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  1. I remember when people cared enough to hide caches large enough for my children to enjoy and stocked them with treasure.
  2. It could be two different geocaches from the same park. Without the owners information, I'd just keep it or donate it.
  3. That's how I get FTF's. I follow the tracks left in the snow. Do you really think a reviewer would publish a geocache without checking it first?
  4. I guess that depends on where you reside.
  5. I almost forgot, I always carry a Fisher trekker pen.
  6. Check this out from geocaching in GSMNP. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=f07b241a-c8d3-44f5-b1f8-67994500ed42&IID=95bf9b24-0880-4002-947f-77c988105f94
  7. I'd never consider killing a snake because I encroached upon it's home. A hiking staff for geocaching is used for locating tupperware or ammo cans by the sound when poked.
  8. Boots and a 60 inch hiking staff for poking and prodding, but I cache in snake country.
  9. Sometimes it depends on the weather. If it's cold and snowing they may wait a few days before going out to check it before publishing.
  10. I finally marked one of mine missing and locked it because the holder must have lost it and was using it to "visit" every geocache they found. I got no response when I attempted to contact them before locking it.
  11. Actually, I don't recall seeing basic members with the PT mentality. You made a good point. I'm just not seeing new players joining in my area, not ones that last anyway.
  12. The group cachers around here travel in a pack and post canned logs. That was just another turn off seeing a canned find about how they replaced the log and containers along their trips, and the fact that it was my EarthCache made it worse. That cache type was the first that I archived.
  13. I chose quality over quantity and brought people to interesting locations that they would normally not know about otherwise. I still have an awesome Wherigo in a State Park, but it gets few actual visits too.
  14. Take a look at Kingsport, Tennessee. I'm just across the State line in Virginia. Let me know what you think. The best of the best are PMO, and I know that from finding many of them. Best locations, most interesting, boat access only, ect.
  15. I removed the PMO status to allow more people access, but many of my listings were 5/5 DT rated in remote locations and just no longer being attempted. I'm just no longer interested in being a cache owner, so I removed them from the site and picked up the containers. That is the example I set, as a responsible geocacher and not just follow the normal and leave my junk for others to deal with in the future. But please consider that 9-10 years ago I was a very avid and active geocacher placing my version of history caches in historic locations and working with State Parks in the area with their geocaching policies and programs to promote this game.
  16. Let me clarify, I meant PMO excludes non-paying members from joining the game to seek PMO caches, and when I removed my listings from PMO status I saw an influx of more new players that were basic members. My belief is with more PMO listings there is less to offer for basic members and makes the game less attractive. Just my view as a former cache owner that supported the game with PMO listings in the hundreds.
  17. PMO is effective at excluding non paying members from joining the game, and I believe it helped in the decline in my area. Finds did pick up when I removed mine from PMO status.
  18. What stats do you have hidden for your eyes only? You profile shows : 1,235 finds 181 hides 187 trackables
  19. Nope. It's not about the numbers to everyone.
  20. It does seem to be worse now after the app, but I don't see anything that could help. I sure enjoyed buying and collecting geocoins, but I quit placing them in caches after losing several. I feel so cheated now finding those laminated proxies.
  21. All mine were long gone before the app was launched, so nothing new about trackables disappearing.
  22. A shrine to the God of muggles? Now I'm wondering about the kid in my area that hoards every trackable dropped in a cache.
  23. I've released around 15 and all shortly have gone missing. The last cache that I visited that showed a trackable in it's inventory was a piece of paper in a small zip bag that had the tracking numbers and something about the trackable written on it. I'll pass on those.
  24. One of the things I like best about Waymarking is I can do it from the comfort of my vehicle.
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