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  1. Interesting, what do you use the whips for? Hahaha, i forgot to mention my brown leather jacket and satchel too
  2. I have my first event planned for the summer, my summer soiree, it's going to simply be a meet at the pub, i've been to a few events myself and in my area there is always a big turnout! I won't be doing a raffle or any activities bar releasing a few caches in the area within walking distance of the pub, you could try publishing a puzzle during the event ( contact your local reviewer) so the people attending could sit down and help each other solve it!! It's entirely up to you
  3. I've been having this problem for a while now, i'm now 20, not 18 (granted i took a break from geocaching, it's not that i've been trying to change my sig for 2 years haha )and have changed my profile avatar on GC.com a few times now and this one has never changed once
  4. Yup this is probably your best bet, or start advertising your rarer/nicer coins you're asking the most for to gauge interest and get them out of the way, then once you see the interest/work load, maybe sell some more, you could do grab bags or groups by theme/year!
  5. Hey guys, am after the 2012 HQ signal Geocoin if anyone has one! Also the mini signal the frog FTF coin!
  6. If i'm going out for a days caching my bag usually contains spare batteries, pencil case with cache logging essentials, a folder with spare logs, 1-2 small film canisters, small box of trackballs, gloves, torch, another pencil case with magnetic extending pole, some tape, pliers ect, my camera, food, then in another bag which is usually left in the care is change of socks, clothes, shoes. deodorant and hair wax, whips and hand wash, bags for putting over car mats/seats, a towel and then i just stuff anything else in I may think i would need, like rope or a kayak haha!
  7. There was a point where if i found a regular in a woods, hidden by stickoflage against a tree I would go to sourrounding trees and put some stickoflage up to try and confuse the searching cacher! Justa bit of fun! I do have to agree that a bit of subtle camo to cover the container is good, but not piles upon piles of sticks which make it so obvs even a muggle would feel the need to see what it was concealing!
  8. If we're looking at them placing a cache every 10 finds they get, that seems quite a lot for a little amount of finds, but if you think of it likes this, for every 300 finds they get, the place a nice circular walk of 30 caches! I like circular walks, so if they did that theory, i'd say get caching and get placing!!
  9. Major Ego drop... disappointed I haven't received such an email from a keen and eager young blonde cacher ... :/
  10. It will only interfere with anything you want to hide, IF this part 2 is a physical hide. If it's just questions to be answered going by information from the surroundings, then it won't affect your cache. If it's something the other CO has placed there, then you're stuck, I'm afraid. Yep, it's a film canister with part two of the final co ords in it for his final. It's just under one of many boulders in the area so there's nothing special about where it is - it just needs moving about 60m in one direction and I'm ok. Might contact him and see if he'd be agreeable to moving it slightly? Edit: Just looked the CO up and he hasn't logged in since May last year?? and there are two NM logs on this one from Sept and Nov last year which haven't been responded to! Doesn't look hopeful. If it's in need of maintenance, a reviewer could and will probably disable it after a while, and then archive, meaning you could put you cache in place!
  11. I can see your point, would be very disappointing to do it in 24 hours and 30 minutes lets say, and all because I wanted to look for two or three Geocaches. I will print off the earths/virtuals at the summits (I've done snowdon already so that will save us some time) so I have what i need to do at the summits written on paper. I will also take my gps with all three summit caches on it, so when i start walking, i can set my route to the summit and see ETA walking speed ect. Yes when we did Snowdon last August, the car park was full and we were told at 10pm that the earliest we could get the train was 4pm, shows how busy everywhere was, so having a designated driver means he could drop us off at the point of the walk and drive and find somewhere to park, then pick us up when we're ready. We have just been discussing clothes ect, we will probably take 2-3 sets of walking clothes each (incase it's raining) and towels so if we are wet when we finish one mountain, we can changeon the journey to the next one ect!
  12. We are planning to start from the bottom, go up, come down, repeat three times 3PC! I was hoping maybe... and i mean hoping, that i may be able to do some caching, but likt you said (simply paul) it's probably not possible and the time would be spent better walking than caching. I do intend to do a cache in every county we drive through from Essex to Ben Nevis, and from Snowdon, back home (so the trip up there and return journey)! That will slightly improve my stats on the 'countys i've cached in' map! As for designated driver, we have the trusty father for that, i'll be nice and let him nap while we're walking
  13. I've always gone by "do to a cache what you would want others to do to yours" If you would want someone removing your wet logs and replacing them then go ahead. I've been on long trails where i've done maintenance for the CO so he/she didn't have to, it's all down to personal preference, if you want to, do it
  14. I wanted to, but it's all down to how much time i have when i'm up there as we have to do all 3 peaks in 24 hours, so if we had a good trip up the mountain, I may give myself some time to look for the physically! Hopefully i will have enough time
  15. Are you doing it as the 3 Yorkshire peaks or sprinting around the the 3 mainland peaks? sorry should have made that clear Doing the 3 big ones, Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis!
