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  1. Selling my entire collection. Look at the list on my profile and make me an offer. They are all activated, but we can fix that. I do have the three newer Tsun Anaszi coins that are not activated. I would prefer to sell the the collection as a whole.
  2. "Most of the money will go towards the resources used to create the hunt (clues, containers, puzzles, riddles)" So, since when did clues, puzzles and riddles cost money? He said "containers", I was under the impression that he was wanting to do one big hide, unless of course it's a multi. and even then you're talking about less than $20 worth of containers.
  3. I thought about muggling a cache one time because I didn't like the cache owner, no body liked them for that matter. I never followed through with it though, because that's taking away from the whole caching community. So I re-hid the cache and went on my merry way.
  4. Congrats. to all and like The Blorenges said, it's an addiction. I envy you guys taking those first steps. I remember how that felt. Very cool.
  5. Well to some non-geocachers, all of this labeling and all that stuff just don't matter. There was a deliberate bomb scare in Boise in late August of 2007. A cacher had a TB hotel on his property, chained to his fence and one of the neighbors, obviously a geocache hater, made up a sock puppet account and went onto the cache page and left a nasty log about how the cache was in violation of this and that and all that crap. Then, this person proceeded to call the bomb squad, instead of being an adult and talking to the cache owner about it. The bomb squad came out and I'm sure you can imagine the rest. This idiot knew that it was a geocache before they called the bomb squad, hence the sock puppet account. In my humble opinion, they should have been arrested for intentionally getting everything stirred up. Needless to say the cache was archived and the cacher quit caching. Some people just don't care, they like to start drama and cause problems.
  6. Maybe if he asked for that sort of help, instead of asking for money, people would be willing to help. As it stands, he's been acting like an entitled jerk and alienating the people who might be willing to do maintenance on a temporary basis. Okay, well if that is truly the case, that he's being a total jerk about the whole situation then I would understand everyone's reaction more so.
  7. Not all geocachers are good people. However a sport that depends solely on the generosity and decency of the participants tends to draw good people. Yeah, you're right about that. I've met some great people while playing this game. Unfortunately there are some real whack jobs out there too. There are a handful pf cachers in my neck of the woods that have caused a lot of people a lot of grief recently.
  8. Thats a good question, isn't it? I looked at his pages and they all spoke of hardship, both health and financial. And each active cache was asking for "help", specifically money. It's almost like he's a professional victim. But, hey, those guys on the side of the offramps probably would really work for food. True, true. I see where you're coming from.
  9. It is your mistake. He was asking for help in a manner that is expressly against the guidelines. He wasn't "attacked". People explained to him why he was wrong. That's all. You're taking that out of context. "My mistake" was believing that all geocachers are good people.
  10. I don't for a second doubt that he was on the level. He still went about asking for help in the wrong way I would have to agree with you completely. That's irrelevant. It was against the guidelines AND the TOU for him to put the request on his cache pages, and, as has been mentioned NUMEROUS times, he always had the option of asking other cachers to adopt the caches. Asking for money was inappropriate and misguided, at best. Yes, I see what you're saying and yes it was inappropriate. All I'm saying, is can't someone help him maintain his caches for a while without him having to give them up? I would hate to have to adopt out my caches after the time and effort I put into them. I would if I really had to, to keep them alive. I would hope that someone would help me out though.
  11. Was he asking for this stuff to be a con-artist, or because he really needed help with these items?
  12. I certainly do understand all the reasons behind not soliciting, but I must say that it really is too bad that, that thread has gone the direction that has gone. Groundspeak provides a service yes, but it's us the cachers that are out there spending the time and money to hide 971K+ caches, not Groundspeak. We as the players are the ones that make the game what it is. But that's the whole point. When I started caching just over 3 years ago, I was naive enough to believe that the caching community was a good and decent group of people, and a lot of them are, but unfortunately the harsh truth reared its ugly face; I found that geocachers are not an exclusive group of good people, it's just a group of people, good and bad, my mistake. What n3prz is asking for is help, and everyone begins attacking him. Could he have worded what he was asking for in a better way? Absolutely he could have, but I've always been taught to ask for help when I needed it. I know quite a few cachers in my area that will replace log books and even cache containers when they need maintenance and they do it because they want to and because its about the game and it's about the whole caching community. They never ask for reimbursement from the cache owner, they just do it. Helping to maintain other people's caches only helps the game. Soliciting aside, it's really is too bad that being kind to other people in this world is such a difficult and terrible thing for some people to do. I guess that's why the words 'hate' and 'war' exist.
