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2007 Wisconsin Geocoin

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hi all

received this coin as a gift yesterday.


so, i like to know what i can see on this coin, can anybody

tell me which lighthouse is shown ???

thank you so much in advance





Hope this helps you our friend.


Here is some info on the Wisconsin 2007 coin



Designed by CinemaBoxers


The Robin is the WIsconsin State Bird Which is sitting in the State Tree which is a Sugar Maple


Muskie is our State Fish


Not sure on the light house, but it looks like to us that it represents the Wind Point Light House built in 1880 in Racine Wisconsin.



It sure is a beautiful coin and we are glad to have one in our collectuion that represents our own State. Thanks to CinemaBoxers again for designing such a beautiful coin.


Barry and Valarie aka sweetlife

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ahhh, thank you so much my friends...

i have found a picture of the lighthouse which looks

like the one on the coin. i think you are right with wind point.

thanks for the info about the robin & muskie, too!


i like to know what i can see on a coin... :ph34r:




Anything, we like knowing what coins mean also. No harm of ever asking right?


Good Day to You!


Barry and Valarie aka sweetlife

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