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  1. my previous tree released TB's have not had such a fortunate fate. one was in a cache and turned up missing. another was in a cache that got bulldozed. The third was last logged roughly 6mo ago by a guy who was taking it around to visit other caches in IL, AR, and MO. He was moving it a lot for awhile. I have several unreleased trackables that I hesitate to let go in the town where I live. Trackables don't do well here. I usually release them when I go on a trip to some other state.
  2. My travel bug, Stupid Cancer just turned up after being held hostage for 2 1/2 years. I have sent some friendly reminders to the cachers holding on to it on a couple of occasions, and got nothing in response (no apology, nada). Today I got the e-mail to my geocaches folder that the TB has been put back into the wild! Makes me happy, this one has a great deal of sentimental meaning to me because I had spent the previous 9mo receiving chemotherapy and unable to go into public and this was my first hike that happened to be on my 29th birthday on the 29th of November.
  3. Not a lot of high-difficulty caches in my area. Hence my diff rating puts me in the 1156 range. But I do tend towards more higher terrain caches, so terrain has me at 469. Avg log is 377 characters, not bad.
  4. because you couldn't do that before? I'm glad that as long as I don't "link" my account, I don't even see the option and I don't need to worry about it being checked or unchecked. However, I do have a few friends who cache, and I really hope they don't wind up being the type to publish EVERY LOG to FB.
  5. *Meh* (and not going to use it, either) +2 +3
  6. you're going to have to think hard about those logging tasks. there are so many pics of the sphinx on the internet that you might wind up with a problem with armchair logging.
  7. thanks for the reminder. a couple folks logged one of my Earthcaches on their way to geowoodstock and I was going to give them some time considering they were on a road trip. well I forgot about it and they still have not sent an e-mail. so I just sent them a reminder about it. hope they wrote everything down! lol
  8. I went on a hike earlier this year and was forced to use my common sense. I had lent the Nuvi to the wife for a road trip, so I had paper maps as my only street map source for the weekend. My planned approach to the trailhead turned out to be blocked by a gate that wasn't shown on my topo map. Seems the area changed ownership at some point and the new owner somehow got the county to allow him to build a gate across the road. I had to backtrack and circle around navigating with my map in order to reach the trailhead.
  9. I am on it. So far, I like it better than Facebook and would stop using FB altogether if it wasn't for the fact that few people I know use G+.
  10. If 16 is a chunk of road gravel, then 6 must be a grain of sand in my backyard.
  11. I can't recall ever going to a university library that required an ID just for access. The private university I attended as an undergrad didn't, and neither does the public one I attend for my master's right now. You do need an ID to check out anything, but that's to be expected. I went to the University of Pittsburgh library once just so I could use their electronic scholarly journal access. No trouble getting in there.
  12. 1. There are a handful of land management agencies in the United States. Of primary concern would be the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Service, and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (from a federal standpoint). There are often multiple state and local agencies to deal with, too, depending on where you are. 2. The USFS (sounds like that's primarily what you're asking about) is divided into regions, and each region might contain multiple forests and/or grasslands and those might each have multiple districts. Many management decisions are made at the region level. The caching policy for several forests and grasslands in my area is set at the region (Region 8) level, but some places have such policies (or lack thereof) at the individual forest level. 3. You say Wilderness, but are you talking about specific federally-designated Wilderness Areas. Those are "capital-W" Wildernesses, and again, each one may have a different policy in place for caching. But also note that Wilderness areas are not exclusive to USFS lands. They may also be managed by other land management agencies. wilderness (lower case) is what you'd use when referring to any old expanse of undeveloped land...of which there really is very little. I would even argue that many federally-designated Wilderness areas really aren't wilderness at all. I went hiking in one (found a geocache while I was there, even) recently and found a busted up 8-track tape on the trail (which is labeled on my topo map as a county road). The only water source that had any water was a little pond...an obvious remnant from when ranchers ran cattle there prior to designation of the area as Wilderness. 4. The way you're supposed to do it is this: A. Decide you would like to place a cache in a particular area. B. Find out who owns/manages the land and find out whether it is permissible to place a cache there. Obtain necessary permission (through either an open policy of permitting caching, verbal permission, or written permission/permit). Ask if the type of cache you would like to place is permissible. C. Find the specific place you'd like to put the cache. Some permits require specific coordinates of the cache, so you'd have to do this step before getting your permit. D. Talk to your reviewer to make sure the type of cache you'd like to place is permissible under the gc.com listing guidelines if there is a question. E. Place your cache and list it on gc.com. Since you have obtained permission from the landowner/manager and you have spoken to your reviewer about the cache you'd like to place, you should have no problem getting your cache published.
