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  1. I goa t reply telling me that the payment is in process and will post on my anniversary date. Will sit tight. Thanks
  2. I already have done this twice. Information on Your Request {746257} Information on Your Request {746562} Still waiting for some concrete response. DO I need to pay again. IF so why is the payment icon missing on my profile? Hey, could you please send us a mail via Helpcenter, so that we can investigate this? Cheers, Martin
  3. I tried to process our annual payment on 12-31. I did get a note from GC telling me thank you. The renewal date on my profile has not changed. The payment has not been processed by PP. From FB I did get a note that GC is having problems with anyone using an Apple device, but I used a PC. No further comment from GC.COM. Anyone know what is going on?
  4. Is there any way to get notifications in PLAIN text instead of text with HTML??
  5. We had the help of a friend who dives and placed one 110' down about 1 mile off shore in Lake Michigan. Only one find.
  6. If you really want to know, find someone with a D&B account and have them run a report for you. Here is what is out there on public sites. Contact: Jeremy Irish Est. Total Employees: 29 Contact 2: Elias Alvord Year Established: 2000 State of Inc: WA Est. Total Sales: $ 3,300,000.00
  7. Well still not retaining log in. Thanks for the update. Testing is good.
  8. Why not take a break from caching hunting and pay a visit to a Veteran's Cemetery near where you live. 11-11 is Armistice day.
  9. Ill now has the law that you can mark property as NO TRESSPASSING by painting a purple mark on the fence line. Man, I can't wait for the argument that "I'm colorblind", or "That's not purple enough."
  10. Hardest one is an interesting story. There used to be a cache in the stone wall by the Orangerie Art Museum in Paris. I say the hole and was on autopilot walking towards it until I happened to look up and see the guard on the top of the wall carrying an FN automatic rifle. Let's just say I came back another day. This year we were back and saw that the hole was finally repaired so the cache was archived.
  11. Anyone know how to pull a completed challenge cache into GSAK?
  12. IF you know someone or have access to a D&B report, run it.
  13. Sorry if I could not find another thread on this subject. I just tried to print a cache page and the inset map will not print. I'm running Firefox and have it set to print backgrounds. Anyone know if this is a known bug or an intentional change in the site? Thanks in advance
  14. Great suggestion, just one more question, is there an easy way to transfer the watchlist to a bookmark list?
  15. Is there any way to suspend the notifications from the watch list, but NOT delete the caches from that list? Thanks in advance.
  16. Man, let's get Judge Judy involved. She would have a field day.
  17. That is the heart of the issue. The scans are purported to being circulated electronically, with NO visit to any cache.
  18. The city of Lake Forest Illinois has placed a series of caches that have a "scannable" square on each container lid. I found two of them yesterday and was surprised that I was the first person to sign the paper log in the containerature. On the cache page there were multiple people who logged a find, but no signature. Is this the appropriate way to log a cache? Comments IF you want to look at them, there are around 15 placed for Earth Day. Do a search on Lake Forest, Il, you'll see them.
  19. Site is up again, but slow. NO PQs yet.
  20. Very well put. Why do people from the US expect everything to be in English. Heck, the US does NOT have an official language. Our Founding Fathers didn't think it was necessary. Whoa. When in France... do as the French do! Or use Babelfish. Um... I'm not a politically correct type of person, but that does seem rather... anglo-centered?
  21. Jawa was a Czech manufacturer of motorcycles long before Star Wars or Star anything came along.
  22. I had a similar issue with a TB I brought from Europe to the US. I went to the regional discussion area and was able to locate a friend of the "hold on er" and they got the TB released after 11 months.
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