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Largest Travel Bug You've Seen

Team CeDo

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Big Bugs we have seen over the years:


Our favorite had to be Black Beauty a 12lb bowling ball.


Others we have had are Tommy the Tire,

our own 80lb 4ft tall Signal the TB (TBZ28J).



Brian and Hydee of Groundspeak actually wanted to hijack him back to the lillypad a couple of years ago at MWGB


Have seen Cindy the Cinderblock, the big flipflop, WGA's big yellow jeep, Max B's Police Car.


There are others just cant remember them all


Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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My one doesn't compare to some of the others i've seen on here, but i once got a TB which, when you log it, you MUST add something to it, ie, a key ring or something, problem then being, that you can only hide it in large caches ;)


We had this one a few days ago: Colorado keyring TB


My very good friend Eeyore Tulip (see post #7) is still travelling from UK cacher to cacher. I'd love him to get across to the States but so far no one has offered him a ticket.



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The ones that come to mind are Tommy the Tire, Cindy the Cinderblock, Snoogans' refrigerator door, the pay phone, the cement post, and the geocoin made out of a manhole cover, to name a few. Mostly you'll see the larger ones go to events, but rarely to a cache and when they do go to a cache, they are left nearby and not in it, which might bring unwanted attention to the cache location.

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