  13. Yeah, like Rambler said; That magazine actually made it to print. I have the first copy sitting right here, then the guy that was doing that mag. simply vanished and he took everyone's dough with him. That's one of the reasons that this thread is here now. A lot of people got burned, including me. We'll see what happens with this new magazine.
  14. I know some things about explosives and if this were an explosive of some type, it would most definitely be a very localized explosion. I've purchased fireworks larger than a 35mm film canister. Worst case scenario, it might take your hand off, if you were holding it. This is truly pathetic. People are such idiots. If it was a big container of some type sitting in a weird spot with a cell phone attached to the side and some wires protruding out of it, then I might understand the concern. These days, it seems as though everyone is a terrorist and everything is a bomb. The whole point of terrorism is to terrorize and that's exactly what they're doing without even doing it. And they're considering bringing charges, what a joke. OMG! OMG! IT'S A BOMB! WE'RE ALL GONNA' DIE! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE SKY IS FALLING AAAAAAAAAAAH! Pfff, give me a break.
  15. It's just a name. Like I said, I've spoken with the party that's going to produce this magazine, and they have every intention of making it a great all around geocaching magazine. So what if it's called "FTF Geocacher"? There's no reason why you can't contact them and suggest other names. I'm sure that they would appreciate it. After all, it's all of us as cachers that make this game what it is. If it weren't for us, geocaching wouldn't exist. As for the argument about finding what you need to find online in regards to caching, well it's a good argument, but you can say that about anything. I go into Hastings, or Barnes and Noble and see huge racks of magazines. Why is that? I guarantee you that the people who argue this point have books and magazines in their homes, but they can just as easily go online and get the same info. If you don't like the idea of this magazine, then don't subscribe to it. Don't judge a book by its cover.
  16. Aight people, here we go again. This is another attempt at an actual geocaching magazine. First thing; I'm not involved with this magazine in any way. Second, I have been in contact with the publisher and they are very aware of what happened with the first magazine that was supposed to be in print and they don't want to repeat that incident. They are working hard to get this magazine up and running, but it's going take some people that are brave enough and willing, to get this thing going. Here's the link: FTF Geocacher
  17. Yes, it can be a little frustrating but dem's da rules. Nah, it's all about who you know, or in the case of some cachers, who knows you and who likes you. I can't begin to tell you how many times that I've seen "certain" cachers in my area have their caches published when it's blatantly obvious that the cache in question is in violation of "the rules", while other cachers have been told nope, and that they need to move their cache somewhere else. I quit caching for a year because of crap like this. Cache publication can carry some politics. If Groundspeak was directly involved in publishing every cache, which would be nearly impossible, I believe that there would be a lot more consistency when enforcing the rules. But as most of you already know, the reviewers are volunteers, so there is naturally going to be some inconsistency. The reviewers are also cachers and a lot of them are naturally going to be friends with other cachers, so this results in bias in some cases. I've seen it, but I can't prove it. This is just the way it is. The only advice that I can give is to be nice to the reviewers, even if you don't want to. I've heard that it's a tough job. There's just no way for Groundspeak to employ all those people.
  18. When someone pays them money to. You know, kinda like the Project Ape caches. Yep, it's all about the all mighty dollar.
  19. As we all know, the "Original Stash" is just one cache. What would a single icon hurt? I love my icons yes, but there's no reason to go nuts about them. One more icon for the only cache of its type isn't going to hurt anything.
  20. "Soooo last year" You're comical, you make me laugh.
  21. I hate freaking icon candy, let's not add to it. Yeah, its not for everyone I guess. I'm an icon ho though. A lot of people are and a lot of people aren't.
  22. Well, I know that you only want to spend $200. The issue is that when you start to spend as little as possible, you start to get as little as possible, at least thats the way the manufacturors have it set up. The more you spend, the nicer the product. Thats just common business practices. You know all that already though. I've only owned 2 GPSrs, the GPS Map60Cx and the Oregon 400t, so I don't know of any units out there that offer paperless caching for less than $200. I got my Oregon for $250 on black Friday, it was a steal. I would do a little more research. Garmin has a feature on their website, where you can compare all the features of any two units side by side, literally, so that you can pick which one that you want.
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