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  1. Looking to Trade! Years ago I made a bunch of Geoswag custom tokens. Most averaged in size of 2 inches x 1.5 inches or were round 1.5 - 2 inch circles. All my tokens are cast from plaster of paris and sealed for painting, They are then hand painted. I did leave some of these in local geo caches as special swag item. Having always wanted some geocoins, but not having the ability at the time to pay to have the minimum amount made, I offered up my swag tokens in lue of a coin swap. I allowed the person willing to swap to make an offer of how many of my tokens was worth one of their coins if they are willing to trade. I would like to offer this again to any one who is interested. I will attempt to place available token images in here now. Usually most seemed to be happy with a trade of 2 - 3 tokens for a coin. I always received excellent feedback on the quality of my hand made item. Please email me if interested in proceeding with a trade. lordzogat@hotmail.com Tokens on offer (ignore the poker tokens) swag by lordzogat, on Flickr Other Token ideas swag2 by lordzogat, on Flickr
  2. Thanks to all who posted comments, I realize this is an old post.
  3. The playdoh would be really hard to put lettering in. I would make the token design in playdoh without the lettering. Cast the master token, then let it set and harden. Then carefully subtract the plaster with your needle or a push pin is what I use. You really have to take your time and go over each letter a few times to get a nice smooth letter. Don't slip as all errors show up. You might be able to slowly tap the typerwritter keys into the surface. Practice on a blank first. Sorry for the late reply.
  4. Some time back I was asked to produce a Mold to generate signature tokens in exchange for a few geocoins. I have not heard from the person who requested the mold in some time. This mold is made of RTV rubber (hardness shore 30) and will allow you to produce tokens from quick set plaster of pairs over and over again. The mold will easily cast 200 - 500 tokens if its taken care of. With plaster, no releasing agents are needed. Just use water to help release the dried token and make sure the mold is clean when put away. If anything a light brushing of petroleum jelly aka vaseline then dropped into a ziplock bag would be good for long term storage. Token design typicallytakes 3 - 6 hours. Mold casting takes another 3 hours plus material after all stages are complete. (including preperation, mixing, casting, cleanup etc etc). This gives you a bit of an idea of time and labor involved. Let me know if this may interest you. Its a great way to leave signature tokens. (If the images do not appear, then check back later as my server may have shut down)
  5. Yah I know what you mean. I would just be leaving personalized Poker tokens, and expect the same or a wooden nickle. May give it a try anyways.
  6. How do folks feel about having a geocache thats normal in every way, yet also contains a extra baggie or container in the cache, ment specifically for geotoken/coin swaps? I intend it to primarily to be used to swap signature poker tokens and wooden nickles and highly doubt a coin will come my way. But it may be a neat way to get copies of other peoples signature poker tokens or geocoins. The cache would still have its usualy swag (I keep mine highly stocked with buttons I make (usualy with cache name or theme on them), I also add custom made painted plaster tokens, so there is no shortage of swag. The finder can ALWAYS take a token or button, and does not HAVE to leave a personal token behind. But it would be nice for me to have a seperate container that is for personal tokens to be left for me to gather every few months. Sound fair? Again participation is not required in any way when finding or loging the cache.
  7. I will be visiting Allison Park in Pittsburgh area this Easter. I hope to drop off some personal tokens. Heads up for Cache owners and geocachers who seek out personalized items. Most likely visiting a few caches close by, such as Tree Frog (GC1F361) or will verify its nto archived, Maybe Witch Hunt (GC1F3G8) K-9 Sari's Favorite Snack Stop (GC1DE1N) Religious Goods (GC1FDH4) And other new caches I decide to find int he area. Watch for logs indicating when tokens have been dropped off.
  8. You can try custom made tokens by checking out and following my tutorial in this section Geo Token Tutorial It works great if you don't want to invest large dollars in metal coins. For about $25 you can have enough caulking to make several moulds and enough plaster of paris to turn out several hundred tokens.
  9. 84 is my after a serious analysis of past guesses, using volume to jar capacity ratio, and taking into account that these are golf balls with 235 dimples thus making their diameter 1/8 less than the average american golf ball. ----------------- Updated...winner found!! Blast it!
  10. New Geocache season is apon us (if you call spring the start that is). I still have plenty of large sig tokens avaialble for trade of geocoins that you may have in your trade piles. Sig items can be found in my geo caches as well. I can trade 1 for 1 or multiple tokens for 1 to make the trade fair for both sides. I just dug out my geocoins from trades. Man I got some awesome coins here. Thanks for all the past trades guys. Past traders I am sure will vouch for sig item quality.
