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Earth Turtle 2008: Christmas ET sale see Post #860


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As this is a reorder there is not limit, right? Just in case I dont get to the computer until Friday. BTW the blue looks awesome....as usual! :D


What I will be doing is taking reservations. On the reservation page you will just cut and paste the form and tell me how many of each version you want. I'll keep orders open for about 7 days. After that I'll place an order with the mint for the amount of turtles ordered. This will be just like the RFJ reservations, no set limit, you order what you want but when the reservations close, the design is retired for the Earth Turtle (no more minted). No one will have to pay until the turtles come in and I send the invoices.


Hope that explains it but I'll make sure it's clear when I post the reservation page also :)



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Anyone opposed to seeing them in gold also or having the antique silver changed to gold? I'll consider opinions but I'll decide for sure some time by tomorrow when I get ready to take reservations.

Both, please! :D *note to self - read whole thread before posting...*



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What will the price be for these?


$100 bucks a piece :D


Sign me up, I'll take 10! Or would a jar of Nutella be enough? :)


Oh nutella...... you know just what to say :)


I'm getting hungry... I think I'll go finish off the jar of Nutella in the kitchen. :D

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What will the price be for these?


$100 bucks a piece :D


Sign me up, I'll take 10! Or would a jar of Nutella be enough? :)


Oh nutella...... you know just what to say :D


I'm getting hungry... I think I'll go finish off the jar of Nutella in the kitchen. :D


I'll bring the spoon. Right after I steal your casino. :)

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June 19th through June 26th ( 5 pm, Montana time).


Please read all information carefully on the reservation page so you understand how the reservations work. There is also a special email address to send your reservation, please use that address for you orders.


Questions/comments about the reservations should be sent to that email address. Thanks everyone :D




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I'm probably reserving at least one of each either way*...but, it looks like the Antique Silver Blue Turtle photo links to the same picture as the Gold Blue Turtle.



*which is probably the wrong way to make a decision. I couldn't narrow down my favorite Rainforest Jewel based on the photos so I got a few and told myself I'd pick my favorite as the keeper and save the others as traders, well wouldn't you know it, I couldn't narrow down my favorite based on the coins either!

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Ok, everyone who sent in a reservation should have received a personal reply from me. All caught up for now, thanks for the great response :D I'll keep everyone posted via the thread and on my website of updates.





Thank you



(that's all I kinda know :P)

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I'll Help Ya-


Afrikaans (Africa) - Dankie

Albanian - Faleminderit

Arabic - Sukran

Arabic - Shukran Gazillan (Thank you very much)

Armenian - shur-nur-ah-gah-lem

Australian - Thoinks, Moite!

Basque Country (between France and Spain) - Eskerrik asko (Thank you very much)

Bengali - Dhannyabad

Bulgarian - Blagodaria

Bosnia - Hvala

Burma(Myanmar) - Jae Zu Din Pa De (Thank you)

Cameroon (Duala) - Na som (thanks)

Cameroon (Duala) - Na som djita (Thank you very much)

Cantonese - M'goy (sp? -- thank you for the service)

Cantonese - Do jey (sp? -- thank you for the gift)

Catalonia (catalan) - gràcies [grah'-si-es] estandard

Catalonia (catalan) - moltes gràcies [many thanks]

Catalonia (catalan) - merci [mer'-si] very colloquial

Cherokee Nation - Wado (Thank you)

Cherokee (Eastern) - Skee (Thank you)

Chinese (Mandarin) - Xie_Xie (shieh shieh)

Chinese (Cantonese) Mh goi (m-ghoh-ee) (informal: thanks)

Chinese (Cantonese) Do jeh (tou yeh) (formal: thanks)

Cook Islander - Kia Manuia

Croatia - Hvala

Czech – Dekuji (deh'-ku-yih)

Danish - tak (tahg)

Dutch - dank U wel (dahnk you well) (formal: thank you very much)

Dutch - bedankt/ dank je wel (dahnk ye well) (informal: thanks) - WEL is 'good', like "I wish you well"

Dutch - Dank U zeer/ duizend maal dank (thank you VERY much) - a superlative and used when you get stuck in a thunderstorm, then lost, mugged, robbed, etc. And someone helps you. Only then. ZEER is 'very'. JE and U are 'you', but informal and formal. (still alive in old english like in 'ye olde'). "Duizend maal" means a 'thousand times'.

Dutch - hartelijk dank (thanks from the heart) Another formal form used in contexts like: "thanks for coming/inviting" (to a wedding, birthday party) or when receiving a formal present.

