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  1. My 2¢... Send out the bugs. Realize that they have every chance of becoming lost. With that in mind, appreciate every day and every stop they make. There are better things to worry about. Send 'em and enjoy 'em. Lose some? Send out more. The more you send out, the less you worry about the individual one -- and, the more you enjoy those that DO move well.
  2. This sounds like a browser problem in that the computer does recognize the unit (but loading through the browser doesn't work). •If using Internet Explorer, you may need to adjust the 'Compatibility View'. You can do such using this link (select your IE version): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-11 . •If using Google Chrome, you most likely will have to change to a different browser as Chrome has significantly tightened security protocols. •Mozilla Firefox typically handles this without much problem. You may well be able to avoid the problem by using the [GPX file] immediately adjacent to the [send to My GPS] button instead -- Premium Members only. Lastly, as a Premium Member, you can download Pocket Queries and load that data directly to the unit without having to go through a browser at all -- drag 'n drop the data directly to the unit as a [Drive] or portable storage device.
  3. You cannot change the name if you are not the registered owner. He cannot 'give' you a TB, if he registered it, you would need to adopt it: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=249 -- this would transfer ownership to your account.... THEN you could change most anything about it that you would like to.
  4. Perhaps you read the wrong posting. That particular post did not address datum (the post below it does). ----------- I'll try this again, using copy/paste rather than a link:
  5. This comment: Strikes a chord in my dwindling memory. From another thread about Garmin settings: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=328711&view=findpost&p=5458973 (check also the link posted within that thread) Take note that there are TWO settings and both need to be set correctly (apparently is applicable only to Garmin units).
  6. You can run a PQ to search for trackables in a cache -- that is one of the parameter choices. However.... what T.D.M.22 said above still applies. You would need to read the logs of each and every trackable listed as "being" present in the cache to determine whether there is or is not any chance it would still be there. Certainly better than driving 10-15 miles to find it is not present, wouldn't you say? Trackables are some of the more mis-logged things involved in geocaching.
  7. The unit cannot read the "single, multi-cache GPX file" because that single file - as you call it - is a zipped file. The GPS cannot read a zipped file as it has no mechanism with which to un-zip it. You need to do that with your computer PRIOR to loading. An un-zipped GPX download from geocaching.com will produce two files (xxxxxxx.gpx AND xxxxxxx-wpts.gpx). You need to transfer both of those files to the unit. Prepared directions for loading, step-by-step: NOTE: You should not "open" the downloaded GPX files or folder. It does you no good to do such, you cannot read them... you certainly should not alter or edit them. If you have done such, discard that downloaded data. Run a new PQ and start over.
  8. It isn't yours to do anything with -- other than to move it. Whether the TO is yet active or not is immaterial.
  9. Yup, you are being led about here and there, to and fro... all the time your eyes are glued on the device. It is a symptom of a new(er) cacher and the forgetful old(er) cachers. Well, un-glue them from the device. When you start closing in on GZ (you already know the direction and basic distance), stop looking at the device and start looking for the cache -- or more rather, its hiding spot. As stated previously, the GPSr is not going to take you TO the geocache. It is only going to get you close. You cannot expect absolute pin-point accuracy for a few reasons: 1] A consumer-grade device cannot provide you with absolute accuracy; 2] It is taking you to the COORDINATES, not the cache. The cache may (or may not) be dead-on placed -- wide and varying reason for this; 3] As you close in on the coordinates, the readings become "fuzzy" to the device. It is going to lead you here, there, back again, then this way and that way. When you notice this behavior (better yet, before it happens) put it away and look for the placement. If you keep looking at the device you are wasting your eyesight... you should be looking for the cache. Again... because it is so important... the GPSr will only take you to the AREA of the coordinates. The rest is up to you. You'll get better as you gain experience.
  10. You really ought not to compare the app to the website. It isn't the website. It is far easier to perform broad searches on the website... something the app is not designed to do. It WILL perform a live search providing caches local to your location --or-- you can scroll the map to the desired location and have it perform another search based upon that area you have scrolled the map to. A solution, of sorts.
  11. 1] Premium Membership is all-encompassing, regardless if obtained through the app or through the website... so it is your choice on which method of purchase you use. It really shouldn't be two different prices, unless you must pay some tax or there is a currency "adjustment". 2] The app can be used outside of receiving areas, but the data needs to be loaded and saved first (just like using a dedicated GPSr). To have active searches, you need either wifi or data connection. EDIT to add: you DO NOT need data service to geocache (assuming the data was previously saved). The GPS chip functions without data service.
  12. Add to that... why do folks hide behind a sock? Perhaps because you wanted to create a cryptic gripe/rant only?
  13. Ah... noticed that you solved the riddle as I was typing (with a break to retrieve java)....... There are a number of reason this could happen. Most of it has to do with the app. Remember -- use of the app is not the same as sitting at a desk using a computer, nor is the app the geocaching.com website. I left my response below ↓↓↓ [How close was the app to your location when you used the app to search for it (the second time)? If a few miles away, it may have been outside of the search parameter. As you move about, closer to where the cache is located, it MAY show up.] Again, don't confuse the app with the website itself. It is not the website. It is a misconception that many fall prey to.
