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Fresh from the orchards...


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First and second place

Another Yime up for grabs

But not the rare one


Change focus from Yimes?

Geocoins in general!

Why do you collect?


Let me have a try...

Metal on wood goes clink-clank

Cannot see my desk


Room must be heavy

If house were in hurricane

Wind could not lift up


Presale not so bad

When the vendor is trusted

Caveat emptor


Spinning on axis

Eartha busy rotating

Can mod change title?


Kudos to her, and

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Babysit forum

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Which is correct,

Why do I collect?

Just a Yemon or a Yime,

I will get one of your's everytime,

Nothing better than a Yemon Yime.


I collect for fun,

I collect for pleasure.

I collect to obtain Treasure.

If it's yours or if it ain't,

I like the smell of fresh paint.


If it glitters or is gold,

Just consider it as sold.

Tis not the thrill of the chase,

It tis the one who wins the race(F5).................................


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