English - Thanks awfully, old boy

Esperanto - Dankon (thank you)

Esperanto - Dankegon (thank you very much)

Estonia - Aitäh

Ewe Togo (Africa) - Akpé (Appé)

Ewe Togo (Africa) - Apké na wo (Thanks to you)

Fijian - Vinaka

Fijiab - Vinaka vaka levu (Thank you very much)

Finnish - kiitos (kee'-toas)

Fon Benin (Africa) - Kpè nu wé

French - merci (mehr-see')

French - Merci Madame - Thanks (to a woman)

French - Merci Mademoiselle - Thanks (to a young girl)

French - Merci Monsieur - Thanks (to a man)

F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) - Hvala

Gambia (Mandinka) - Abarka

Georgia(Sakartvelo) - madlobt (thank you)

Georgia(Sakartvelo) - didi madloba (thank you very much)

German - Danke (dahn'-kuh)

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German - Danke sehr (Thank you very much)

German -Vielen Dank (Many Thanks)

Greek - Efharisto (ef-har-ris-tou')

Greek - Efkaristo poly

Guarani - Aguije (ah-we-JAY) native indian language of Paraguay and Western Brazil

Guinea (Mandinka) - Abarka

Gujarathi (India) - Aabar

Hawaiian - Mahalo

Hebrew - Toda (toh-dah')

Hebrew - Toda raba (thank you very much)

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Hungarian - Köszönöm (kuh'-suh-nuhm)

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Iran (Persia) - Merci (informal - just like french but r in this word is pronounced as/r/ )

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Spanish - Gracias (grah'-syas)

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Teenager -

Telungu (South Indian Language)- Manjuthe

Thai - Khob Khun Kha (Feminine)

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Thai - Khop Khun Mak Kha (Feminine)

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Thai - Khob Pra Khun Krab (Formal masculine)

Tibetan - Thuk Ji Chhe

Turkish - Tesekkurler ( teh-sheh-keur eh-deh-rim)

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Urdu [Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh] - Maherbani

Urdu (Pakistan) - Shukria

Urdu (Pakistan) -Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very much)

Urdu (Pakistan) - Bahut Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very very much)

Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Rahmat (Thanks)

Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Katta Rahmat (Thanks a lot)

Vietnamese - Kam ouen

Wales/Cymru - Diloch yn fawr (thank you very much)

Wales/Cymru - Diolch (thanks)

Xhosa (Africa) - Nkosi

Yemen - Shakkran

Yiddish - A dank

Yiddish - Yasher Koach (KOY-ACH)

Yoruba - Modupe

Yugoslavia - Hvala

Zulu - Ngiyabonga


More than you EVER wanted to know I bet :P

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June 19th through June 26th ( 5 pm, Montana time).


Please read all information carefully on the reservation page so you understand how the reservations work. There is also a special email address to send your reservation, please use that address for you orders.


Questions/comments about the reservations should be sent to that email address. Thanks everyone :angry:





Bumping up...

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Who is selling the Purple Earth Turtle just like your 3 on ebay? Is that an older edition?


I don't know who is selling it because I didn't look but it is the first run of Earth Turtles 2008 edition done back in March/April. I posted pictures a few pages back in this thread. The original sale was an immediate sell-out and was only announced via newsletter at the time. The reservations going on now would be considered the 2008 V2 coins. Hope that answers your question.




Edit to add: There were 4 original 2008 versions; 1. nickel/red/black/white, 2. gold/multi-colored, 3. a.silver green/white (remint version) and 4. a.silver/purple

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Would anyone be opposed to closing up reservations about 2 days early, say on Tues. this week? I think the majority of orders have come in. Thoughts/comments?


Running total so far (I'm quite amazed)....


Antique Silver Green: 229 coins reserved

Antique Silver Blue: 280 coins reserved

Gold Blue: 258 coins reserved


169 Individual orders place


Total as of right now: 767 coins ordered

Total of 2008 V1 and V2 added together 1,267 coins (WHEW!)


Guess I better buy some more envelopes.... thanks so much for making these little guys a success! :P

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Congratulations on another successful offering. 767 coins ordered thus far; your mail carrier is going to start giving you dirty looks in the supermarket :P I'm so glad you did the remint and new ones. I missed the earlier sales, but really loved these little guys. They have a great message, are great color combination choices, they are fun without being too cutsey (for my taste), yet they look sophistocated and well-designed. Just an all around great concept that was well-executed. It's no wonder you "can't keep them on the shelves".


As far as my opinion goes on closing sales early, I'm good to go.

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I just placed my order this morning, as I was coordinating a group order along with some other coiners who don't frequent the forums. Also I just last night got around to forwarding the order info to another coiner who doesn't spend much time in here. A deadline change could be missed by people in that situation.

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Ok, well I guess I will keep this open until the promised date. I woke up to a new surge of orders and if some of you are working with others to combine, then I'll give you the time you need :P It's only 2 more days so no nig deal :laughing:


Just a quick note on reservations: I think a few people are a little confused about what a reservation is so those of you who know can just skip this part. A reservation is different than a pre-sale. During the reservation period you tell me how many and what version of the coins you want. I write your reservation down. Then after the registration is period is closed, I submit that order to the mint but I don't collect any payment from you (yet). I basically pay for all the orders upfront on your behalf, this way I don't break any paypal pre-sale rules (got burned doing it once before). When the coins are done being made and sent off to me, I then go through the list and send out invoices for the reservation you made about 3 to 4 weeks earlier. You then pay for the invoice and I send you your order. That way you never pay for the coins until I actually have them in hand (this is safe for you as a buyer, although you need to budget ahead of time). Most of the risk falls on my shoulders. However I have friends in the Nutella mob who will take care of business for nonpayers :laughing: Hope this clarifies how a reservation works.



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Quick Poll:


I'm not really into collecting pins but I know alot of you are.... is anyone interested in a pin done like the design? If there is enough interest, I'll work on submitting an order /design tonight. Hopefully they would be done with the coins. Everyone would get one for free with their order but I'll only do it if the interest is there.


tsun :D

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