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  1. Boy I came into this late but I think something has to be wrong. I know Shadow is a Minnesota Bunny right? Here is what he really wants: 1. Tator Tot Hotdish 2. Some type of Cookie Bar 3. An a Can of Grainbelt. Sorry I missed out of this one. I will have to keep my eyes open in the future. See you guys when we get back from Seattle. Dallas and Sue
  2. Clint, these are beatiful. Will have to talk the wife into coming out to NY to cache.
  3. We would like to participate Signed up: March 19, 2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received:
  4. If you decide to sell will you let me know what you want for it? We have been looking for one for a while. The other cacher is correct. We have been find them between $300 and $350
  5. My wife and I have been asked to help out an event coming up in May, where we will be celebrating the beginning of a new geocaching project hosted by our state department of natural resources, the nine anniversary of Geocaching and spending time with all the new friends we continue to met while caching. We have been asked to see if we can find donatiion of geo-stuff. We have a couple of coins and a couple for cache stickers but is it out of place for us to contact coin maker to see if they can help out? Has anyone done something like this before? Do you have any any suggestions or guidance? Any and all help is appreciated. Dallas
  6. I bet I can talk the boss is to letting me buy the blue. Neptune maybe the top tuna in his world by got to get mama's approval here.
  7. Our Hoiday Caching Photo Here is a true Caching Holiday Picture. This was taken on Dec 8th at GC1JRDZ at about 8pm. What makes with a great Caching Holiday picture. This was our first FTF with our caching mentor, Andrewmcc. He has been there whenever we have a questions.
  8. We want to say sorry for not getting our packages out earlier. They are going in the mail in the morning. Should be to our cachers by the first part of next week at the latest. Mom of theodellfamily got her package from Scotland. Loved everything. Now if I can talk her out of one of her Kit Kat???? Sorry we don't know how to post pictures.
  9. Just a Quick Note from Dad of the ODell Family. Thanks to the wonderful gifts from our Texas cacher friends. And a note to those who are our Secert Santaies, yours is coming. We are a little behind the ball because of work but be asured it will be there soon. Dallas and Susan O'Dell
  10. We got ROPED IN here to in MINNESOTA! Thanks Bandit. We are honored. Worked out prefect. Came the same day we got our 500th Find. AND it was Susan's birthday. Thanks again.
  11. Mom of "theodellfamily 1. Participating: email sent 10/9/08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Dad of "theodellfamily" 1. Participating: email sent 10/9/08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  12. Have birthday names been sent out of November yet? Never can keep this all straight. Have not recieved our new recipent for our November birthday yet.
  13. Glad you recieved it, Happy Birthday!
  14. Please let me know where we can get on a list of a couple of these. They are GREAT!
  15. Just placed our order. Both of our fourlegged boys came for a Humane Shelter. We know that they can use all the donations that get.
  16. I have a question. How do we order turtle pins? That are cute!
  17. The Turtles have made it to Minnesota! Keep us in mind for any new ones that maybe hatching!
  18. I want to ask if you not send the coin to me but to Dardevle. [ i have his adress][ We would like to echo this request. We are still kind of new to Geocaching and still have not made the big jump into the coin field yet but have learned a lot from all the different threads Dardevle is very active and supportive. Plus he is someone that still has HOPE! Reward him and reward us all.
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