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  1. I voted for this..got a cow. This is a good cause
  2. I'm so sorry to hear of this sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with Kaitlyn, her family and friends.
  3. Is it possible to get herpes through a trade???? LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  4. Cache in Hand...I'm done discussing this. I've said my piece and you know that what I've said is true. As for my reasons and any other details of my sales...well that's not any of your business. My feedback speaks for itself. As for the emails, I've been BCC'd on every one of them. Had she written anything else, I'd have gotten that also. Had you emailed me, the person you SHOULD HAVE contacted regarding my auctions, you'd have gotten much worse.
  5. I'm the seller of the coin being discussed and I'm certainly not afraid to post in this thread. The reason this was started in the first place is Cache in Hand tried to bid on this coin and found he was blocked from bidding on my auctions due to a prior transaction with him.
  6. If I want a particular coin, it doesn't matter to me if it's activated or not. I wouldn't pay more just because it's unactivated.
  7. I agree that the USPS is never consistent with it's pricing.
  8. My post office must be ripping me off then. I just paid 79 cents just to mail a path tag in a regular sized brown envelope. I'm not sure what they're doing differently, but oddly enough, I have found prices vary by post office on the same item. A pathtag in a regular envelope, I'd think would be something you could just slap a stamp on, no? I've never mailed them, I'm just guessing. I thought so too..and I did that the first time I mailed one. I received an email from my buyer that her post office had charged her 30 cents insufficient postage. Since I don't want that happening to buyers..I have them all weighed now to make sure.
  9. My post office must be ripping me off then. I just paid 79 cents just to mail a path tag in a regular sized brown envelope.
  10. Will you be posting here when the auction begins?
  11. This is such a lovely coin..and what a nice way to honor your little guys memory, by donating to the hospice. I'll be watching for these.
  12. Let me get this straight. In another thread you said that Paula sold coins for you rather than you doing it yourself as you weren't knowledgable and too old but now you are able to sell them yourself for your granddaughter. Interesting. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree Not that it's any of your business..but I don't do my own listings.
  13. Not that this belongs in this thread...but to answer the speculation, Paula has given the majority of her coins to her daughter as she no longer wants them. I'm selling these coins for my grandaughter. And Cache in Hand, you already know it's not Paula selling these. I shipped and you received the Bigfoot coin you won in my auction last week.
  14. Here's an update on the status of this coin: Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0002 7094 3685 Status: Delivered Your item was delivered at 3:52 PM on October 2, 2008 in PANAMA CITY, FL 32404. As an apology that I didn't know the item wasn't received, I sent him the copper AE coin in place of the silver that was lost enroute to him.
  15. That's not my business. I'm here to address the coin that was sold for me on eBay. And there's nothing "sad" about replacing a coin that was lost enroute to you. Poop occurs.
  16. Here's the status of the replacement coin: Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0002 7094 3685 Status: Notice Left We attempted to deliver your item at 10:34 AM on October 1, 2008 in Panama City, FL 32404 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
  17. What part of "my daughter and her husband sold this coin for me" aren't you getting? And as to why I didn't sell it myself..well, I'm old and not very knowledgable regarding the computer, not that it's really any of your business. But as I told you on Paypal..feel free to contact eBay and inquire as to if there has ever been an instance of an auction of Jauladesigns being won, paid for and not sent. You will find that not once has this occurred. It did not occur in this case. I will send you the tracking information through Paypal for the replacement I am sending.
  18. Just as an FYI for any Ebay seller, since this is mostly an Ebay thread. Buyers DO NOT have to buy insurance for you to be liable for lost shipments. Sorry. Not the case. Buying insurance is like burning the $2 in your front yard. The only difference is, with insurance, you have a "chance" (yes I mean chance, not a guarantee) that the buyer will receive his/her lost funds and you'll be spared. Provided they go through USPS and not Paypal, and provided you can use a source other than Ebay to prove value. If you do not use delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, or another form of proving it hit their mailbox, Paypal will refund their purchase price 100% of the time provided they file in the 45 day window. TMA You're right..and I will definitely require a signature when I mail this today. Thank you for the information.
  19. The coin that is being discussed was sold by my daughter for me. I first heard of this coin not being received when this thread was opened. I emailed LionsLair on 9/22 and told him that I would replace the coin if one was available or if not available, refund his entire payment. I left another message on Paypal 9/25 and told him I was replacing the coin. He replied late last night that he doesn't want the coin, he wants money. This coin was mailed on 9/2 along with many others. This is the only coin that was not received. Feel free to inquire with eBay regarding this account and see if there has ever been a complaint that an item was not sent after an auction. You'll find that has never happened. It was the buyers choice not to purchase insurance..but I don't want hard feelings, so the coin will be mailed today. I hope when and if he should receive the original coin, from his neighbor down the road after a week or so, or where ever it might be...he check the postmark and at least be big enough to admit his mistake.
  20. It wouldn't let me leave positive feedback for a buyer that purchased an item from me two days ago.
  21. Sellers can no longer leave feedback on eBay, only buyers. She's not able to leave you feedback.
  22. RSG- After the way you've talked about my daughter, why would you WANT to bid on her auctions? This is a personal vendetta and doesn't belong on this forum.
  23. I understand what you're saying, but you purchased strictly a coin, that's all. If nothing was implied on the auction page, such as adoptable, activated or unactivated..then the seller was strictly selling a coin. You can't win an auction and then try to enforce your terms. Maybe the seller had in mind just to sell a coin, nothing else. After the fact, it seems she's willing to adopt it out to you, which really she wouldn't have to do. I agree it's not what you apparently wanted..but you bid on the item without getting the details. That's not the sellers mistake.
  24. If the auction listed the coin as trackable (and I assume it is) but had no reference as to whether it was activated or unactivated, then maybe a click on the "ask seller a question" link might have been in order. The seller did nothing wrong if they didn't list it as unactivated. You bid on the auction and bought the coin assuming that it was unactivated. If it wasn't listed as such, you should have asked.
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