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  1. That's all one sentence ? George, if me, I'd put that cache on my watch list (watch is right under "log geocache"), and when it gets archived, I'd get a notification. - You'd also get notifications if anyone ever finally decides to NM/NA that moldy science project growing there too. By the last couple of gallery pics, all finders since your only NM on it the last couple years should be ashamed of themselves...
  2. Not there... Agree with Max and 99, make it a stage in a multicache. Put the cache 203 feet away on a watchlist in case it eventually gets archived, opening up your spot. The original reason you had for that particular spot is shared with at least a final stage. Or work the theme throughout. I haven't done a multi with a nano at the end yet. If I had warning, and the area wasn't all that special to me, I'd probably skip it.
  3. How long would folks be required to wait ? A day? Ten? Usually here, the "dedicated to..." cacher already has a heads-up... If a cache came out that was dedicated to a cacher, I'd wait a day and head out, careful that I'm not removing something meant to go to them. When this comes up at events, I've asked that we aren't "gifted" a cache, after one we were "honored" with was a film can shoved in a fence... One time the other 2/3rds and I headed out to a series that was in a park, in another state. We were FTF on all, and were so pumped about it that we left some really nice swag. - It turned out they were all meant to be for an event the next day, and the EO didn't temp disable them when the Reviewer published them.
  4. What is the "precision" you're experiencing ? Thanks. Civilian GPS is still only "accurate" to around ten feet. - That's ten feet both for you and the CO, so you could easily by 24 feet "off", and it'd still be consider normal. After a while you get a feel where it might be hidden. As long as you have cell service, I'd say use the phone the way you're doing now. If a modern phone, there's little difference. Later, if you're going to do more than a couple every once in a while, and little or no cell service, go for that 22x.
  5. How many feet is a "bit" ? 20 feet, 40 feet, more ? Civilian GPS "accuracy" is still roughly 10'. That hasn't changed since '01. That 10 feet is you and the finder, so maybe 20' could be "normal". Similar to Goldenwattle, if numerous people are saying "went by so n so's posted coordinates", I'd use them. Whether we use a phone or GPSr, we go back to GZ a few times just to see how "off" we are. Most times we're good...
  6. I don't care how old it is (which is a consideration for some...), if there's multiple DNF and I made yet another, I'd leave a NM log and forgetaboutit. It's sure not a find if you didn't. Is a smiley something worth faking ? I don't think so, but apparently some do though... Kinda surprised that some still say they'd bring containers. That's just temp-fixing a cache that's probably not getting further maintenance. - And it's not yours...
  7. When did you need to be a PM to use the watchlist ? When basic, we've used the watchlist, since we no longer had bookmarks.
  8. You could have started your trackable at the closest cache to home, then dropped it off in another state. Some newer members start their first cache somewhere on their property. Strangers knowing where you live okay with them I guess ... I don't head to those, but it could have been your trackable's starting point.
  9. Are your containers so fragile that they need that much maintenance ? If they're quality containers, you should be good for a while. If you're going to continue this maintenance plan, at 5-14 logs, your Owner Maintenance logs could end up more than finds. If you're okay with that, cool I guess... I have two left that my yearly Temp Disable/Enable logs for a busy hunting season outnumber all finds (of maybe one or two a year).
  10. cerberus1


    Remembered there was a thread here once, found it Here. IIRC, the creator used wood, leather, glass, and stone discs as well, and opinions on the word "coin" were mixed at the time.
  11. cerberus1


    I guess we're assuming the tracking code was a legit Geocaching.com. code. The ones we've seen, the code's on the edge side of the "coin". By the scan, you haven't come back for a response yet. I'd say since you found it, it's yours. We leave unactivated coins in caches, in hopes to get people to walk a bit. It might have been a FTF prize too. - Coins similar (we've found) the finder didn't notice the code circling the edge and leave it, thinking it's swag.
