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  1. I haven't seen one bigger than ours ... https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=62913b88-d2d2-4d2b-a193-37d9fdb78df2 PS I got stuck with that VW Bug hood once. Took us forever to find a place to get rid of it where it might last more than a day. NO ONE would take it off my hands. []
  2. The World's Largest Travel Bug? Hey Snoogs, how long you think this one will last? I wanted to do one bigger than that *#&% King Boras's VW Hood. Happy Trails, Candy
  3. The World's Largest Travel Bug? is the travel bug in question, and I will be posting daily (or as often as possible) updates on the TB page and on my FB account so that people can watch for us to approach their area so they can discover us. We'd love to hear what people think. We've gone from Idaho to Washington, and then across the US to Pennsylvania, without yet being discovered. If you would like to friend me on FB to follow the TB, send me a message via geocaching.com and I will send you a friend request. Happy Trails, Candy
  4. For Pocket Queries: could we put a check box below the email information (or above, whatever) to check if we want NO email delivery, even on PQs for 500 or less results? With the tab right there on the same page, I would be happy to tab over and click on the link and save a little bit of load on the email server. Thanks! Candy
  5. you can upload coordinates to an eTrex; just need to get a cable (available on eBay for less than Garmin) and the free trip and waypoint manager software on Garmin website. OR you can get Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) and use it to upload and have a really nice geocaching tool as well. Free trial, best buy at $30 you are likely to get. http://www.gsak.net Having said that, if you think it would be handy to have road maps, you might want to save up and get a unit that has road navigation as well. If you are not real high tech, the eTrex is a good little unit for not much money and it does what you need it to do for geocaching.
  6. In actuality, that "rubber band" is your "keyboard" and once disconnected from the contacts is a) not easy to get right again and no longer IPX7 waterproof. You will receive an "as new" unit with a 6-month (or is it 90-day? I can't remember for sure) warranty for your $59, which is not really a bad deal at all. I assure you, you will NEVER be disappointed in Garmin Customer Service. p.s. If you have an eTrex model that takes maps and navigates, be sure to request that they send you a new key for your software with the replacement unit. They don't seem to have a good procedure in place to take care of that detail (at least they didn't last time I sent a unit in for repair). Happy Trails, Candy
  7. My webpage was obliterated by RoadRunner so I have created a new webpage with these stash notes: http://geocaching.perklind.com/stashnotes I'm happy for anybody to use them. If you have trouble with any of it, please email candylind@gmail.com. Thanks. Happy Trails, Candy
  8. The second link was to my website which was trashed by a RoadRunner conversion. I've created a new page with the stash notes at http://geocaching.perklind.com/stashnotes and everyone is welcome to use them. I am also willing to make small changes to them if desired; small favors or geocoins accepted in payment! Happy Trails, Candy
  9. When I'm looking for prices, I always include the phrase "best price" in my Google query. There are several shopping sites you can check to get a bunch of prices all at once, and you can also check reviews and ratings on the store if you don't know anything about them. THAT'S CRITICAL when shopping on line. Another thing ... always check walmart.com ... sometimes it amazes me how low their prices go. That's where I got my hubby's 60CSx. And they "ship to store" for FREE. Remember to check Craigslist in your area, too -- it's getting where my favorite eBay saying applies to CL as well ... "if you are patient, you can find ANYTHING on there!" Happy Trails! Candy
  10. What THEY said ... just tell sales persons you want (or do your search for) a USB cable with an "A" connector on one end and a "Mini B" on the other. My camera, my phone, and hubby's and my GPSr's all use the same cable. Quite convenient for travel! Happy Trails, Candy
  11. Hey, if your unit uses SD cards, you can use these with the adapter, ya know? 4GB for $15 is a GREAT deal. I have miniSD cards for my phone, but use them with the adapter in anything that takes SD. I bought this Kingston twin pack at Christmas after I was surprised with a GPSMAP76CSx, and now hubby is using the second card in his 60CSx. We have all of our Texas Road and Topo Maps on them and still have LOTS of space. A recent g-sale item was a 4GB micro SDHC, which I worried wouldn't work in our units, but I installed it and it's working perfectly so far! So now I have 4GB of storage on 3 micro cards that I can use in my camera ... we are headed for the Rockies on Saturday, and I am going to fill ALL of those cards! Guess you get my drift -- a microSD with an adapter is FAR more versatile than its big brother SD. My only concern about them is KEEPING TRACK OF THEM ... I have to make sure they are in a device or in a case! But maybe that's just me ... Happy Trails, Candy
