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  1. I sold a geocoin that I had activated. I would like to transfer the ownership to the new cacher. What is the procedure for doing this? I thought I'd seen this page somewhere but I cannot find it now.
  2. Cache owner is Groundspeak. It's the headquarters. Friends of mine that have visited there say there are hundreds of TB's there and what are the chances your's will travel ever again?
  3. If you want to see an TB never travel again, just have someone put it into the TB black hole at Groundspeak Headquarters. Evidently there are zillions of TB's there and nobody ever takes them. Maybe if the TB is cute or something it'll catch someone's eye. Mine was dropped off in August, discovered numerous times until October and then nothing. Now it was marked missing. I thought it was cool to have a TB visit there, but I'm not happy about it anymore.
  4. Do you happen to have a 2nd account that is hooked to your same email? Thank you! That is the answer. We have a group with an account and someone in the group set up this event on a watchlist for the group. I'm getting the email from that notification! Mystery solved.
  5. I have been receiving all the "Will Attend" logs and notices for an event about 35 miles away from me. I thought perhaps I had it on my watch list. I checked and I do not. I thought perhaps I'd logged that I was going to attend, but I have not. Not sure why that would make logs come to me anyway. Does anyone know why I'd be getting all of the "Will Attend" notices for this event? I've run out of ideas.
  6. I was surprised when I read the log of one of my first caches that a lot of people found it, signed it and never logged it. I saw several names that never appeared on the geocaching.com log page.
  7. The most recent log on that one is kind of ironic. "the cache was nowhere in site." Isn't that the point of caches....to be out of sight?
  8. I don't know. How hard is it? It doesn't really bother me. There are people from all walks of life and varied educational backgrounds playing this game. There are also children, some of whom publish their own caches. We are dealing with a broad cross-section of the population. Poor spelling and bad grammar come along with that. LOL, you caught me. Duly noted, but promptly corrected.
  9. Do people like to look stupid or are there just a lot of cachers who don't know how to spell? I really get frustrated by poorly written cache descriptions with multiple words spelled wrong, no capitalization or punctuation and just plain bad grammar. I'm not an English major or anything but it sure makes a lot of cachers look like hicks when you see these poorly done write ups. Am I the only one that gets annoyed by this? How hard is it to proof read your description before submitting them? End of rant............
  10. I didn't use the FLV link. I tried a link in one of the other posts and it worked. Thank you all so much for helping out. I now have googlemaps again!!!!
  11. I installed Firefox. I installed Greasemonkey. When I use the second link it gets me to a screen to install FLV player. Is that correct?
  12. That's all well and good for those of you who know what all of that means. I have no idea what Firefox, Greasemonkey or scripts are. Anyone care to give the Computers for Dummies version? I absolutely HATE this map situation. I want to plan a trip tomorrow and normally I'd bring up a map of where I'm going and scroll it around and plan a route. The current maps don't download, can't scroll without losing whole sections and I'm unable to even plan a simple day trip. Totally sucks!!!!!!!
  13. You do a fantastic job with this. I thank you for doing it for the last three years. I would love to participate again. Of course the fact that I'm winning at the moment makes it even better. What are the chances of doing this well again??? I'm willing to give it a try! deb3day
  14. This is an old stone bridge near me that has is not straight, it's a curve. I always thought it would be a neat place for a cache, but no place to put one. I think a challenge here is a good idea and hope that some people do some interesting pictures. The only one to do the challenge so far is one of my good caching friends who lives only about a mile from the bridge. The Curved Bridge
  15. I think your post is a good one. Problem is when I bring up the challenges that people are showing, there is no way to know WHERE they are! I guess the only way to know is to copy and paste the coords to googlemaps. That's kind of silly. Why can't we see where they are? It doesn't even list a state or anything!
  16. Is it just me? When I bring up the map and try to zoom in close, the Icon goes away! I'm frustrated because I'm at work, a new cache has been posted nearby, I get off work at 2pm and want to go grab it, I don't have my GPS in the car and I know that the satellite map would show me right where it is. But when I zoom in close, NOTHING! Update - looks like if I zoom and then move the map a bit, the icon appears after a bit. Very strange.
  17. A friend of mine just emailed me with a good question. How can we see the locations of these challenges on a map? He wanted to see mine and can't figure it out.
  18. Are you trying to suggest that people will go to a site that has minimal support only a handful of caches (most dual listed) and lots of issues just because they dislike challenges. I'm not buying that. A lot of people are showing their dislike in many ways and I'm betting there will be some changes to challenges that require them to be tied to a location. Then all they have to do is make them archive after so many negative votes. People won't leave because they dislike challenges, they'll leave because the owner of this site obviously doesn't care about what it's user's want. I just won't do a challenge unless it fulfills my criteria of being like a cache. If it takes me to some place and makes me see something, then I'd be willing to log it and take the smilie. If I can grab a smilie for taking a picture in my house, I'm not doing it. If others was to pad their numbers by doing silly challenges, that's their choice. I don't have to go for it. I'm not going to take my picture with a frog. BTW, can you delete your choice to take a challenge after you've posted it if you change your mind?
  19. Agreed. If these challenges count, then benchmarks should count as well. Thank you Tadpole!
  20. It actually says that kissing someone with the nickname Frog counts. You that desperate for kisses???
  21. Sounds like a delicious challenge. I live about 35 miles away and wouldn't mind doing that one!
  22. I always thought there should be a cache here, but not a good place to put one. So I did a challenge. Wonder if anyone will really log it the way I designed it? We'll see....... My link
  23. So basically anyone can find any picture and post it to a challenge and it has NOTHING to do with the challenge and the challenge owner can't delete it. Geez. I wonder if I'll get any real logs to my challenge or just bogus ones.
  24. Make a challenge "Find Benchmark XXX and take a photo of it". That's s good idea! Can I log my own too???
  25. If these things count, why don't benchmarks count? It was harder to take a pic of a legit benchmark than some of this stuff, but I didn't get a count for it.
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