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  1. Cool to see my name on the coin. Can you please remove the space between Sweden and Hawk and write SwedenHawk. Thanks a lot, Axel (SwedenHawk)
  2. The rate was 1.3 not long ago... But you are right today it is 1.53...
  3. Hello, I have to reduce my collection drastically. I want to offer the coins here in the forums before I sell them by auctions. That is your chance to get some older, long sold out coins. Here ist the list of coins for sale: list of coins for sale Some of the coins are activated but there are also approximately 400 unactivated coins. The ownership of the activated (but uncirculated) coins will be transfered via adoption requests. If you want some coins, please send me a mail to: axel@tafl.de The prices at the list are in Euro. Shipping depends on the weight (a single coin weighs between 35 and 90 gr): inside Germany - up to 50 gr = 1 Euro - up to 500 gr = 2 Euro to Europe - up to 50 gr = 1,50 Euro - up to 100 gr = 2,50 Euro - up to 500 gr = 6 Euro to USA, Canada, Asia, ... - up to 50 gr = 3 Euro - up to 100 gr = 6 Euro - up to 500 gr = 10 Euro Shipping via registered mail costs additional 2,05 Euro. Insurance is not available. Payment through PayPal is prefered. Thanks, Axel (SwedenHawk)
  4. received the coin from Mr.Explorer3 today... Now all my trades are finished. Thanks! Now I have to wait for round 3...
  5. Do you use wood as material for the coin...?
  6. What a cool design... I would like to trade for one of each metal! (or buy if you don't find something on my trade list) http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...2&owner=643 SwedenHawk
  7. I have the AP-Trail New York bronze for trade... http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...2&owner=643
  8. Received three cool coins from icydove today... Thanks!
  9. Received the coins from DrJeepstr, KDV, BlueMotMot and Kehunt64... Thanks for the nice trades.
  10. nice pics... I will try to take more photos of my collection... hopefully I will achieve results like this...
  11. I have approx. 720 coins in my collection right now and 400 of them are activated... So I think I'm somewhere in the middle of this list... I'm especially interested in the following: Who are the one with the largest collection here in Germany or in Europe?
  12. nearly the same here: 1 coin from Germany to USA or Australia is 2 Euro = $2.85 2 coins are 4 Euro = $5.70 and 3 or more coins are 8 Euro = $11.40 The coins are cheap compared to the postage...
  13. I'm on the way to the postoffice. In a few hours all my packages should be on their way. Thanks to everyone for the good trades.
  14. wish list sent! Thanks for hosting this trade.
  15. cool... I'm on the list (#113). You can save space if you eliminate the space between Sweden and Hawk... Thanks.
  16. nice coin... I need two of these... Do you accept trades?
  17. I would like to trade for one of these nice coins or buy one, if possible Thanks, Axel
  18. please add me to the register. SwedenHawk town: Jena state: Thuringia country: Germany
  19. Got 3 of these coins yesterday... I like the silver one most... Thanks for this nice coin!
  20. That coin looks great... I placed my order today...
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