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2007 Wisconsin Geocoin

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Well..I did the "create an account dance" but no verification code has come through. Hmph. Guess I'll have to wait until some mechanism goes "bling!" and sends the code to me so I can order.




You do not need to sign up to become a member of the WGA to purchase these coins. Go through the checkout procedure as normal, and when you get to this screen:




and you will be prompted for your shipping info.

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If anyone has ordered extras of these I am interested in trading for one of these.


For trade we have the following personal geocoins.


Team Sand Dollar V2.5 (Trackable with icon) in:

Misty Gold, Misty Silver, Matte Black


Buffalo Wings V3 2007 - NAVY (Trackable with icon) in:

Ant Gold, Ant Silver, Ant Copper


Team Sand Dollar 2007 (Trackable with icon) in:

Misty Gold, Black Nickel, Ant.Copper


Team Sand Dollar - MWGB (Numbered, NON-Trackable) in:



Also check out my trade list at http://cointracking.com/public/TeamSandDollar



Team Sand Dollar

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Final number on the sale: 700 coins.


Not as many as the 2005 coin, but then the geocoin market has matured - meaning there are a lot more coins available out there and people are no longer scrambling to get every single one. In today's geocoin world, 700 is a pretty good number.


I copied this from the WGA forums.

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