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  1. The note I got from our reviewer was as a cacher, who also had caches "found" by this person.
  2. I had a cache logged by this person, as well. I fired off a note to him, explaining that it looked a bit suspicious, and asked if I perchance knew him. I never received a response. The cache of mine this person logged has been disabled since February, and missing a little longer. And since I know all the people who have logged the find, I'm certain this person is falsely logging finds (at least on my cache). Several of the other caches that he/she "found" were disabled, making it look even more strange.
  3. I've found a few. You just need to watch carefully. A good place to hunt is in areas that have recently burned (brush fires, etc.). A side note - when you do hunt morels, first make sure of what you're picking, as many mushrooms (ex. false morel) can prove to be poisonous. Second, use a mesh bag - that allows the spores to spread as you walk, causing more to grow. Good luck in your hunting.
  4. PJPeters

    Feature Request

    I am running Greasemonkey's "bag 'o tricks" and I'm not seeing anything that will do that. And, in looking at the 'bag 'o tricks' web page it's not mentioned as one of it's features. Would be nice if it was. It's actually the Add Waypoint Finder that does that. It slaps a new entry box below the link box to the left of the screen.
  5. From a reviewer's standpoint (and no, I'm not a reviewer), I can just see the issues; say a cache is in the queue. The reviewer has to make a determination as to whether the cache is a micro or a non-micro (similar to the old virtual test). Then, when the reviewer does, the owner gets torqued off because "It's not really a micro," or the finders get there and expect something larger, and find a Mr. Magneto (or Bison Tube, film can, etc). I can see it now: I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. The easiest remedy (besides banning micros, and I'm not opening that can of worms!), is to make sure the cache owner marks cache size on the description page.
  6. I will add my vote for the Two Happy Hikers multis. Each cache is unique, unusual, and fun. Since you're already planning on working your way from South Michigan to the north, you should also look at the CSI series (The final, which has links to the entire series). They're all in great locations and well done.
  7. There's an LPC over in these parts that requires the finder to bring tools along - it's a keybox about 15' up the pole. You have to pull it down, do the work, and replace it as found.
  8. Tucked into the latest site update (21 Apr 09): So apparently, there was a backdoor, if you could figure out how to use it. We had the problem here for a bit, too. There are other methods. For example, if a cache owner drops a bug before publishing, and a local cacher is watching it, they can find the general area. And it could be just as easy as talking with a friend.
  9. What about: Hidden: 15/12 Active Just a thought...
  10. The one thing that surprises me is that the weekly Groundspeak mailing did not contain any mention of this change. I'm sure most cachers (or at least a good portion) get the mailing; wouldn't that have been the best method for communicating this change? I know of many people who don't read the forums. As this is a complete removal of ALRs, it may take a bit for those people to realize that the change took place, and may involve more than a bit of wrangling between TPTB/reviewers, cache owners, and finders on some of these caches.
  11. I've seen it done, but it required (as I understand it) some work with the reviewer and Groundspeak. It was a pretty fun pair of caches, set in a choose your own adventure setting.
  12. Don't know where you're getting the idea that all mystery caches will be banned, but...
  13. I've seen this, too. I've done copy and paste from one cache page to another, edited the text I wanted to use, submitted, then had to spend a bunch of time re-formatting everything. Other times, I've copied from notepad. Same thing.
  14. Most of the time, I've noticed that cachers don't tend to write in the log book. Just scribble a signature, and off to the next one. I'll admit that I do it, too, but I've been known to use a full page (and more) on a nice cache. Even the nice multi I found today was full of one-line logs. Actually, a cache I found today had a few sig cards in it. I did peruse them, and even noticed a couple things about one local cacher that I hadn't known, had the information not been on the sig card.
  15. As a test, I just ran a query. Received in my inbox within 3 minutes. No problem here...
  16. I've noticed some issues with the forums, though the last couple days seem to be related to the website down screen - the only link on it is for the forums. I'd imagine they'll see a bit of a ... spike... at that point. That's not to say I haven't seen the issue otherwise, but it's very rare. If I can't get in, I just go caching.
  17. Yup. When the site went down, the forums choked, too. May have something to do with the big old link on the 'site down' page that diverts GC users here? Oh, well...
  18. I'd at least fire off a note to your friendly local cache reviewer. Perhaps even a note to the cache owners, as well, but definitely one to the reviewer. Maybe one's supposed to be on top of a ridge and one at the bottom, or something similar. Who knows...
  19. Personally, I don't like commenting on whether or not I drop a bug. Often, if when I forget to drop one, I'll post a note on the page to facilitate the drop, and delete the note myself. That said, I don't think I'd delete bug drop notes on my cache pages. Not that I think it's wrong (I don't), but it's just not the way I am. I'd move on, and just ignore the guy, especially if he deletes logs like it appears he does.
  20. I am getting the same error message. Not sure what is wrong. Anybody found the cure? Yup. Had the same problem, then inspiration hit: In your reply from 41411, you'll get the following: Enter the entire identifier (XX#NNNNNN), where XX is a two letter combo (mine was TM), the pound sign (#), the numbers, and then the password is the 'PIN.' After putting the whole identifier in, it took right off.
  21. You could also set up a filter in your e-mail program (provided you use one), that moves all geocaching mail to a separate folder, especially for geocaching. Then, once in a while, you can peruse them to make sure you don't have any 'pressing' issues. From the sounds of things (you're receiving two weekly mailings), is it possible that you have two accounts? That would explain the multiple weekly mailings.
  22. Which one? The "reference point"? This one: The way I'm reading this, is that the OP is looking for adding a 'child' waypoint, similar to parking coords, for the nearest public transportation station. Personally, I'd just add/edit a reference waypoint on the cache page, make it public, and give a nice detailed description.
  23. So, the first time I sneak back into this forum in AGES, and I have to stumble onto this! Argh! Well, at least I have time to start saving up for this. Now, I just have to hope my luck is different on order day. Wish me luck....
  24. The first place I'd look when looking for a geocoin reseller is: Geocoin FAQ, located in the geocoin forums. There's a pretty in-depth list, and if you have any questions, you can ask in that forum. They're pretty decent people over there.
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