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  1. Hello all, I've been contemplating selling some geocoins including my first edition 2007 Earth Turtle AE by tsunrisebey. As much as I love the coin, I need to raise some funds toward another love of mine which is raising live turtles. I keep several different species of turtles and need to build some new indoor and outdoor habitats. I wanted to check here with the forum members before listing it up for auction to see if there was any interest. This is the gold artist edition and I think only 25 were made. Thanks, RM81 Edit: forgot to the mention it is new and unactivated.
  2. Awesome coin. Congrats to the lucky recipients. I love turtles. Here's our latest family addition that we adopted a few months ago.
  3. I haven't been on the forums lately and see there's a ton of new coins out there. That Jedi Micky coin is too cool.
  4. Just reading over some of your previous posts. Just about every single one of your posts is asking for something. Free geocoins, free premium memberships to GC, free itunes apps for your itouch. You even ask that someone from the forums buy you a caching app from itunes and give it to you for Christmas. You'll probably be better off getting a job and paying for it. Or you could ask your mom and dad for those things for birthday/holiday gifts. I usually wouldn't comment on a post like this, but I just wanted to give others a head's up as to what your track record seems to be. "a friend of mine has just started geocaching and he is using an i phone, he does Not want to pay for the geocaching aplication (although its cheap) from i tunes there for he asked me what apps are there that are similar to the geocaching app. i answerd i did'nt know. but i was curius to give him some more info there for i disided to post this question: what is the best geocaching app for i phone which is not the oficial geocaching one?" "hey every one laughing.gif i also have a touch and its a very handy tool but im new to geocaching and i dont realy want a realy realy good app for my ipod and i found that there is a light/free version of the gc.com app but it only works on an iphone. i want to know what is the best app to go out geocaching witch is FREE, i migjht get the gc.com app if i cant find any free ones but fro my first year i whould like to have a free version. does anyone know what the best itouch free app, for geocaching is? thanks biggrin.gif" "yes it does when you use an app it drains the batery but it still works for geocaching, if you have the right app i still need to know what the best app is witch i free! ph34r.gif" "surprise.gif sory itouch owners but i have tryed and i even contacted the itunes store and it is realy just for iphone so my question is still o be answerd. what is the best free app for geocaching (without being the gc.com ones)? blink.gif ps: if anyone wants to offer gc.com one to me as a christmas present i whould be delighted to acept that gift, my itunes acount is gui_194@hotmail.com (that is my e-mail to) mary x-mas and thankyou"
  5. That's what I was thinking too. Most malls have one of those shops in the center isle somewhere.
  6. You answered your own question. You better run. 5 4 3 2 1 . . .
  7. There's one for North Eastern Ohio State parks. Do a search for: 2010 NE OSP Challenge first 100 to complete get a geocoin. You have to visit a specific cache in 18 different state parks.
  8. Hey, I've been cointacted too. Funny, I had flashbacks to the old AUTODIN days for a minute while reading the enclosed documentation. It really made my day! Thank you so much!
  9. I'll be replying to every who emailed me this weekend. Sorry for the delay. RifleMan81 And Tsun, out of the entire list, that's the one I really don't want to part with the most.
  10. I hate to do it, but I need some money for another cause. All coins are unactivated, unless otherwise noted. Please submit offers and I'll go through them and return all emails, RifleMan81 @ gmail dot com. Shipping to CONUS is $2.50. All other shipping will most likely be more. Thanks. 2007 All Season Caching Winter Antique Silver 2007 Colorado State Polished Silver 2007 Evil Micro Nickel Absolute Caching Antique Silver Air Power Series A-10 Thunderbolt Gold Air Power Series F-16 Falcon Black Nickel All American Micro Polished Gold American Cache Antique Bronze (act) American Flag 2007 Antique Silver Anthus Laptop Nickel Anthus Laptop Black Nickel Bad Mojo V1 Chrome CacheHunters42 Antique Silver Castle Man Star Silver CITO 2006 Silver CITO 2007 Polished Nickel CruiserDude 2007 Antique Bronze Da Funky Frogs Nickel De Cache Liber sfwife Antique Silver DNF 2008 Micro Silver/Glow Don't Forget Your Pen Micro Gold DorkFish Polished Silver Dragonfly Green Antique Silver Earth Turtle 2007 Antique Silver Earth Turtle 2007 Antique Copper Earth Turtle 2007 Polished Silver Earth Turtle 2007 Gold Earth Turtle 2008 V1 Antique Silver/Green Earth Turtle 2008 V2 Gold/Blue Earth Turtle 2008 V2 Antique Silver/Blue Elemental Jay Antique Silver Florida Landmarks Union Bank 2006 Antique Silver