  12. Hmmm ... wonder if we could scare up a few more GPSr units so he could share the adventure with the others in his outfit? Anyone else out there feeling benevolent towards our soldiers today? (not said idly, I'm looking around to see if I can scare up a couple from my local caching community) What branch of service are we talking about? Do you know how many guys are in his outfit? Happy Trails! Candy
  13. I would like to ask you to give your son all the rein he'll take! Four-year-olds can be amazingly responsible and resourceful. I know he already has toys that cost $50 or more at home, right? And has it drummed into him how expensive they were! LOL Look for a good used Garmin eTrex (or the Gecko) and let him have at it. I teach geocaching classes for families through Texas Parks and Wildlife, and one of my absolute favorite memories is the 4-year-old girl who INSISTED on having her own GPSr at a class (and we had enough units for her to have one). She had already learned to read words, and her parents offered numerous times to help her as we did the two waypoints I was making them input manually, but we spelled the waypoint names for her, and she did it all herself. When we set out to find the 7 caches, once she figured out the button-push sequence for getting the next waypoint (by the second cache location), she was off and running and found nearly all the caches by herself. We were using yellow Garmin eTrex's (regular and H). I have put her parents on my "prayer list" for when she becomes a teenager! My only suggestions would be to teach him how to change the batteries himself, make certain he has a neck lanyard for it and uses it most of the time, and the rest of the time he puts it in a pocket that's deep enough it can't fall out (I still need these 2 things for myself! LOL). After he goes crashing through the tall snake-infested grass, the thorns, the loose rocks on the cliff, etc. to get there first, and pulls the cache out of a place you never suspected, or a hole you would NEVER put your hand in without checking it with a stick first, let HIM sign the log ... and THEN go over those safety rules again! LOL I hope you'll write me "after the fact" and let me know how he's doing with it. I'm sure he'll make you proud. Happy Trails, Candy
  14. a rented metal detector would help you make quick work of it, even with the leaves.
  15. I just might have to spring for this one, because it tugs at a memory. I sang in a madrigal group at San Antonio College (TX) during my first two years of college, and we sang both the secular and religious lyrics of this song. I loved it when we sang our old music in the chapels of the missions -- the acoustics were just amazing. Thanks for the memory! I'll see if I can squeeze out the funds and write you off-site. Happy Trails, Candy
  16. I don't want to presume that you are going, that you even know about it, or that you are in a financial position to donate this unit, but it would be a great item to donate to the Silent Auction at the Texas Challenge next weekend. This is our annual contest between teams from different regions of the state. This is the first time we will have four teams ... other years it's been three. If you don't know anything about it, the event page is HERE. Funds from the Silent Auction will offset expenses for the event, including stuff like printing, rentals, pavilion fees, supplies, etc. There is also a meal but you buy a ticket for that. Tee shirts and coins are also for sale. Hope you can come -- this is the 6th year and it's always LOADS of fun! Happy Trails, Candy
  17. Oops, forgot to address the "used disc" question ... it's entirely possible for you to get some older maps to work with your unit ... but again it depends on which eTrex you have! More detail will help. Candy
  18. Do you have a ''plain old'' yellow eTrex? You can't load ANY maps to that unit, much less marine info. If you own anything less than a Vista, you probably don't have enough memory to make it worth your while to try to load BlueChart maps. If you have one of the newer eTrex x models that take a data card, that's another story. You should be able to put whatever you want on it as long as it has a large enough capacity. Go to the page on the Garmin website where they describe your model, click the "maps" tab near the top, and all the maps -- street, topo, or BlueChart -- DVD media or data card -- that will work with your unit will be listed. Happy Trails! Candy
  19. Cover your parking? For THAT event and the next ten! LOL They are right, you can be highly mercenary with this one! Ebay will likely get you the most money, but you might be able to score something really good in a trade, too. I'll be watching eBay! LOL
  20. Is Texas far enough? I could take some to the Texas Challenge, our annual contest, and from there get them all over the state. Let me know! Happy Trails, Candy
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