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  1. I suppose they could be expressing a sincere thought or opinion. It could be, but since the same place is also cooincidentally selling fake hand grenades, perhaps it's more that they don't care if they are mildly offensive. It kind of reminds me of a past poster who was using a dead fetus as an avatar. There is a fine line between expressing thoughts and pushing beliefs. it's not really the content, but rather trying to force feed someone is what tends to annoy. It doesn't bother me, but in the past others have expressed distaste. Symbol worship is getting quite popular these days. I have noticed that too. The people who make the case for condoms being good swag and the like.
  2. "I suppose they are trying to be mildly offensive. I know if there were caches with Muslim, Jewish, or 666 and pentagram symbolism on them, they would be considered offensive by the same people who put those out." I suppose they could be expressing a sincere thought or opinion.
  3. What are the big cacher events & gatherings here in the Hoosier State?
  4. Were the caches in poor repair or were they being maintained?
  5. Hey I have logged that KFC cache. That is a pretty neat place.
  6. "He told me in 2 -3 minutes, that most geocachers are jerks - he said he used to be one himself - and way to competitive, with too many jerks who suck the life right out of all the fun." He is absolutely right and absolutely wrong. When I started caching there were some great veteran cachers who helped me out and remain my friends to this day. There were others who saw more competition for the FTF or the most finds in our area and were jerks quite frankly. I only have only so much time and mental energy to spend on the relationships in my life. I am going to focus it on those cachers whose company I enjoy and who are good citizens of geocaching. I suggest you do the same.
  7. That is just the way it is on any forum. Shift the wheat from the chaff and don't let it bother you.
  8. No it does not. Everyone plays the way they want to and for the most part everyone plays by the agreed on rules. This is not a competition, no one is winning, let it be what it is.
  9. Interesting take on things. It made me go through and reread the whole thread. I still don't see so much as one person defending this behavior. Could you point out what you feel are statements in defense of these miscreants? These folks are the type who bristle at everything, and deliberately seek out things to be offended at, presumably so they can feel smug. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO YOUR ENTIRE LIFE NOT BEING OFFENDED. There, I said it. If that is the most important thing you have to worry about, consider your life to be blessed. Yes it's offensive; yes it's inappropriate; yes it's unpleasant and juvenile but no one is going to die or lose their soul I'm also a parent, but my child will not grow up sheltered. He won't fear or be moved to anger over something so trivial as a buncha dudes whose team spells the eff word. All the op has done is give away his power by becoming offended.
  10. Sad that so many defend the deliberate efforts of miscreants to offend others.
  11. I try to do what I can to keep a cache in good shape. Not necessarily for the CO, but for the finders who come behind me.
  12. Shoot an email to the owner, wait a couple days then log a NA. Once it is archived put out a good cache for your compatriots to find.
  13. That is a good unit and should work well. Hope your family has a great time going caching!
  14. Or as an alternative don't use foul language in a log.
  15. Collecting data in the field to find a final cache would be a multi and not a puzzle... I find it surprising that so many people don't even try puzzles. Whenever I visit a new places, I don't automatically exclude puzzle caches from any queries. I give them a good look and see if I can solve them ahead of time. Yes, in my case solving puzzle caches tends not to be a spontaneous affair, but if I can solve it, I pick it up. Also, A fantastic cache combines a good puzzle with a fantastic hide in a good location. A mere good one has one or two of these qualities. I'd lift a lamp skirt to find a cache if the location of the cache is great in some other way or if a great puzzle brought me there. Field Puzzle: To be added to a cache page when the cache requires solving a puzzle during the activity of geocaching. Cache types: Mystery/Puzzle caches (Unknown).
  16. Don't feel embarrassed to ask questions. 99.9999% of active cachers want you to enjoy the game as much as we do.
  17. You can always make a simple field puzzle where they have to gather info at the site to find the cache. Doesn't have to be hard. But be forewarned some people will see the puzzle icon and skip it thinking it would require too much time. Good on you for setting out a new cache.
  18. Sorry to hear the experience was diminished by someone being rude. Sorry the same thing happens when you try to explain it on the forums.
  19. I've helped my daughter set out a couple caches. Since I was there when they were placed I don't log them.
  20. Hi Phil, Caching is a great family activity. My girls & I have had many fun times out searching togethrr. Hope you guyshave as much enjoyment as we have. Hoosier Guy
  21. Glad you made your find! Welcome to caching.
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