Flying Spaghetti Monster Black Nickel/Blue Found It 2008 Micro Silver/Glowl GC&PC Sept 2006 Never Forget Bronze Geocache Coffee Black Nickel Geocache Ohio 2005 Bronze Geocache Ohio 2006 Antique Bronze GEOcoin White Black Nickel GeoTriad Silver Hiking Stick Medallion Black Nickel Idaho 2007 Micro Antique Silver Idaho 2009 Antique Silver Idaho 2009 Antique Bronze Idaho 777 Event Gold Jeep Racer Green Black Nickelh Landsharkz 2007 Gold LindsyChris Geosmirk Black Nickel Live To Cache Black Nickel Live To Cache Glitter Live To Cache Gold Live To Cache Nickel LizardToadz Decipher V3 Gold Look Twice For Bikes Black Nickel - Yellow MAGC 2008 Antique Gold MAGC 2008 Polished Gold Maverick 65G V1 Silver Maverick 65G V2 Polished Gold Maverick 65G V2 Antique Silver (act) Moun10Like Antique Bronze Mudnuri Black Nickel/Nickel National Parks Harz 2006 Polished Chrome Nebraskache Geocorn Antique Silver Nomad United States Antique Silver Not Another Micro 2006 Camo Antique Silver Oakbucks Gold OKIC 2007 Bronze Pathfinder Club Gold Police Squad 2006 Magellan Antique Silver Police Squad 2007 Garmin Polished Silver Police Squad 2007 Magellan Antique Gold Ranger216 2 of 4 Silver Remember Our Fallen Silver Rot13 Dragon Spinner Antique Copper Sharpee Silver Signal 2006 January Signal 2006 July Antique Silver SkinGuy Silver Sunshinegang License Plate V2 Silver THX4TC Jeep Black Black Nickel Traveling Chief Hunting Caches Black Nickel TurtleToes Nickel Two Cache Antique Bronze U-Turn Glow Black Nickel Vermont 2006 Silver W.M.A. Vest Gold Wherigo Satin Nickel World Traveller Silver WSGaskins GeoDiesel 2007 Black Nickel I went over the list pretty quick, so if there are any errors in the listing I apologize. Thanks, RifleMan81
  11. binders and tupperware. If you do a search you'll find some topics with this same question. There is one or two that have a bunch of pictures too. If I find the link I'll post it later.
  12. I personally wouldn't sell or trade a mystery coin or a gifted coin. But it's up to each individual person to decide what's right for them. If the person selling the coin feels ok with it, and especially since the maker said it's up to them to decide, then I don't see the problem with the sale. If they are having financial problems, hopefully things will turn around for the better. Good luck.
  13. i'll take the moga coin, email on the way. sorry to hear about your situation.
  14. I would say yes, unless there was a condition agreed upon before you bought it specifically stating that you not sell the coin afterward.
  15. From Wikipedia: "The GPS System was created and realized by the American Department of Defense (DOD) and was originally based on and run with 24 satellites. It was established in 1973 to reduce the large number of navigation aids and to overcome the limitations of previous navigation systems." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Positioning_System Many of the posters to this thread served in the Department of Defense which created and maintains the precious satellites we all use to geocache. I wonder how many of the men and women that posted here contributed to the Global Positioning System. So yeah, I think it's directly related to geocaching. If anyone has a chip on the shoulder about the US Military or any of the previous Presidents, that to me would be considered off topic. So the next time you post that smiley or use your turn by turn car navigation, you can thank a veteran. Just my .02. Instead of "oh snap", I think I'll go with "zing". It gets more much more coverage here. Really, why does it bother you? You don't have to reply to every thread, you know. Oh snap! It bothers ME because double-standards aren't ok, and operating your business on them (Groundspeak?) is poor practice. OT is OT, simple enough. Or should I create a thread on "How you DIDN'T serve (aka which country did you run to avoid the Bush years)" just to even the balance. Something tells me that thread would be nuked in a heartbeat, since clearly balance is not a priority here, again, as this OLD OT thread keeps testifying to. As you say in the oh-so trite and abused colloquialism: Oh snap!
  16. If you do a forum search for Proxie or Proxies, you'll get hundreds of other topics with the same question. Some people don't mind proxies, and some people hate them. Some will even destroy the card b/c they hate them so much. Personally, I don't care either way. I would just add the word "proxie" to the coin title. That way, someone who really dislikes them won't be "bothered" by your proxie.
  17. Rubbin' is Racin' thanks for the cointest!
  18. Cast my vote. A lot of nice coins to choose from. It wasn't easy.
  19. Joyous!!! My new windows are being installed as I type. This should cut my heating costs in half. HOOOORRRAAAAYYYY! Thanks for the cointest. You ready for Daytona??
  20. I type out a list, print off several copies, and stick them in the binder with the coins. That way they don't have to write down all the numbers and possibly write down the wrong numbers.
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