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  1. Browsing the maps at 8:00pm PST and the icons disappeared. Using Windows 7 Starter and Firefox
  2. I'm not getting any errors, but they're not working for me either. I've tried IE and Firefox using Windows 7. Crappy since I was working on our 11 day trip!!
  3. Hey everyone! Is anyone here going on the Island Princess May 16-23 Alaska cruise this year? I'd love to meet up with other cachers. We're going to try and get a note put into the Patter to meet up on the Lido Deck at one of the tables. If not, just look for people with camo hats with a Geocaching patch on the back Woops sorry for my terrible spelling of May! It wouldn't let me edit the title
  4. First off, ALWAYS let someone know where you're going and check in if you're going to an area you hadn't planned to go! After getting a nasty splinter and having it get infected, I NEVER go caching anymore without my splinter kit. For us we (meaning me) carry: General Caching: GPS Camera/Phone Mini Tripod First Aid Kit (Small one) Batteries Caching stickers (with our names on them) Pens (lots) Pencil sharpener (cause I'm nice and sharpen pencils in caches) Pad of paper Small resealable baggies (dollar store variety to get by till the CO can replace) A few small trade items (we don't trade normally) Hiking Caching Add Hiking poles (trackable) Water (take more than you think you'll need!!) Food (protein bars, beef jerky, pita bread, mixed nuts, cheese, fruit leather) Toilet Kit (Toilet paper, small bottle of water, soap, hand sanitizer) Sunscreen & Bug Spray!! Matches, Paper & space blanket(if we're going to a remote location) Rain ponchos (even if it's going to be nice out) Layered moisture wicking clothing (nothing too expensive) Hat First Aid Kit (Larger one to deal with blisters) Yes this makes for a heavy-ish hiking pack, but believe me we've had to use every single item I've listed at one point or another. If you're smart, it's not that bad. Water will be the heaviest item, but if you get a decent backpack you can disperse the weight. I've had several years to refine our hiking packs. Hope this helps
  5. Likes: - You can zoom out more - At least it's all on one map now! Dislikes: - You can't see the disabled caches - The smiley is pretty cheesy looking, use the old one.
  6. No I saw it on Facebook, but I just can't remember where
  7. Hey everyone! I know this isn't really a geocaching topic, but I'm on the look out for a wedding cake topper that has both figures holding GPS'rs. I saw it once, but I can't seem to find it. Could anyone help me out here? Really interested in doing a Geocaching themed cake, but the topper is the clincher. Or if you have another idea, I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks! AnakeRose in Kelowna, BC (P.S. my fiance asked me to marry him at a cache too!)
  8. I've noticed it's not just Premium Member caches that don't come up. I was looking at an area near Chilliwack, BC and it doesn't show any of the Trans Canada Trail caches up near Cultus Lake, but they are there on the regular map view. As far as I can tell they're not PMO caches. The Beta map isn't perfect, but it's still kinda cool to be able to zoom out that far.
  9. We're going to be there Dec 28-Jan 1. We're trying to figure out where we're going to cache for the one day we've dedicated to caching. The rest are sightseeing/caching days. It would be interesting to meet up with some cachers to do the area Sorry we'll miss each other.
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know where (or if) I could download topo maps/road maps for a Garmin Oregon 200 for the Las Vegas, Red Rocks Canyon and ET Highway areas? Heading to Vegas between Christmas and new years and we're trying to figure out what areas to cache in. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have recommendations on areas of the city to cache that are along bus routes? We're without a vehicle when we come in (much to my chagrin!) and we want to get off the strip to do some caches. Thanks! Michelle (AnakeRose) & Michael (LordEd) Kelowna, BC (Canada)
  12. BC cacher here living in Kelowna!
  13. Our cat is actually named Geo-cat (Geo for short)
  14. I always keep my DNF's and I also never thought of doing a bookmark list. Actually I wish the site did a blue frownie face on caches you didn't find so when you look at the map you know you attempted them, but didn't find them. I think this has been talked about before (at length), but I think it's still a good idea.
  15. The way I look at it: you place it, consider it gone forever. If it gets logged, great, if not, then whatever.
  16. What I take in my bag ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several types of pens (sharpies don't write on the 'write in the rain' paper well) Pocket Mirror (buy at the dollar store, good for looking under benches) Tylenol (I hate getting a headache when we're on a long caching run) Hand sanitizer (You don't always have access to soap in outhouses), Kleenex (for bathroom breaks or to clean yourself off) Tweezers/pin , bandaids, polysporin (a staple in my bag now, I got a really bad splinter once and all I had to get it out was a box cutter...which I don't recommend!) sunblock, spf 15 chapstick (I used a small travel size shampoo bottle to put sunscreen in. Chapstick is to protect your lips, I've burned mine before!) Handful of trade items (I have stuff that's worth about a dollar each) Our caching stickers in a box (I made a personalized caching sticker for both LordEd and myself) a mini tripod (got it from the dollar store for $1.25Cdn, great for doing earthcaches or getting photos of the group when there's no one around to take the photo for you) extra batteries (ALWAYS take extra batteries!, We use rechargables and it saves us money) camera (I always have a camera with us) small pad of paper to keep track of caches (if you go on a multiple cache day, we do that a lot) GPS (a no brainer) What we leave in the car if we're not going far from it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * snacks (we use protein bars to tide us over till we have a meal) * water * hat
  17. That's a tough one. I'd suggest asking your reviewer to see what they think.
  18. It depends on where we're going. General caching I have a bag with the GPS, batteries, camera, compact mirror, our log stickers, lots of pens, some small trade items, a mini tripod, and sometimes a ziploc bag with tylenol, hand sanitizer, a swiss army knife and a trash bag roll. If we're going hiking I usually ditch the general bag and grab my backpack taking pretty much the same things, but adding water, my hiking stick, a hat, bug spray & sunscreen, small food items. As long as the bag isn't too heavy that's pretty well it.
  19. I do it the manual way...takes a little longer, but I make a list on excel and use our GPS road maps to find how to get there.
  20. I came here to report the same thing. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC25K2B http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx...lng=-119.539083 No icon on the google map. Edit: Posted by LordEd on anakerose' account by accident.
  21. Now I can't get any cache pages or trackable pages to come up at all...
  22. Yes, All you do is go to the trackable page and under where you'd log it there's an option to 'grab from X'. Do that and it'll be in your hands. Hope that helps
  23. It happend to me too...I was searching caches and then got the 'spinning'. Now whenever I click on the maps it goes to a blank screen.
  24. Hi all, I'm hosting my first event for the 10th anniversary of Geocaching here in Kelowna, BC. I've been to several events in the past, but I'm at a loss to what to do. Do any of you have ideas on what we can do? The event will be held outdoors at a large park with a covered picnic shelter (once I get confirmation that we have the site booked). I've already planned to get a cake and some decorations (not going overboard). The event will be around lunch and I'm asking people to bring food. What kinds of activities would you recommend? Are there any geocaching type games that you recommend? Any help would be appreciated!
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