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  1. Aww D/C Fam thank you! We will put this to good use when we go to San Francisco next weekend for the second memorial service. We will definitely pay it forward when things have gone back to normal around here.
  2. Aww I would sure use that premium membership! I am in between jobs right now and my fiance has been singlehandedly supporting his father and brother (my fiance's mother just passed away suddenly from late stage cancer). We've been geocaching a lot lately to take our minds off of everything, and I sure wouldn't mind having PQs again. Oh well, hard knocks I guess.
  3. I had the same problem, but then I downloaded Vantage Point from the Magellan website and when I connected my GC it came up saying there was an update and installed it automatically for me. Maybe give that a shot?
  4. This happened at a local shop; an employee stole a credit card number and bought merchandise, then had a friend come in and return the stuff for cash. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having, hope you're able to sort it all out!
  5. I don't own many coins, and my only two travelers were both stolen by muggles immediately after being placed, but that is the only real concern that I would perceive as making an activated coin/bug less valuable. Otherwise, I would think it interesting to see the previous logs--like provenance on a historical artefact. But maybe that's just me being a history/archaeology geek.
  6. If the bug is still in fact in the cache, I would say yes, you can move it. Just don't log another "Found" on the cache page. Do log that you have picked up the travel bug.
  7. I haven't seen this in the area where I live, so perhaps it is a regional thing? If the "Needs Archived" flags are standing for as long as you say they are, then your local/regional reviewer is probably MIA or overworked and still trying to catch up. I know that most (if not all) of the reviewers are responsible for large geographic areas, plus they are only volunteers whom also have jobs, families, and lives. Hopefully they are able to catch up quickly. I would like the idea of adopting an orphaned cache, but Groundspeak won't do it without the permission of the original owner--even when they are completely gone from the game. The best we can hope for is that the "geolitter" gets cleaned up and the listing gets archived so new caches can be placed.
  8. Hello! Here is a link to the Trackable FAQ that explains what Travel Bugs are and what to do with them. In the mean time, I suggest removing the the code on your original post. The travel bug's code is a unique number that allows cachers to log the travel bug online and generally shouldn't be shared. Otherwise, check out the Trackables page I just linked and the "How-to" page (linked on the Trackables page) to learn how to move and log the travel bug. Edit: forgot the link. It's there now.
  9. The advice here is great! Here's my tip: when you get to the location and you are searching, look for things that are out of the ordinary/don't add up. Does that fence post have an extra bolt that none of the others have? Is there an odd shape or color difference in the foliage? Is there a pine cone in a sycamore tree? Would a bunch of rocks be piled that conspicously in nature? Instead of getting selective attention searching for a hidden container, open your eyes a little wider and eventually those subtle differences will stick out more and caching will get easier. Good luck!
  10. I just got back into geocaching after a few years away from the game, and I have always wanted to get into geocoins! I own a couple, but I've never wanted to release them because the investment was too much to let go. Thanks for sharing the opportunity! Got my request in, hopefully I get one to release into the wild.
  11. Wait a second... I thought C:Geo was the "app-that-shall-not-be-named"? When did that change (and what is the one you're referring to)? I really wish TPTB would just come out and say which apps are okay and which aren't, instead of all this hush-hush secrecy...
  12. A couple of days ago, I was getting out of the car to go grab a cache in a park. I didn't realize there was a big gap between the curb and my car, and that the curb is actually quite high off the street. My foot slid between the car and the curb, twisting my ankle and getting caught under the car causing me to fall on the sidewalk. My dad started laughing at me. First cache of the day and I get hurt getting out of the dang car...
  13. I got a nice haul from "Santa": - two Camelbak backpacks (one heavy for winter, one light for summer) - a water bladder for said backpacks - three new water bottles - Leki trekking poles - Hi-Tec hiking boots - two jackets (one thick, one thin) - a Motorola Droid 2 Global and... wait for it... A Magellan eXplorist GC! Finally, no more old eXplorist 200 for me! I'm going caching this week to test out all of my new gear, and maybe drive up to the snow to experience real "winter caching".
  14. Wow, I didn't even notice the date... My bad, should've been paying more attention. Everyone gets to be a dunce one and a while
  15. That's just it, the picture that Jeremy posted in this thread of the new design for the tag isn't showing up. It just has a text placeholder saying "user posted image". Kinda bumming me out since I really want to see what it looks like.
  16. Another day, another vote! My bull terrier, Bogie:
  17. Gotta vote DOG. This one isn't mine (my bull terrier is brindle and is almost five now) but such a cutie!
  18. I learned about it in my high school phys. ed. class. My teacher wanted to introduce a fun activity to the "modified" class (we're unable to participate in regular gym because of physical issues like asthma and such) so he planted some makeshift caches around campus and let us use his GPSr to find them. I was the only one who really found it interesting. After a few months reading about it online, I acquired an old eXplorist 200 and began hunting. I don't have much time to get out and search, but I'm very active online and I go to events (including volunteering at GW8)! I love this hobby, even if I never have time to actually go out and find.
