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  1. I bet the kiddos wouldn't mind a nice hike (higher terrain), when they find a nice reward at the end of it. Take them out for an adventure, I think they will like the game much better than finding micros on lampposts and guardrails.
  2. I have done tons of puzzles, often in topics that really are not my cup of tea. Whether I learn something or not, it is just about the puzzle, and the different ways to find numbers (or words) and convert them to coordinates. So I enjoy the puzzles regardless of subject matter. (As long as they are actually solvable, I dont like 'guess what I am thinking' puzzles). Among those, yes, I have actually done Pokemon puzzles, and I thought they were mildly interesting.
  3. Not a fan of scanning random QR codes, and I wouldn't really recognize it as a stage of a geocache. I would probably think it was part of that other game. You could put a sticker (or metal) with the coordinates to the final, that would be more of a stage of a geocache.
  4. Yes, I loved when the newsletter was personalized and useful
  5. I think they can both exist and co-exist. The difference is lab caches are temporary, Adventure Labs are permanent. Each are enjoyable and earn a smiley.
  6. I personally don't sign challenge caches until after I qualify for them. Yes, it might get archived while I am working towards it. Yes, I might never get back to that area. Just risks I take, and the way I solve this challenge.
  7. Sounds to me like this is a sneaky hidden nano on the canoe. It might or might not be there. It was reasonable to log a DNF and a NM; the owner should not have deleted the NM, but rather gone and checked the location and logged his findings/fixings with an owner maintenance. Since he didnt do that and just deleted the NM, I would at this point log the NA.
  8. Since the cache is not yet published, we can't take a look at it. But that's okay. We also don't know the details of your suspension, and that is okay too. If you are suspended, you probably need to lay low, and try to learn during your suspension. As it says, try finding some caches, maybe attend an event. If you have questions, you are free to communicate with the reviewer, but I think you need to do so in a manner of trying to learn and understand, not in trying to change their opinion or making an exception. I would probably do so by contacting the reviewer, rather than posting on the page, but both methods may work. If you post on the page, other reviewers and HQ would also be able to see the communications.
  9. So this discussion goes exactly to what PPrime said. You need to figure out the norms in your community, and even down to individual cachers. Some places community maintenance is encouraged; other places not so much. Some cache owners welcome maintenance, or even throwdowns, while others do not. But in either case, it doesn't really make you a bad cacher, or a bad cache owner. Intention, trying to be helpful, and communication with the cache owner will work out the best. Get to know the people in your community to establish rapport with them and understand their positions.
  10. The whole package. A failure in any part will mean that the favorite is not granted. 1.) A place to park, in a reasonable distance. This eliminates most side of road caches, as these annoy me. A hike is fine, if a parking area is suggested. 2.) A decent container. Preferably large enough for trackables and trades. Dry log. 3.) A place I would like to visit. Doesn't have to be spectacular, but shouldn't be unpleasant. If something special happens along the way, that will get told as part of the story and can also help for the point.
  11. Some caches just seem to collect DNF's, and may still be there. If you go to look and find it not there, log your DNF as well. (common) If you believe there is a problem or that it really is missing, log a Needs Maintenance. (sometimes needed) If it already has a Needs Maintenance log and nothing has happened after a few months, try a Needs Archived. (only occasionally needed).
  12. Yes, I am old school, and you are doing it right. I load my caches (and even some extras!) to my GPS -- I use GSAK. I enjoy my cache outing. Good idea to take notes along the way. I log them all when I get home, using thewebsite on a computer with a keyboard so I can write nice logs and tell about my adventure.
  13. I think the have the sciences backwards ... Rocket science: 50 points Geology: 100 points Environmental science: 200 points Futurology: 300 points Rocket science is a lot harder than geology or environmental science. And I don't even think futurology is a science.
  14. I feel like I cant always remember the date -- I might put the wrong date when I am in the field. But I always date my online logs correctly. I try to log on the same day, so the computer does it for me. If I get a bit delayed, I make sure to put the correct date for the entry (sometimes I have to correct it). I am a stickler for logging in the correct order and with the correct date online. As for streaks, I got to 80, and it broke. Not planning on attempting another one. And Covid has made things even worse ... I think my slump may have grown from it.
  15. @allardjd -- here is small world. I have cache hides here hundreds of miles away from you, and yet you are credited with the containers. All through caching connections.
  16. Depends on where you are, your level of 'lockdown', and your level of risk. Our parks were never closed, we were encouraged to get exercise. So to me geocaching was fine during lockdown. Just don't do it in a group.
  17. Follow up tip -- if you are not the FTF, you can follow the tracks of those who have gone before.
  18. The geocaching.com map doesn't do this, but project-gc.com has tools that can help you with county challenges, including maps and selecting needed caches.
  19. I bought the tiny pen and tiny tweezers for a swiss army knife, and I found a tiny bit of space in the battery compartment of my GPS where I store them. I hope not to use them, but I should have a pen now if I need it.
  20. Correcting the date may not trigger it. You may need to delete your log, and relog it for the correct day.
  21. Having just had a lovely earthcaching week finding several natural arches, my new goal is to find more natural bridges and arches -- with caches and earthcaches at them, of course.
  22. multiple puzzles (bogus coordinates), events, earthcaches, and even a regular can all have the same posted coordinates. I have often found multiple caches at the same location on the map, or very similar locations. The icons do not have to follow the spacing guidelines, only physical stages of physical caches.
  23. If you want those notifications, you need to be a paying member of project-gc.com (different than geocaching.com); and you need to sign up to receive those notifications. Just for clarification. So yes, some people are paying and signed up and receive such notifications.
  24. 3 seconds? I really didnt know that. Full stop yes, but not 3 seconds.
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