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  1. Placed one on Thursday using a mobile browser, easy as. I believe it was a completely different story with the old version of the site though.
  2. Back when the in thing was to rage against the new app there were so many people who couldn't get that (or maybe simply wouldn't accept that) what they were getting (all the caches on their device). Is something that was historically a premium member privilege.
  3. I haven't been to the forums much lately and have only visited once or twice since the redesign. When going into a thread how do I get it to take me to the newest unread posts rather than post one of page one?
  4. Maybe not but they are all owned by someone and I doubt too many people would be happy about finding people buggering about with their buoy; be it a navigational aide, scientific equipment, aquaculture or just for securing someone's pride and joy.
  5. Um yeah... Doesn't with that way. Tampering with navigation aides is a serious offence and I wouldn't like to be on the other end of GS trying to sort out that s***storm.
  6. Amazing isn't it how they very quickly forget the rest of what they spend on geocaching that dwarves the $30ish spent on premium membership.... Phone plans, Fuel, Lunches etc while out, equipment.... it goes on and on.
  7. My brother in law got into caching in a big way and amassed a large number of finds fairly quickly. Went out caching with him one day and one of the caches on the list was my own (think I was dropping a tb while we are out and about). I gave him the log to sign and he handed it straight back saying he never bothers. The look on his face was priceless when I told him I'd delete his log if he didn't sign the paperwork and that other COs had the right to do so too. Not sure if he ever changed his ways.
  8. This is where it's like to see the ability to go through the cache submission and review process before the cache is in place so that these things can be nipped in the bud early. Then when CO is ready they can just hit a "go live" button.
  9. Yes it is necessary, simply because not all the caches are for all the caches. It is up to you to decide what you can do safely and to walk away from those you can't.
  10. Wait a minute... so you're saying that you're enjoyment of geocaching depends entirely on the presentation of the website at the end of the day? It sounds your priorities are askew with the game.
  11. Could you not add it to a list?
  12. Over the top? Yes, yes it is. But don't you think all the "I don't like the set up of the new app so I'm never geocaching again" comments are too?
  13. Question to everyone on these forums who has made this threat over the last 6 months... How do you go when you're in the field and you need to start thinking for yourselves? Do you chuck tanties and head home then too? There's a particularly interesting thread in the forum for the classic iOS app where the world is ending because of app updates so here's some options for those who have a hard time working things out; 1- Continue with the Groundspeak app. Use it as a basic member in demo mode or pay the equivalent of US$2.50 in your country a month for full access. Here (not US) that's roughly a bottle of Coke a month or enough diesel to get me to a close cache. 2- Try another app. You don't like the Groundspeak option then try another one. 3- Get a dedicated GPS unit. Do it the old fashioned way. Be aware though that to get it to work anywhere near as well as the old timers say you'll need spend that $2.50 (or equivalent in your country) a month. 4- This is the genius solution that Groundspeak don't want you to know. You are frustrated with the app ago we know you already have a smartphone. Did you know that smartphones come with internet browser applications? They allow you to look at literally any page on the internet right there on your smartphone, including cache pages. Also on your smartphone will be an application that may have a name similar to "store" where you can find other applications to use on your smartphone. Here you may find many hundreds or thousands of applications with a name similar to "GPS" which allows you to input a set of coordinates and will then guide you to them. The genius part is when you combine the power of the "Browser" app with that of the "GPS" app... It's mind blowing all the information you have at your fingertips. 5- This final point is for those who really want to screw them over. Get someone else (probably with a cushy government job) to print out every cache page and have them bind them into booklet form. Fur the searching part of the operation use a sextant to find your place on earth then calculate the bearing and distance required to travel to GZ.
  14. I have considered typing exactly this out before so it could be copy/pasted into every single one of these threads.
  15. I'm normally fairly live and let live/ play the game how you wish to play it but a watch list log yesterday just made my blood boil. The cache in question (I won't name as it's a potential guideline breaker) takes planning, both beforehand and once in the area. The location is historically significant to millions of people across the globe and fur many is a pilgrimage site. Why am I so enraged? "TFTC" You don't just find yourself walking past this cache on A Sunday arvo... It's not just another attached to a guard rail like the 50 others you did that day. For God's sake, give us some details.
  16. Waze is a part of the Alphabet conglomerate, it was purchased not for it's ability to make money but to cannibalise so parts of it could be integrated into google maps. Waze makes the money it does by selling the information it collects.... What questions are you going to ask of Groundspeak if an icecream cart is waiting at the cache you're looking for this weekend?
  17. I remember... Back when I was a boy in the dark ages, a limited trial for software was the norm and everyone accepted it. Shareware was the term used. You'd get the first level of a game, a week's worth of use or a bog standard set of features. It was enough to give you a taste of what was going on and then you'd go and buy the program. And that's exactly what we've got here. A trial. You get to taste geocaching and when you're ready to go beyond the basics you buy the full thing. You do have options of course.There are other apps with their own limitations and all the data (except premium) is available to all members on the website. It's just if you want all the features that make geocaching on the go easy, you have to pay for it. Somebody needs to feed the hamsters. Somebody needs to supply the developer monkeys with new typewriters.
  18. I have to disagree. I like my phone apps better than a GPS unit for geocaching. That's too bad, you'll miss wonderful adventures like this one https://coord.info/GC2XXZG . Boundary waters wilderness area with NO cell phone reception. Although there's a trail you still want your trusty handheld gps for safety. Well, no. I can store the caches for offline use, I don't have to have cell service. I can run PQ's and store them on my phone, it does so much more than just a GPS unit. My understanding is that you need a cell tower to know your tracking. Your phone can't get a direct satellite signal to guide you. Maybe you use a Compass or the stars? Welcome to the geocaching forums circa 4 years ago. You will find many, many threads comparing caching with a dedicated unit with caching with a phone. You will also find the threads (like the apps) have evolved to the point where one isn't particularly better than the other, both have their positives and both have their negatives.
  19. Got notification of a new cache not far from work on Wednesday morning. Pulled up the cache page after I knocked off to see if it was worth putting 3/4 of an hour into for a possible FTF. Found the following as the 3rd log on the page: So yes it was a find on a cache that was there but on their own cache for another person....
  20. [i told you!] Ahem. I cache with a phone, and only a phone, in the deepest backroads of Alberta. Yep, Tasmanian wilderness. In fact even though we couldn't stop and search I had the phone loaded up to cache across the Nullaboar Plain. There's always cached that I can't find but there are certain hide styles that I simply suck at, besides, it's s poor tradesman who blames his tools. I've had dedicated units on the past and simply found them difficult to use. The first was a Magellan with a really odd charger that fit in multiple directions but only charged in one orientation, which wasn't marked at all.
  21. There is an easy fix. On this side of the world log dates are off and it gets further out as you had ready towards the date line, so just don't change the date when you log.
  22. Well.... I'm Tasmanian and at the time we were off having a year long adventure travelling the country. When we started geocaching we were in southern WA and thought that as we travelled it would stand out a little.
  23. Always be careful quoting averages, people have been known to drown in "average dept" 20cm water. My point still stands. "Me and my neighbors" is a tiny (most would say invalid) sample size to use when arguing against stats for an entire country.
  24. Where do you get your stats ? Certainly not my neighborhood. I doubt anyone in my apartment building or neighbors take home $60,000 per year. That's why he said "average monthly wage in the US" because it takes takes in everyone on the country, not just your neighbors.
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