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Fresh from the orchards...


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Awww, c'mon... Don't you enjoy a good tease? ;)


The fruit's out of the bag! There will soon be an announcement through the CoinsAndPins.com newsletter, so sign up for their mailing list if you aren't already.


The official debut of the YYv2 will be at GeoCoinFest on 10-12-08. I'll be selling a special limited version of the coin there while supplies last.


C&P will be offering the Polished Nickel pictured on their site, as well as this Antique Bronze...




Enjoy the citrus!!!

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Thats is Citrus Rediculous!!!


So Im supposed to sit at my comp (as I wont be at Geocoinfest) and wait for the server to kick out my order like the FSMs??? :lol:


Guess thats what coin collecting is all about!!!!! :D ... :lol:


Verrr Nice!!! What if I send a coin on my behalf to Geocoinfest???...Will that work? :o


Just another coin that puts a lump in your stomach! ;) ... :D

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Hi again. mKay, I'll go ahead and answer some posts, and clarify a few things.


But first, for anyone who would like one of my personals, they are now available on pre-sale over at CoinsAndPins.com until next Saturday. Here are the direct links:


YemonYime v2 Antique Bronze Geocoin

YemonYime v2 Polished Nickel Geocoin


CoinsAndPins will not have any YemonYime coins at GeoCoinFest, and the pre-ordered coins will not be ready until after GCF. So if you really want one and you're not coming to GCF, please consider the pre-sale option.


YemonYime Design will be an official vendor at GCF, and it won't be hard to find me. :o I will have a special edition YYv2 available for sale there in very limited quantities. We're talking around 100 pieces total. If you are not visiting GeoCoinFest, maybe ask a friend to pick one up for you! I gave it some thought, and judging from the e-mails I've received and some of your responses, I'll try to make these available to as many people as possible. To do that, I prefer not to sell a ton to any one person. I hate the notion of limiting them, so I'll just play it by ear there, mKay?


I've received some e-mails requesting trades, so I need to clarify that I will not have any Antique Bronze or Polished Nickel available for trade at GeoCoinFest. I will have the special edition there, but mainly for sales. I'll probably pop out and join the trading table for a while at some point, but I'll be very, very limited in the amount of trading I can do.


Nice, preordered a few tonight. How's about the special edition Yime thrown in for the fantasy football league winner? :lol:



aka RifleMan81


Possibly, but why toss one in when it's just coming back to me anyways? :)


Oh Wow! I didn't realize that you were the one I was going to get to beat this weekend! ;)


Dream on, Joni. I'm gonna whip ya somethin' ridiculus! :D


I've read the coin description and wanted to inform the OP that I will suing over the use of the term "Flying Yime" as it too closely resembles "Flying Spaghetti Monster" and is a Trademark infringement IMO.


I expect $2.00 per coin sold to be sent my way to avoid a costly court battle.


Bring it on, meatballs! Me and Judge Judy will use your noodly appendages as a pasta bed for some Chicken Piccata.


Thanks again everyone for the enthusiasm, and for making this a fun endeavor. I hope to meet many of you at GCF...only four weeks away!



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