  11. Maybe I was lucky too to get the wonderful coins I did from trades for my signature tokens. I didn't even have coins and yes people were very generous at times sending bonus coins. Don't give up. Just be more careful I guess. Other trades, I traded services for coins, which also worked. Sometimes they got the better deal, some times I did. I will be ramping up production of my personal tokens again as the season hits. I have about 50 made with easily another 80 to be painted.
  12. Bumping, as its that time of year again, to start thinking of making your own personal tokens. Make a personalized token thats cheap and cost effective. Use them as Swag or a calling card. Personal items hand made are often preferred. I have had many a Geocacher contact me to let me know happy they were to find one of my personal tokens, and even some kids get all excited over finding my pirates gold pieces. Have fun, and please ask questions if you need help.
  13. Blueagotchi Alas, he never even got started. Probably appealed to some small child with a parent who had no respect for the travel bug process.
  14. Hi guys, I am still open to taking Trades of my Large handmade signature items in requested quantity or assortment for Geocoins. I have had several trades with very please recipients of my tokens. Please let me know via pm if your interested in striking up a deal.
  15. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ancient Earth structures. This is a natuarly formed "Flower Pot" from Flower POt Island just off the coast of Tobermory in Ontario Canada. Over eons, the weaker layers of sedimentary rock erroded and dissolved causing the Flower POts to remain behind. Find out more here: Flower Pot Island, Tobermory Ontario Canada Another ancient earth entity is called a Kettle. Found at only two locations in North America. Kettle Point Ontario is an Indian Reserve and on it is found the "Kettles" Kettles are usually round balls of crystalized shale rock that form around a chunk of ancient bone. The Kettles are protected by law and are known as growing rocks. The shale layer which surfaces here in ontario and only one other place in the US, mixes with the water to disolve and form a mineral mud solution. This solution will attach it self to a chunk of bone or similar object and start to crystalize. The amount of pressure casued by this growth forces other layers around the growing Kettle out of the way. Usually kettles come in the form of spheres or domed shaped blobs. The sections underwater continue to grow, while exposed sections stop. Some of the shale layers can be seen on the beach, where you can see kettles of various sizes before they stopped growing after the water levels dropped. Find Info on Kettles here: Kettle Formation
  16. Hello Geocoin holders. Still willing and looking for trades of Geo coins for my Sig Items. I have had many successful trades so far and they stated how happy they were with the sig items and the size of them. The large ones are about 2 inches round, the small vary from 1 - 1.5 inches. All have felt the trades were a fair deal! So if you have any geocoins that are traders or personal and are willing to trade, please drop me a message and I can check out your traders list. I will then let you know what I like in order of preference. You can then tell me what your willing to part with and request the number and quantity of sig items in return. Again, many have been very pleased with the trades! So have I! Thanks to those who have made a trade for my large sig items. Sig items available at this time.
  17. Perhaps we shouldn't be demanding anything other than from the geocachers who are giving them cause to ban us. You should be leaving the geocache site Exactly as you found it. This includes not ripping things apart to find it.
  18. Time for my whining and boo-hooing. Alas poor Blueagotchi never even made one cache. He disappeared out of his starting location. Another is in the hands of one cacher, I have requested they drop it off.
  19. Not 100% sure but can only go my own experience. I realsed 6 TB's and 1 never made it to its first drop off and disappeared. One other is in the hands of a fellow cacher that has has it for months. The rest have moved some. There have been some suggestions on how to get a travel bug to stay "alive". Don't make it cute or a sought fater item. Its less likely to disappear. Also a nice big hole drilled through it helps too...lol Search this forum for other suggestions.
  20. What in the sam hill does half of this have to do with the topic.
  21. Its a common issue. This is why trashy items left in the caches I own are removed. I have losts of personalized sought after Sig items for replacements.
  22. Attention Geocachers visiting the Kincardine, ON, Canada Area looking for Geocaches in the Kincardine Trails system, please exercise caution. Although this may be of no great concern its still worth mentioning. A 1 - 2 year old black bear was seen on the East side of Hwy #21 running into the wooded area, in a direction heading east and away from the known Kincardine Trails Geocaches. Please always use caution when walking along the trails that are not consistently monitored by fish and game officers.
  23. If your making your own signature items, Poker chips are a sturdy low cost circular object (like a coin) that is easy to print off and add customized stickers too. It can act as a "I was Here" token. I seal my printed labels with clear packing tape. A very low cost solution.
  24. I have the numbered poker chips in abundance and can make more, so it ups to you. Move it or keep it. Most keep them. All I ask is to be emailed along with the chip number. I have added tokens and/or poker chips to the following caches: Religious Goods K-9 Sari's Favorite Snack Stop
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