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  1. Sweet, thanks for the replies. I was going to renew anyway, so it's not a big deal, but to tell the truth, it sort of defeats the purpose of Geocaching friendship, when you cannot even see your friends' found caches. Maybe they should put friendship for premium members only as well. And most importantly, state this fact in Premium Benefits... Thanks, that will do!
  2. Hey, back after a hiatus, I wanted to log some caches, found one year ago with a friend. I do not remember where we went, so I wanted to check his caches and log accordingly. Surprise, I cannot find a way to see all his caches, despite him having it allowed for the friends to see. I have it the same way, and he can see mine, so what's going on? Is it now a premium member feature only? I can see the caches hidden by him, though. Tried this on Firefox on my laptop, and Bromite on phone, no difference.
  3. I think both Garmin Vista and Venture are good choices... I own Garmin Etrex H, so if you don't need a map, this is the best choice.
  4. And do you think I am so rich that I can buy iPhone or something like that? But yes, I'm not printing whole cache page. I usually write down coordinates and hint (sometimes notes about transport), and that's all. We need paper and that's why are new trees planted still.
  5. I lost my sun-glasses while I was taking photos for Earthcache. Unlucky!
  6. I take up geocaching a few months ago... First, we were with school somewhere at the trip and my friend was geocaching... I came with him (like a muggle) and I got feelings that geocaching is sick! Later, I bought a GPS and became a geocacher . I really like visiting new places and now I have next reason to visit them . And it's better than do nothing... I like hiking and cycling, so I can do it and geocaching together.
  7. Yeah, Poland... Im Czech, but I was twice in Wieliczka Salt mine - but I wasn't geocacher, so I haven't local Earth cache . But I helped to my mate find some caches in Krakow.
  8. This is sad... My friend-muggle saw one TB, which I picked up once and he said he likes it... I'm confused, I invested to 2 GCs (they have been sent to me) and I hope some geo-thief won't come and steal this cool GC for himself! Grrr! I was on hunt and I had to find 1 GC and 1 TB - but they have been "taken" ! BOTH!
  9. Well But I take her once a time... She's old and little bit deaf . But we love her, her name is Nordie .
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