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  1. Not from the area, but I'd say looking for an Event near you is a good bet to meet folks with similar interests.
  2. When we started, there were few cachers as well as caches, and I feel "prizes" was a draw to get someone to hit it. Most we've seen were gift cards for local eateries. Sometimes there'd be a five-dollar bill or lottery tickets. In a new, upscale community park in another state close by, I got over a hundred bucks fulla "stuff" in one cache, with a few to go. - I felt self-conscious and mentioned in my log that I'm sharing with the 2nd/3rd to find. It was another state... Lately, now that FTF is a "stat" on third-party sites, that's all most are really thinking about, and the rare FTF I get anymore has no "prize". When we first started placing hides, we were giving real Leatherman tools, binoculars, real carabiners and other climbing equipment, and even a GPSr for a "5T"as FTF prizes. Our last three had a coin in two, and one, a birthday cache, had a girls birthday present inside. The rest is swag. I don't see the need for an incentive on FTF today with so many cachers (that stat thing...), and if we put new caches out, probably won't do that again
  3. As others have said, a good instructor is your best first action. Many recreational tree climbing organizations in the US. I had climbing instruction in the service, and it's changed considerably (easier, I feel) over the years. Cost to start is often a shocker. My first gear stateside (and still my favorite) I picked up at Newtribe.com, and they have links to instructors in Australia and New Zealand. Later I picked up a lot of specialized gear from tree care professionals. One is Sherrilltree.
  4. The AT conservancy works with the National Park Service... They "say" they abide by state/landowner's policies with land usage (hiking, hunting, fishing, etc). Most of the AT in PA near me are surrounded by State Game Lands on both sides. Our caches were well-into State Game Lands. I can hunt while walking on the AT, but I couldn't cache over a hundred feet from their boundary lines on state game land property....
  5. All caches need permission to be placed. You agree that permission was given when you have a cache published. We were ones that lost caches well-away from the AT. They lost two members and a trail maintainer because of it...
  6. Similar to Goldenwattle I guess, a trackable "hotel" search may be a good shot, like the ones you found yesterday. Rare that cache inventories are accurate anymore here, finding trackables "missing" from those listed, or finding one in a cache not listed as having any. It happens often enough that we were spending time "fixing" other's errors, and I now feel finding one only gets corrected by my log. I don't look for them anymore but will move one along if it's been in a cache for some time. Good luck.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but "how many" geocachers I met on the trail or events wasn't something I've even considered. My experience with the "friends" feature, was when a lady from Europe asked if she could "be my friend" on a promotion. That went over well with the other 2/3rds... My only "friend" in this hobby asked if we should finally delete each other. We fish n hunt together. Real friends... I enjoy meeting people on trail (it shows me others walk a bit... ;), but I stopped logging most events we've been to because it was always the same people attending. I meet them for breakfast/lunch without an event. This (to me) seems to be about yet-another future stat... We know dozens of people who carry a personal trackable. There's hundreds that we see use someone else's trackable as well... Some use them so when their kids get older, they have a record of each cache done with them, in case they want their own accounts. Others use them as a personal mileage tracker. There used to be an automatic trackable logging function, but IIRC the "auto log" feature was removed because it became a pain in the can for a lot of TOs who only wanted Drop/Retrieve logs, and now see their trackable held captive. Some people would "visit" every cache found on every trackable in their inventory. It had an on/off feature, but many folks left it on... I've used my phone for caching only a handful of times, preferring a GPSr. I'm uncomfortable enough with group logging, where one is signing for all in the group. Making the online logging process immediate for all, where I'd have to go home just to "edit" my log anyway seems redundant (to me). Some may like it.
  8. Yep. There's a forum I go once in a while, and I block a lot of posters. - Some odd reason, they can view everything said and downvote the people who've blocked them. I think the oddest we've seen so far here is one who came here asking for help, but had all his stuff hidden from view...
  9. I was in a "grease everything" mood one day and had a Tyvek shirt on. A cacher friend asked what I do with them, and he now has numerous waterproof "logs" to play with. A small roll would last forever. But I prefer Rite in Rain. If it gets wet, you simply wipe it with a paper towel and you're good again. Curious of the purpose if you feel it's not "good enough". Thanks.