  16. Hey all, Two of my friends and myself are planning to do the three peaks challenge in June/July time (date hasn't been confirmed). As my two friends are Geocaching muggles, they wont be interested in doing any caches although I will be doing the earth/victuals at the of the 'hills' shall we say. I was just curious to know if anyone had done the three peak challenge, any interesting stories, ect we've planed quite well, have a designated driver who isn't walking ect, just wanted to know if anyone has done it yet. Also, I was considering doing it for charity, any charity people? out there who could give me some advice on awareness ect, I did hear about a website which could be set up that allows people to add donations by Paypal ect. I thought i'd just start up the discussion anyway fire away!
  17. This is one of them "everyone plays by it's own rules" situations, personally I do take a photo and send it to the Co then log it as a find, never had a problem with it, die hard cachers may think that's not right and some cache owners wouldn't agree with it, but there is nothing wrong with emailing the CO and getting his approval, 9 times out of 10 they're fine with it!
  18. Ex Military combat boots, £10 each, does the job nicely, as long as they're kept clean, and left to dry out properly they're fine!
  19. I'm a sinner, I copy and paste logs with what i've done throughout the caching trip, as i can do up to 3 trails a day, so i write up one big log then just copy and paste it into every log. It saves lots of time, I will write down who found it if i'm with other cachers sometimes, and write that in the log, but i'm never not like 5ft away from who ever is finding the cache and we all make an effort to look, although sometimes it's so obvious, who ever is walking ahead walks to it I suppose like most questions the answer is everyone plays differently,although we pretty much agree the same that he sound have maybe rephrased his log a bit better
  20. Exactly, i think we'll all come to a time when we're out with someone and will split up to do a extra cache on your own letting the other cacher log it as a find too, but to write it in a log that he was probably else where... then that is a tad strange.
  21. Maybe contact the cache owners explaining that who ever is logging finds without actually finding a cache and signing a book isn't actually playing the game properly, and that it would be sensible to maybe delete the logs or contact the cacher logging the finds saying that it's not acceptable!
  22. Maybe try any Army surplus store, That's where i get my Geocaching boots from, usually £10 for ex military issue (which are usually very well kept) boots! they're usually water proof and will keep for a long time1
  23. I went out for a walk with the family once recapping my steps of an old small trail which had since been archived. The caches ad been disabled for some time and archived for a little while before I did the walk, Out of curiosity I looked in all the places i remember there being caches, and managed to grab myself 6 nice containers. I do think that when we archive a cache, it should be retrieved, but now you have brought this issue to light, I may start going out and seeing if archived caches are actually still in place. Unless of course there was 10 or so DNF's on it which was the cause of it being archived. I think you may have misunderstood my reasoning squirtchy. My objective for collecting the containers was because they were littering the countryside and not in any way, to avail myself of some free Tupperware (if you saw them, you would know I didn't enroll in this activity for material gain). As others have pointed out, we need to do a little more research before we take it upon ourselves to remove (seemingly) inactive caches from the countryside. In fairness though, I think the chances of the caches I retrieve being listed on another site are svelte at best. Oh i did know for a fact that the caches had been archived because the owner had given up on geocaching all together over abuse they/he/she were getting from other users, i could see form logs it hadn't been found since 09, so me taking the container did more good than harm!
  24. My number one saying when Geocaching is 'everyone plays their own game' From what I have seen and heard from going to Geocaching events ect, a lot of geocachers do monitor other geocachers ect, I do myself, I have friends and other cachers i watch to see how they're doing, where they're caching and sometimes read their logs. If the cacher in your case, starts jumping numbers fast, logging puzzles he hans't actually found, then he will soon get a name for himself. As a cache owner, I would be reluctant to let him log finds with just a picture, but then again, I wouldn't want to get a bad name and start deleting peoples logs, would cause more aggravation than it's worth! Haha like said before, I may start going for walks and loggings finds, "Found it at 3.15 on a bright sunny day... well st least my GPSr said i walked within 50ft of it, danm no pen" I'm going to stick to my armchair logging
  25. I know of one travel bug that gives away it's code, I think it's the GSAK Badge gen creator who put his TB code on the website so he could se how many users he had, and he also put a flag counter on to see who was coming from what country to use his badge generator. I don't think that is too bad, but I don't think too many people should start doing this technique!
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