  19. 1) What country do you live in? What culture do you consider yourself to be part of? I live in California, USA. I live in Northern California, so I am not the "beach bum Malibu girl" people see on TV. I identify with rural, farming culture and suburban culture. I was raised in small-town central Ohio, so I'm a little bit of a "red neck". 2) Why do you geocache? I enjoy geocaching because it brings me outdoors to places within my community that I never would have known about otherwise. I also enjoy the diverse types of people I meet at events. 3) What are some of the risks (danger) of geocaching in your country? For example, the law may forbid you do in some places, terrain, weather conditions etc... Because of the diverse terrains and climates within the USA, I cannot speak for all of the risks in different regions. Even within my state the climate and terrain varies widely. In my area, there are the "average" risks such as poison ivy, poison oak, ticks, spiders, and snakes. In the more forested regions there may be bears or coyotes, but very rarely. In the urban environment there are risks like muggers, rapists, etc, same as any big city. 4) Tell us something that might be different about geocaching in your country compared to Canada. I've never been to Canada but I think the terrain is different. From what I've heard, much of Canada is forest, and mountainous. In my area, it's pretty flat and rocky, without much treecover. Also, our climate is semi-arid and temperate; we don't get snow and we really only have two seasons: summer and fall. Summers hit temperatures between 80 and 110 degrees F, and winters are generally 50 and above. We don't face many challenges like ice or snow, but heat stroke and sun burn are very real risks. However, I speak only for my area of Northern California-- the rest of the state and country is very different.
  20. My childhood nickname is Twitch (because my nose twitches subconsciously like the girl in Bewitched) and I like trees and plants. Twitch Likes Botany was kind of hokey so I picked Twitch Hugs Trees. It's quick to type and I can abbreviate it with THT. Usually, my usernames are some variation of "Egypt Girl" since I want to be an Egyptologist, but THT works better with the outdoorsy activity of Geocaching.
  21. Quick update. Thanks for all the responses everybody.
  22. Trying to add to my paltry coin collection... Love geocoins, but can't afford them most of the time. However, it's my 18th birthday this week so I'm going to treat myself!! Will trade for anything: Lotus Compass Aten edition Looking to buy: Anything Egypt themed (particularly Lotus Compass Bast and Osiris) Geowoodstock 8 Volunteer coin (I never got one! ) Lobster coin (Any edition)
  23. Being vigilant is fine, but it won't save you should someone wish to do you harm. In many cases neither does a call to 911, especially if you're hunting off the beaten path. "Big tough guys" are good too, but they aren't bullet proof and a crazed meth-head isn't afraid of anyone. I'm not trying to scare anyone or anything like that, but people should know that it CAN happen to you - anytime, anywhere. The best way to make sure you are safe in any environment is to legally carry a handgun ( if your state allows) and get some training on it's proper use and safety. You should be mentally prepared to defend your life, and know and abide by the laws in your state regarding the carry of a weapon. If you can't or won't carry a firearm, then pepper spray is the next best thing. I recommend one with multiple bursts. All thins considered, getting a little on you and having an asthma attack would probably not be the worst thing that could happen should some low-life want to do you harm. In my family, we prefer Glock's. These days, trouble can happen anywhere - and bad guys don't make appointments. I agree Owljones, I carry a firearm when possible. In my state there are parks/forests that I am not allowed to carry a firearm, and in those cases I always have a pretty good size knife with me. If you are not comfortable carrying a firearm, you could always check into getting a stun gun or taser. Stun guns you have to be pretty close to use on someone, but a taser you can put some distance between you and your attacker. If you are comfortable carring a firearm and are looking for a small handgun. I would suggest the Ruger LCP or Keltec P-3AT. Unfortunately, California law prevents me from owning or carrying any kind of firearm, as I am underage and there is a license required for concealed carry. On the pepperspray/mace front (see bolded text above), I really don't know if that is the best option for me. My asthma is very severe, to the point that if I were to spray that, I would be utterly and completely incapacitated until an ambulance arrived or I died. At this point, I am looking at stun-guns or tasers, but I don't know that much about them. I'm not sure if I can legally carry one here, or if I can afford the cost of the unit + cartridges + batteries. I will probably purchase a knife to carry with me regardless if I get a taser, any suggestions on type/brand? Edit to add: Congratulations, Dragery! That's quite an accomplishment.
  24. You could use that as a sig item. I would love to find that sort of thing in a cache, I collect rocks.
  25. Red skulls should be painted on all caches, just to make muggles wtf. If the tag is face down, no one can see it -- my cache looks like a lot -- well it IS a wooden log with a hollowed out part -- the log splits to reveal the cache contents. I can't get the photos to post otherwise I'd have photos of it up so you can see what I'm talking about. My cache is a perfect piece of firewood and I don't want someone out scaping for firewood to pick it up and throw it in the fire. Maybe if it had a mark on it that would make someone think twice about burning it... that was my point. Your comment was completely unnecessary, troll. Whoah there! No need to call him (her?) a troll, it was a joke.
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