  10. I was given a gift of a couple boxes of custom signature coins from the other 2/3rds once, and have over a hundred unique unactivated coins in my collection. - My first IIRC was the entire Appalachian Trail series. Others are just unusual ones that interested me, like any coin/stamp collection. The other 2/3rds has hundreds in her collection, heavy enough I bring 'em to events with a hand truck. - She lost a dozen or so, most never made it any distance, and doesn't send out anymore. My signature coins, rather than send them out just to go "missing" anyway, are given away in caches (unactivated) as a small incentive to get people to walk a bit. Used 'em as swag sometimes too.
  11. There's really no clue who (really) has them. We've found long "missing" trackables stuck to the lid of our ammo cans, so anything's possible. - We release a possession into the world, it's future is based on chance... A lot of new cachers give up early, like the one who's still "heading down the coast" since '18 with one. - No hides/finds since, I'd mark that trackable missing too. Curious... a couple have no Drop log (weren't listed in a cache) before you marked them "missing". Why? Thanks. The Tracking Code is yours forever. We know many people who used that code on other items, some for things they have with them at all times (a vest, backpack, walking stick, patch, bike...), to be Discovered by other folks they meet on the trail. We hear of some who "recreate" a trackable and send it back out, but we know of only a couple.
  12. Cool idea. Similar to niraD, I simply don't think about them. I don't think about challenge caches and PMO as well. There's still enough caches in unique areas, lengthy walks, and awesome views, that I skip nondescript "just because I can fit one there" placements too. For me, they're good for a last-minute souvenir so I can get back to something else, and that's about it.
  13. International forums...So you're saying you placed an unactivated trackable in a cache? If another found it, it could be activated by using "Step 2" in How to activate trackables, then step 3, and they could Drop it in the cache found, and Retrieve it to move on to another. The downside of course, is it now "belongs" to them... They could decide/agree to give it back to you through Adoptions. Hope that helped.
  14. I know for fact it's not just me...but if I see "try to only trade bugs", if local with no tb, return with a bug to trade...", "Not local, if two or more bugs, feel free to take one with you...","If you are not adding a tb, do not take more than one", or "PLEASE try and trade Geocoins for other Geocoins", I wouldn't even have left that one... This is an Additional Log Requirement, and when I got home, the Reviewer would know as well. Surprised it got published. Are these someone else's property? If they don't belong to you, your ALR has no meaning. I'd bet either it was someone who was nice enough not to tell the Reviewer and just took most (a lot just don't want to get involved...), or a hoarder, who saw a new box fulla trackables are out
  15. Yep, we started when it was the "Language of Location", thinking about unique areas and awesome views, and still play the hobby that way. When explaining the hobby to others with a 9yr old in tow, they'll understand the need to keep the interest of young ones.
  16. If trading, there wouldn't be original quality stuff in there anyway. but get what you mean... Around '09 we noticed folks not too concerned with how the hobby's played, and trade became take. Ammo cans would be just-about empty, with just a broken mctoy or two someone wanted to get rid of. - All pens, pencils, and even the sharpeners too... We kept pluggin' away though, refilling, but not as much, until that one person griped that a "pen wasn't in the cache". Writing instruments in caches have never been required (try that with a bison/nano series...) They shoulda had one on 'em...delete...
  17. First they have to be filled. Can't tell you how many times the other side of the paper logs were untouched after a "log full" note... Years ago we used to get lengthy logs, sometimes with drawings, poems, or pressed flowers in our logbooks. People stopped for lunch... They're worth saving. Today, you could have a book and there's only names n dates down the page. Books last years now. Our last hides left have large notepads to keep things simple, we're more concerned for their safety and name/date is the norm. Our simple micros, a bunch in a series, we weren't so picky about logs. Most were meant to get new folks to learn the hobby, so I'll pitch our log strips when home. The 5Ts though, you sign the log or get deleted....
