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  1. I'm a long time geocacher, but have recently started playing disc golf. I think the two are very compatible. Check your map and determine which hole it is near, and take a little bushwhack when you get to that hole. I hope to set up a series of caches that feature the disc golf courses/holes as well. Just be courteous to the other players that are around and beware of flying discs
  2. I think handwriting analysis is going a bit far. When caching with my family, we are all standing there -- one writes our names in the logs, one is holding 'stuff', and one might be riffling through possible swag/TBs. Just a division of labor. But we were all there and all participated in finding the cache.
  3. It is not required to list the number of stages, sometimes that is part of the adventure. As for clicking and checking, I think the mystery or the multi are always a clue that you need to double check, read the cache page before you search. It sounds like you want to turn multis into the same thing as a simple 1.5/1.5 traditional -- load and go, show up, no need to read a cache page. There can be more to this hobby than just simple hides. Just read the cache pages to figure out which adventures are for you.
  4. I don't know what phone or carrier you use, did you max out your data plan perhaps, or reach a throttle? I buy blocks of data, and when my data runs low/out, things stop working.
  5. Cell tower coverage. If you are out of cell range, the caches cant be fully loaded. It has happened to me many times.
  6. You can do it solo, or in conjunction with another CITO. Just make sure you follow the requirements (a picture of you and your effort).
  7. Frustrated that while traveling, I experienced DNFs on several caches, some of which were the only ones planned or available in the area. Bummer. (I may be blind, or they may not have been there, either way, I didn't find it.)
  8. I think also a lot of times the webcams were down, so people couldn't do the logging correctly. And even when they worked, it was tricky to get someone at a computer to do the capture of you in the frame. They were grandfathered (legacy), no new ones will be published. They are too challenging, confusing, and confrontational between webcam owners, loggers, and HQ doesn't want to be a mediator.
  9. If approaching a parking area, choose the pole as you enter the lot. Of course, if you pick wrong, that would be penalty strokes.
  10. GSAK does have a filter for has corrected coordinates, it might help you manage them. There is geoart around me, but for the most part, I really don't care about geoart. I would prefer the map to show the corrected coordinates.
  11. I too have noticed a lot more archivals. Around here it is more by the reviewers. I think a few things are going on: 1.) A lot of newer players are more likely to request Needs Archived* 2.) The reviewers are taking a stronger look and action, possibly because of 1. *Newer players don't have the depth of experience; they are more likely not to find things. And, they are more likely to select needs archived for things that they don't find. More experienced players will think twice before submitting needs archived. Especially if it is an older or favorite cache. Additionally, I think newer players are also more likely to submit needs maintenance for things that they do find -- if the log is just slightly damp or conditions are less than perfect, they use needs maintenance when an experienced cacher may help it a bit (add a logsheet) or just accept that things get dirty.
  12. I agree entirely. I severely limit caching in my home area, because I will need those caches in an upcoming month. I try and can freely get caches when I am away from home to get the points I need or to enjoy caching. The time period of a year for this is too long; or the points should roll into the next level or be cumulative.
  13. Pretty much anytime I travel, I hold all logging until I get home. No/Spotty internet if camping, no desire to try to type logs on a phone or a tablet, lack of desire/ability to do computer tasks while on vacation, and the fact that I do a lot of earthcaches which also require research and pictures and more. I wait til I am home at my computer and it takes a couple days after that to get caught up.
  14. In the US, in many lake areas, you can easily rent a small motorboat, no special skills or certifications. You can also easily rent non-motorized watercraft such as canoes and kayaks.
  15. I also got a log recently that said something like 'this is my 20th find, now I can hide one'. Apparently that idea is getting pushed out somewhere.
  16. Yes, it is likely someone changed one of the D/T on one you had found. Archiving wouldn't do it. As for finding which one, that I dont have a good method for.
  17. NO GEOFENCING. I log when I get home, I write nice logs, I hate using my phone. I like caching in areas that don't have cell coverage. If you want fences, go play the m game.
  18. Yes, you can cipher it or whatnot. But actually I am okay if people figure out / guess at one or more of the digits. They solved the puzzle one way or another. Around here, the typical approach is to put one number in each cache, like A=6, B=9, C=7, D=3, E=8, F=5, where the coordinates are in the form 39 39.ABC 84 08.DEF, or similarly. Cachers usually find all in the series anyway, because they want to, and because it is not known which digit might be in which caches. No need to overcomplicate it -- it is not really a competition
  19. Bagworms. Those things are awful, and very hard on trees such as cedars.
  20. The other possibility is that your log was deleted for a cache that you had on that day.
  21. So it sounds like the bottom line is to cache enough to get 500 points in each two month time frame. For me, this also implies 'and not too much more'. I don't want to clear out all my local opportunities, I need to save them for another month that I will need the points for them. Same problem in Reach the Peak. So these type of promotion do cause a negative caching impact to me.
  22. I am glad this is the last month of this promotion. I will need to 'reach the peak', but I won't have to worry about going over and trying to save nearby caches so I can use them another month instead.
  23. That is really awesome and unique!! I made a maze puzzle in a box once, and you had to tilt it to and fro to move the nano through the maze. It was fun (until the river washed it away, ahh well). Mine was made out of plexiglass. Remember that toy with the magnet shavings that acted like hair on a guy? It came with a magnet 'pencil'. There are also magnet on a stick tools that are used for picking up canning lids -- check the canning/cooking section of a store. Those might work for your tool.
  24. Always keep them moving, everyone wants to see them and share in them, even after the promotion part ends. They are not yours to keep. I haven't even seen one yet.
  25. lostboy, that is beautiful! I am sure it is treasured. I have several Christmas ornaments and mementos from events that go on the tree. But nothing as spectacular as that. (I really need to get the tree up, so I could take a picture).
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