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  1. Hello and thank you! I am not in the forums very often any more and rely on the email notifications to keep up on the threads I follow. It seems now that I don't get these until there have been a few posts, so I miss a lot, or am very far behind by the time I see it! Yes, I noticed that the actual avatars were smaller than the sample I posted. Wonder why they keep making them smaller? Pretty soon it will be useless to have one because nobody will be able to see it! I do enjoy messing with the avatars, as you do. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  2. Sorry to jump in late, but I don't seem to get these posts until after 2 or 3 have been posted. Here's one:
  3. Here are a couple. The diagonal lets the logo be a tiny bit bigger on the forum av. Still pretty hard to read at that size, unfortunately. Found a different copy of the logo for the larger ones. Hope that's okay.
  4. You're welcome!! Thanks! I just had a little fun with it!
  5. Edited to add: no, you don't need to be a premium member. Here's an idea.
  6. Sorry, I'm a little behind on this... here's another idea.
  7. Saw this one while vacationing in Vermont. Uhhhh... your OTHER left?
  8. These look like the caches in question: GC2190J and GC21903. Looks like a project for a Cub Scout troop? One of the listings does mention "on the map it looks like it is in a back yard but it is not"; but it's actually the other cache that looks that way on the maps. Hmm. Maybe the troop leader hasn't checked their emails yet?
  9. Okay, so I solved the sequel... I think! Sending PM to check. Now why can't I get the other one? I have shopping to do... can't be sitting here staring at puzzles!!!
  10. Thank you, but I have discovered I did NOT solve that one either! Talk about red herrings! Sheesh! Now I have ANOTHER puzzle to drive me crazy until I solve it.... sigh... Gotta love 'em!
  11. Now THAT one I found the solution right away! I wish I could say the same for the one I originally posted here about. I'm still beating my head against the wall there. Now that it's been found, I can email the cache owner for a hint, but not sure I'm ready for that yet. I set it aside and look at it again every other day or so. I'm usually pretty good with puzzles, so I'm just stubborn enough to want to figure it out without a big hint. Lots of great tips posted here... I feel I'm getting close but it's still evading me. GRRR I will do it. Yes. I will.
  12. I know, and that's why I didn't have it in my original post. Now that it's been solved by someone far away, I know it can be done! Thank you everyone for all the tips. Will let you know if/when I figure it out!
  13. Okay, it's GC20VMG, On the Borderline. Could be "on the borderline" is the clue. A geographical border of some sort. I agree on the enigma puzzles, I can usually solve puzzles too, but this one ... grrrrr... No, none of the other text has any color specified. But I like your thinking on the "84"..
  14. There are no previous solvers. Nobody has found/solved it yet. The geochecker has 2 incorrect guesses and zero correct. No related web page either. The title could be a clue, but I think I'd have to live locally for it to make any sense to me, so I may have to give up. Durnit. Thanks for the suggestions!
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