  18. cerberus1


    We simply wanted notifications so the other 2/3rds could become a FTF monster, so worth it "for you" is only known by you. I don't use much more than that now, but continue PM to help cover basic members. You used to be able to request a temp PM by contacting the Help Center . I've done it that way since starting... Not sure it's still a thing... IIRC, it's only good for a week, so be sure you're ready to play. It looks like you found caches before, maybe with a handheld GPSr. Curious why the name change here, thanks. You could enter caches manually with no restrictions other than PMO caches, just by using the website, and simply using a small notepad for hints n stuff. I've done it that way since starting... Keeping a 7yr old interested (I feel) requires small or regular size caches, with the possibility of "kid stuff" inside. Be sure to trade... Good luck.
  19. One of the most basic GPSrs (etrex 10 IIRC) has a proximity alarm. Heck, even my 17yr old 60csx has a proximity alarm, and "accuracy" is still equal to most of today's models. If that's all you're really interested in, a GPSr on ebay would be cheaper than most of today's smartphones...
  20. Would you run outta caches if you didn't do that? I could see some areas where someone would have to wait because of cache numbers.. We didn't cache during one of our most active years because we were given souvenirs we didn't ask for, every day for a month straight... I had to look at this one...Apparently, I have new souvenirs I didn't know about again. They're the other 2/3rds thing, and serious about them. We've always called these things promotions and couldn't remember when the last time was I logged an event to get a souvenir. I don't like the idea of someone saying the way I enjoy a hobby needs to be spiced up. I like it just the way it is thanks... Others find it sorta a dare, so it's fun... for them. And that's fine too. Seems multis and some mysteries will do it for me (but I'm still lab cache, challenge, PMO and something else free...).
  21. We've done series based on a few movies, games and novels. If permission and guidelines met, it should be fine. Checked out your country's regional placement wiki and couldn't find any info where most of your finds are. Most Reviewer's names are on the top right of each Province page, but locally it's usually the first post on any cache page. I'd contact one of them with your question, as so many areas have different policies (in an international forum).
  22. The three Sunday hunting days for the '22-'23 seasons, (in addition to foxes, coyotes, and crows on all Sundays) have been approved on PA game lands, and they are... Nov 13, for Archery deer/small game, Nov 20, for bear/small game, and Nov 27, for rifle deer. - A heads-up folks. Be safe.
  23. There's a lot. Really active folks. One local friend travels regularly across the US, and hits other countries in-between. They might be a few months behind numerous times, maybe depending on whether there's an interesting person in flight. Started before us, has over 20,000 finds, almost 200 hides, and it doesn't look like there's any signs of quitting...
  24. Still dating, I took the other 2/3rds to a spot in game lands (where I've been since a kid) for the rhododendron bloom and got lost. After a severe storm, the area was completely different. Embarrassed, figured I was gonna have to do something or this gal will never trust me again. I heard about GPSrs and thought it would be convenient to have. In the packaging there was a pamphlet about geocaching and thought we'd give it a try "just to get used to how the thing works". Turned out our first "cache" was a Virtual of a famous blonde bombshell's grave, and we knew where it was. The GPSr took us right to it. Hooked, we cached a lot when starting, the other 2/3rds becoming a FTF monster. I went for hikes, unique areas, and awesome views. I still cache off n on, the other 2/3rds burned out being a beta-tester for newbs not reading guidelines, and doesn't for now. I skip the nondescript caches placed "because they can", going for hides that keep me playing the way that interests me.
  25. By the Help Center, what makes your cache a Letterbox Hybrid is a stamp. We have custom stamps for when we head to one, the other 2/3rds almost looks like a three-headed Scooby Doo. - And agreed our next cache (if/when...), a Letterbox hybrid, if it didn't match our cache name, we'd try to create one about whatever we're presenting. Luckily there's a shop that specializes in that stuff nearby... So far, the ones that had a stamp just had something already made at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or similar...Smiley's, animals and the like. We had a cache called "Don't worry, be Happy" once, and it could simply be a smiley face (to us) if it matched the cache "theme"...
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