) are known to be the FTF hounds in town....at least in Ft. Worth. I actually beat her and her family one one FTF run and we became friends. This, in turn, led me to meet other FTF hounds in other cities and now we're all a friendly group of loose knit FTF hunters. We like meeting up at caches and shooting the breeze afterwards as long as there isn't another one to find down the road!
  10. I have two Zombie Hunter themed caches in a series I'm doing. Two are published....one is about to be hidden and submitted. The other two will be completed before Winter.
  11. Ten bucks? YEAH! It went down? I think you've made a mistake....it should be $30....unless they gipped me!!! *angry face* HAHAHAHA!
  12. True....several of my friends use the Oregon and my little Etrex Legend almost ALWAYS has me closer to the cache than what their $400 units do. Sometimes, they'll even be 100' off! I dunno......I thought it was just my one friend's GPS was bad but several that I've cached with acted the same. Turned me off. Now, I'm looking at the 62st. Out of your price range, I know, but you gotta pay for what you're wanting.
  13. I have a smartphone with GPS technology (not an Iphone or Droid) but I have an older GPS. I can't download my PQ's as a whole into my GPS and it takes forever to load them individually. I thought I could just use my cell phone to look up some area caches but that hasn't gone so well. I see on the web page that you can search for cache by coords. There is a hyperlink to "find me with loki" so I figure it would find where I'm located by my phone GPS and then locate caches that are near me. Is that not how it works? If so, then it doesn't seem to work on my phone or home computer. Besides trying to use Zip Codes to search, I need something to get me a little closer to where I'm at. I work in a truck and take lunch in different areas almost every day. It would be nice to find a cache that's close by. BTW, I looked at some "pay for play" programs out there but a monthly fee doesn't do it for me. Thanks for the help!
  14. Darn....was hoping to get to meet Snoogans out there. Oh well....we've been planning on going down to Lockhart for a BBQ run. We're eating at Kruez's, Smitty's and then at Black's. We will then drive back to Austin and begin the BM III cache. We're going down on the 4th of Sept if anyone else can make it.
  15. I've seen rubber snakes tied TO containers.....that may be easier than using the snake itself as far as keeping the logbook dry. One really got me. There was a deep hole in a tree....there was a stick hanging out of the hole with a rope tied to it. Oh, I found the cache! Pulled the roped thinking I'd see a container when this snake head come jutting out of the hole. I FREAKED yet my daughter had nerves of steel. She thought I had lost my mind. Still one of my favorite geocaching moments.
  16. True....I found one above ground and it was wet inside. I was really surprised because I thought these things would keep water out better than that. And, if it WAS due to user error, then it's STILL a bad design.
  17. There was a thread about it here at one time. Does seem to be an evil little plant. I think in the last thread it was linked to a website or something so that you could report its location so that it could be destroyed.
  18. Thank God it's here in Texas! WHEW! I will have to do this one! Thanks for the heads up!
  19. I would collect it.....I would also like the baggie with piece of paper idea OR if you could add your name to the bottom of the ladybug. I'd like to remember who I got it from.
  20. Best experience for me was the "Lost" series dedicated to the TV show. It was awesome because each cache was an ammo can and was themed to a particular part of the island....i.e. "The Swan"....The Hydra"...etc. The cans had the Dharma symbols painted on them with each theme as well. Inside were PLENTY of associated items (Like a replica of Hurley's winning lotto ticket.....or the Boarding pass to flight 815....a ping pong paddle and ball with Dharma symbols on them...etc). Not only that, but I was the FTF on each of the hides. SWEET and memorable because I did them all with my daughter too!
  21. Sorry to hear that. Have you posted to the Southwest forum yet? On the "bright" side (sorry about the sun pun), there is no better time to grab the Holy Grail, a 60CSx before they're gone. About $200, I believe. I traded a Colorado in for it after about a month, and have had zero regrets. I do paperless with a $150 Nuvi. Wow....what a deal! I've been thinking of an upgrade but unfortunately can't swing even the $200 for this....was going to be a present for myself this Christmas. Are they not making them any longer or are you just talking about the price? As far as the OT, I've also been told to have your phone number or something in the GPS as a surprising number are returned that way.
  22. Awesome that you're out enjoying geocaching and staying active! I noticed the same thing about my great grandmother and my grandparents. Stay BUSY!
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