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  1. I think we should get our money back from Groundspeak for the taking code. We have to lock the coins, which means they can not travel.
  2. Sorry we will not be able to make it. Have fun and happy trading.

    Proxy coins

    I think what you found is a signature item, that is non-trackable.
  4. A nice surpise in the mail box today, The lost coin from DrNeal. Thank now I owe you.
  5. All coins that I have been waiting for have made it safe. With special thanks to Drneal for making up for the post office lost mail. And thanks for hosting another great trade. Sent 5/11 DANCE4HEAVEN, AURORA2014 Waiting for DRNEAL, PINGOS, DANCE4HEAVEN Thanks for hosting!!!
  6. Got a very nice coin from Dance4Heaven Thanks Sent 5/11 DANCE4HEAVEN, AURORA2014 Waiting for DRNEAL, PINGOS, DANCE4HEAVEN
  7. Sent 5/11 DANCE4HEAVEN, AURORA2014 Waiting for DRNEAL, PINGOS, DANCE4HEAVEN Thanks for hosting!!!
  8. Wish list sent again. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  9. Maya has taken time out of playing and has choses the winners. She has chosen three winners to receive a Hop along Shadow Geocoin: New Market Mallers pig,dog,boyandgirls JoenSue She then said Shadow was a very kind and good rabbit and would not want anyone to lose. So the rest should also win. So everyone else that have entered, will receive a Shadow Birthday coin. Dorsetgal & GeoDog DeniScott RecipeForDisaster steben6 Jasper Gracioso Sivota sparklefingers Carponen Please send me your address so I can get Shadow hopping to you. Thanks for taking part in the cointest!
  10. It's great to see so many helping coin on there way!
  11. Ok this was Shadows favorite time of year. So we are going to have a cointest in honor of him. With a Hop Along Shadow Geocoin as the prize. What you need to do: Describe how you have helped a geocoin reached its goal. You can also Post a link to your log or TB Number of a geocoin that you have helped. One entry per 24 hour Do not post trackable number Maya will determine the winner on April 11 Edited to correct rule 2
  12. I got 10 coins listed yesterday as well. Thanks for putting on another Math Trade!
  13. I had the honor of working with Michele on the GCF 2010 committee. She was a lot of fun to work with and will be missed.
  14. OK I tried to do a search for event, but it for only 30 miles from the location. Is there a way to get more distance. I know there more events near me but greater then 30 miles. And trying to look through the event page will take way too long.
  15. Look up in the sky, leaping over tall building, faster then a speeding bullet and landing in out mail box and spring flowers --- It's Super coin!!! Thank you for sending such a nice coin our way.
  16. Very Nice. I wonder what coin it is before it goes into a telephone box?
  17. NOSNOW

    Pi Day?

    All the online payments have a time limit, which is normally shorter then the time it takes to get the coin minted. So losing money is and has been a real possibility. Hundreds of Thousands???? You might want to do some more research!
  18. NOSNOW


    Caches that make a picture or art.
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