  14. This question pops up occasionally. Inevitably, it is from somebody trying to "download" the PQ projected preview results instead of actually running the query. If there is no email stating that the query ran and is available for download, you have neglected to select the day-to-run, as Bear and Ragged has suggested. The preview will indeed supply only .LOC files... the downloaded PQ data is all in .GPX format.
  15. 1) Listing time can be from a few seconds (literally) up to quite a while (depending on possible issues). "Target time" I think is 10 days. Much of that depends on how busy the volunteer reviewer is. 2) Entirely your choice to do one, a few or many at a time.
  16. Maybe you are expecting a bit too much? As is your "smartphone", your GPSr is only a consumer-grade device. 30 ft. ain't all that bad... it could be better, but typically 'Ground Zero' is considered to be 20 ft., anyway. If you want consistent and near pin-point accuracy, you are gonna have to dig deeper into your bank account -- much deeper, like four-figures deeper. Assuming that you have the current generation eTrex (the '10, '20 or '30), I have heard little other than good about the consistency and accuracy of those units. Once in a while, somebody complains... but that has been shown to usually be "user" faults. Even then, such is true with most other makes/models of GPSr units. As far as the manual goes... most all of the manuals are (very) similar. They do tell you the functions and how to access them, but it is left up to you how you utilize them to have the unit function in a "seamless" manner. I have read most all the manuals -- Garmin, Magellan, Delorme and even the antiquated Lowrance units. They're pretty much all the same. I'm going to suggest that you attend an Event Cache. There are lots of knowledgeable folks there that know how to use that unit and will be happy to assist you. A bit of hands-on instruction should go a long ways in helping you to use it well.
  17. The most common "offense" when this question comes up is that the loaded caches are too far from your current location. They are present in the device, but will not show on-screen until either: •you are closer, or •you pan the screen (map) to their location. Added to that, you cannot see them while zoomed wide, you need to be zoomed in somewhat close.
  18. A fairly often asked question... but you cannot. There is no option for you to do such. Because you own it, you automatically receive an email when appropriate. "Visited" logs however, are NOT one of the appropriate logs for such. Emails generated for such logs probably would overload the system. Edit to add: We had one picked up the other day and the geocacher "Visit" logged it 16 times that same day. Imagine a few thousand trackables logged as that... the number of emails.
  19. Found a thread regarding same via search. Maybe it will help. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=314096&st=0&p=5283456&fromsearch=1entry5283456 Good Luck ETA: yes, I see there is an photo upgrade available.
  20. I don't think the eTrex is capable of showing photos. Photos ARE NOT part of a GPX file. If you are having trouble reading the hint -- your unit must be engaged in searching for the cache. Garmin units will not allow you to read the hints "at will".
  21. When you bring up the question of maps, Garmin is about your best choice because there are many free (and not-free) maps to be had. Magellan, so I have been lead to believe, will accept only Magellan maps which of course, are not free. You speak of ($$) so I am going to assume that you are in the Americas or Australia. Delorme PN-60 comes with great mapping, but it costs more than an eTrex 20 and the maps are only of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Too, I think the PN-60 is still in back-order status. .... so, that pretty much leaves you looking at a Garmin unit. I understand wanting to get into the game as cheaply as possible. But in this case, if/when you decide to sell off your GPSr unit, you are still better off with a '20 as they resale higher and are much more in demand (quicker sale). Your other options are to look for used units online or even in the GPS Garage Sale forum here . Occasionally you can find used units at a walk-in sporting store. Good luck in your searches and final choice.
  22. You can download to the GPSr w/o a Premium Membership. However -- that will not include some of the data that PM provides. Regular Members download (what we call a .LOC file) containing: cache name, ID# and coordinates only. Premium Members download (.GPX file) which includes that above plus: cache page info, hints and the last few logs posted to that cache. Better yet -- Premium Membership allows for download multiple caches via Pocket Queries nearly instantly to the unit. Regular Members must load caches picking and choosing one-at-a-time. sussamb is correct too, the eTrex 10 is very restrictive regarding map usage; total caches being loaded to the unit... it suffers (quite severely) from lack of available memory. The eTrex 20 allows for expandable memory (micro-SD card), which allows for nearly unlimited mapping and cache loadings. Most everybody (not all, but most) that get a '10 usually upgrade to a '20 or better before very long. Save that money and skip the eTrex 10 "step". Accuracy is another issue -- they all are accurate to a similar degree. It centers more on the user capability than it does on the device capability.
  23. Just so you know... there is no "archival" mechanism for a trackable item. I'm guessing that is because the whole thing centers around the tracking number (not the item you sent out). The number is valid forever -- or as long as geocaching.com exists, which ever comes first. As mentioned above... if you want, mark it as "Missing". That will remove it from your Inventory.
  24. Page 9 of the eTrex manual. Same as using your phone, create/add a waypoint.
  25. Yes it will. We have one laying around here (somewhere) and have used it before... mostly just to try and see if it would do what you have asked. It's a bit like using a 2X4 for a baseball bat, but it does do the job.
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