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  1. Today I received a package to me, from me...seemed like I received a mystery coin. Upon opening, I discovered it to be so much more ! The coin you see was sent in Memory of Mustang Joni, and Hedge Hopper, geocaching/geocoining friends for many years. I believe we first met, and traded geocoins at Geocoinfest, many years ago...I was just getting started collecting geocoins. I don't remember what coins we traded, but I can remember Joni was sitting to the right of me. For so many years I can remember trading coins with them either in person, or by mail, and sometimes talking about things not geocoin/caching related...this is what friends do. ! My thanks to whomever sent this coin to me...it's truly earned a special place in my collection, but more importantly, in my heart !
  2. I have over 4000 activated trackables...I show some of the binders i keep the coins in at events around the country. to lock them all because of few weasels seems unfair. Does geocaching/Groundspeak have a definitive stance on virtual logging of geocoins without the owner's permission?
  3. if you don't activate a coin, remember it cannot be discovered by anyone...so if you take it to an event, you can show it to people, but you might wish to cover up the tracking number. if you enjoy showing your collection of coins with others, I would suggest activating your coin/coins, and making it collectible. the picture is some of my activated coins...I've met a lot of nice people at events because of them, including my wife Laura!
  4. please add me to the trade list !
  5. Received my new personal geocoins from Beverly Edwards-Cathcart, and Christian Mackey yesterday. Glow in the dark enamal, available in Black Nickel and Copper, Icon, special prefix. the doggie coins are to wear and trade ! Is your geocaching doggie bad to the bone ? email me if interested...trade only
  6. www.mygeodb.de might be of help to you.
  7. found you at last...I couldn't remember where I had contacted you...your coins made their way to me...the new cache containers will be placed on a rails to trails here in my area....thanks very muchly !
  8. another comment...if you find a geocoin or another trackable in a cache, you don't need to trade for it....it is not treated like swag (all those goodies some people put in their caches for other to trade for.) Feel free to take it and move it along on its journey. I will sometimes leave unactivated coins in caches I put out for the first to find...just check to see if the coin is activated (using the tracking number.) As for collecting geocoins, that's a whole other topic.
  9. I don't seem to be able to message you through Groundspeak...can you pm me your e-mail address please
  10. I'm putting out 5 new caches on a rails to trails in Pennsylvania in the late spring...pm me if this is of interest to you
  11. I would like to work out a trade if I have anything of interest to you
  12. i would also like to get a list of your coins - lepovetsky@windstream.net
  13. you sure they are a geocoin? does it say somewhere on them trackable@geocaching.com ?
  14. my thought is make sure it's activated, and take it for others to discover at meetings and events. you can even add a picture of your dog to the coin's page. ILYK ILYL
  15. anyone have one for sale or trade? ILYK ILYL
  16. let me know how much you would want for it please or my e-mail is lepovetsky@windstream.net ILYK ILYL
  17. i would like to purchase your elk county geocoin..is it activated?
  18. you can also e-mail one of the moderators...they have always been able to help me out
  19. there was a 2nd minting, sadly, after the passing of DK_Titan. hopefully, they will meet again at the bridge.
  20. alwats looking for dog themed coin (but I think i have all of yours,) and if you have a moun10bike V1 or either of the last 2 containment coins, i would be happy to trade multiple (maybe even many multiple,) geocoins that you could then sell.
  21. perhaps if nothing else works, rename the coin stolen...but try everything else first
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