  12. Shame we can't tell what constitutes "a few", so we might be able to find if it's a new person thing, or this maybe under-rated in Difficulty cache. - It's a, "we can't tell what rating in difficulty caches you've attempted so far" kinda thing... The description does say " Nothing here is “higher math”, but you do need to be careful. There are no tricks or mysteries involved.", so maybe it is just a learning experience for you.
  13. Don't mean to be picky, but many new (and some older...) people might get confused when they see this in searches. We have a Reference Number, and a Tracking Code. the two aren't the same, as in Buy and activate a Trackable in the Help Center.
  14. Yep. At events, most new folks said they still don't understand sizes, when the Shop Geocaching has small, X small, and XX small. Where has anyone seen an X or XX small cache size in the Help Center ? How about a Medium ? Calling a Pelican container Large ? I used to think they're small errors that'll eventually get fixed, sort of like all Trackable pages still show the owner has a Trackable Number instead of the proper Code above the Action bar on the right. We do have Reference Number and Tracking Code fixed in most of the Help Center... But they're been mentioned a few times in website now.
  15. Has the Help Center changed ? There never was a requirement for a "writing implement" before for any cache size or type...
  16. No. Some don't want to give the hide away, though many can tell when they get to GZ that a nano's probably the only option. It's a micro.
  17. Maybe it'd be a good idea to find a few caches, so you'd better know what may fit your needs in placing one later. Some helpful other info may be in the Help Center. - For example, "the stone" could be part of a stage in a multi, but you'd still need a cache with a container and log at the end.
  18. Once you log your Dropped trackable into the cache, it's listed on the cache page's inventory as being there. Yep, hope's the word. Hope is when you rely on humans to carry out a task not their own. If me, I'd mark the trackable NOT collectible, so you don't have to come back later, saying someone put your trackable in their collection. Usually the default is Not Collectible, unless it's different for this promotion... There's a lot of helpful trackable information in the Help Center.
  19. No offense, but only 3 finds makes (me) wonder whether it's not simply a "I'm new at this" thing... One of your "Found Its" says "I found. It recently got poached, however" - How do you know it got "poached" between the 5th and today (7th) ? A small child found it on the fifth...
  20. It's not that tough to look at the event's page, and get a rough idea how many people will attend, but I haven't seen an event "accurate" yet. One we attended was supposed to have a team-based game attached, but less than half the people attended. 20% chance of rain maybe... One at a state park was supposed to be around a dozen people, but once folks learned a new swimming area opened up there, another roughly 2 dozen unregistered people showed up. It takes one person to spread a disease. Which one do you pick to attend?
  21. Curious...What's to keep the first newb pm from taking your trooper, moving it to the wrong location, and it goes missing two weeks later ? What kid doesn't want a storm trooper ? Do you feel many will delve into something that's remotely complex ? No offense, but I'd be happy just to have the thing move along, and I feel you're putting too much faith in humans...
  22. Yep, when the other 2/3rds was a FTF monster, she used her phone more than GPSr as far back as '05, with blackberry and the Trimble app. That changed to 50/50 when we went to the 60csx from blue legends. - When iphone came out, she went back to pretty-much phone-only, except when on rock.
  23. "Whims" ? You agree to a maintenance plan when putting out a cache, and Maintenance expectations are mentioned in the Help Center. - One is "Temporarily disable your cache page when the cache is not available or you need time to fix reported problems." , another is ""If your cache needs to be disabled for a longer time, explain why in a cache log." Are you saying you're not seeing a warning first, before a cache gets archived by the Reviewer ? I had a cache Temp-Disabled for over a year. Every month I left a "Write Note" explaining the area still isn't completed. I forgot one month, and got a Reviewer note with the standard "this cache seems to be well in excess ..." form. Fair enough... Archived it anyway, after the township said it may take another year. It'd have to be really special to go through that...
  24. That's what we do. It's tougher to ditch us when we're standing right in front of you.
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