  13. I think you could just remove the bolded text and you'd find agreement with most people on the forum regardless of what subpopulation they belong to. Geocaching is and will always be a fringe activity. As to your original question, I have not heard of such. Sounds like you can try to start one if you like.
  14. I'm a little bit of a confrontational SOB, so I'd be apt to track these people down at a local event and ask them directly what their problem is. Another option (for the less confrontational sort) would be to ask other locals who may know the people you've got problems with, but are not part of their "clique". I learned a lot about some local absentee cachers by asking around at a local event. But I'm not really big on socializing with other cachers at events. It's really just something I do when I'm out with my wife. I have met a few cachers that I keep in touch with, though. It's still useful sometimes to get some of the local gossip about a certain CO's.
  15. According to Wikipedia: at my university, that was called the "Baby Book" because it only included freshmen.
  16. To be honest, I've always wondered why they bothered developing an app at all. Why not focus on the the database and website stuff, figure out an acceptable way to work with app developers, and then let those talented individuals create the apps? I really wonder if the $10 Groundspeak charges really covers the cost of time and resources that they've spent developing the apps. that's a good question. maybe that's one of their goals of developing an API. once the API really gets going, cease development of their own app and require a licensing fee for developers to use their API. it would still provide them a revenue stream (quite possibly a larger one) without the challenges (and costs) of supporting multiple app platforms
  17. for as much as I use the app, it works. it could be easier to deal with trackables, though. otherwise, I don't have the problems with it that some others like to complain about. I'm always for better solutions, though. I will say that the gs app is not always intuitive.
  18. okay, so gs's app isn't as good as it could be. doesn't change the fact that c:geo was pissing off gs by the way it was scraping data from the database. the developer specifically mentions that he was intentionally flirting with the TOS. do that, and eventually the people you're exploiting will stop you.
  19. I saw that log. I'm really surprised the tent has lasted this long without the university police taking it down.
  20. What you have near your cache, friend, is Sabal minor, a common plant that goes by many names including dwarf palmetto. When they're in clumps like that, they're nearly impossible to get rid of because of their thick underground stems.
  21. That's probably fair. A cache owner who places caches in good hiding spots with good containers can probably handle more caches since there's less maintenance to do. Put out crappy hides that need work all the time and you won't be able to keep up with the needs of even a few.
  22. Absolutely. Although, I'd have to say that for some people that number is 0. I have encountered a couple caches that are the ONLY cache owned by a CO, and they've had some problem or another that has been documented (sometimes for years) and the CO hasn't addressed them. There's one local cacher near me that owns easily several hundred caches. I'm annoyed that a large proportion of them are the powertrail/minitrail sort spaced every 0.1mi along the road taking up space that could be used for more creative hides. But I give the cacher props for taking care of every single one of them. If there's a problem, it's disabled quickly until the cacher can check on it. Some are fixed and some are archived. All with a pretty quick turnaround. Even though I don't like that type of hide, I really appreciate that the CO maintains them well.
  23. I wouldn't be surprised. But it could be anything. Maybe there are other powertrails in the queue for PR right now and there's just a backlog. Maybe PR is dealing with more pressing permissions issues somewhere else in the state. Maybe PR is sick and in the hospital or has a family member sick in the hospital. Maybe PR has a pressing deadline at work. But absolutely insulting him on the forums is not going to get the CO anywhere.
  24. a number of different ways to do this. be creative.
  25. You obviously cannot be from Texas! I have reported MANY that need archiving, and it has been nearly a year and they still are not archived nor has a 30 day notice been sent. Au contraire. I have logged many caches that NA, and they have in fact been archived by PR. 10 caches have been archived by my last count since 2010, and two have been disabled and will be archived soon (and those are only the ones that I posted NA on). Most have simply been unmaintained by the owners (most of which from owners who no longer participate). PR gives those owners plenty of time to address the issue on their own before taking action. A couple of those have obviously been problematic placements, and PR has archived those within a single day of me posting NA. Archived: GC1GWTQ GCTH5Z GCMV4F GCQMNY GCKQYT GCRE10 GC2AM8Y GC2A1A GCHMC8 GCMTCZ Disabled: GC18NG5 GC10HMK
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