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  1. This week I received a sweet little "peace crane" origami token from a mystery giver in memory of Sadako Sasaki. I found this link explaining Sadakko's life, and the meaning of the crane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadako_Sasaki Than you, this crane will hold a special place in my heart and home.
  2. Upon returning from a doggie rescue trip to Nepal, I found one of these lovelies in my mailbox. Thank you very very much! It is on display with the mystery Christmas coins of years past.
  3. Okay, 5 geocoins, trackable and unactivated for $35, including shipping in the US, Outside the US, $30 and whatever calculated shipping comes to. Email me at vcaruso19@live.com with your shipping address and paypal address and I will send an invoice. Coins will ship within three days of payment. Thank you!!
  4. This coin totally made my day - thank you!!!
  5. I missed out on the 5 coin set which included the LE, Congo? Though this is not my favorite compass design they have done, I would like to trade for or purchase this one coin. Thanks, Valerie
  6. all coins mailed today - thanks everyone1
  7. I have 10 geocoin grab bags for sale, 5 coins in each, all trackable and unactivated, $35 in the US including shipping, $37 elsewhere in the world. Please send an email to bluemotmot07@gmail.com if you are interested. Have a great caching day!
  8. Mine came today I love it - very very clever. Thank you mystery giver!!
  9. When will the new Alaska geocoins be available? Thanks, valerie
  10. Love my dragonflies!! They swarmed my mail box today.
  11. Time to wean down my collection a bit more: 5 coins, all unactivated and trackable, for $30. Shipping is $6 in the US, $10 everywhere else. Send an email to bluemotmot07@gmail.com, or payment to paypal vcaruso19@live.com. Have a great day!!
  12. My wonderful Kitchen sink package has arrived - thank you KB family for all the wonderful thoughts and goodies!! I'll try to post a photo asap!
  13. Ebay is definitely making it more expensive for the seller! Now it is seller beware!
  14. I've mailed all the coins - thank you everyone. I cannot be sure, but I may have sent one non-trackable - just let me know and I'll correct if for you. I do have more grab bags if anyone is still looking for some coins.
  15. I'm trying to simplify my life and wean down my coin collection. For $30, shipping included, I will send 5 random trackable and non-activated coins. US or Canada for the free shipping, worldwide I'll have to weigh and determine the shipping costs. Checks or paypal are fine. Please, email instead of IM. Thanks, Valerie bluemotmot07@gmail.com or vcaruso19@live.com
  16. Mailed mine two days ago - you'll probably get it today.
  17. My coins arrived - they are awesome! Great job making them.
  18. My coin arrived!! Thank you so much for putting so much effort into this!
  19. A huge thank you to Maine Family for the Kitchen sink mission! I didn't have either of those coins, and all the great little extras in the box are appreciated! I'm not very good at taking or adding photos, so I hope my thank you is enough.
  20. I received this coin today - I love it!!! I've admired it since first seeing it here in these forums, and now my wish has come true. Thank you to whoever sent it
  21. I guess it is time I made it official also: email sent: yes Name received: yes Sink shipped: yes Sink received: pending.....
  22. Order is placed. I wish everyone there the best.
  23. I haven't received an invoice and don't know if that is okay or not?
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