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BadAndy Copy coin experiment summary


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It's been 2 months since the gold/silver coin sets were delivered and I thought I'd do some research and see how the coins have fared. I kept a list of the tracking numbers so I could watch them and I am somewhat dissapointed in the overall results, but here they are...


Of of 85 sets delivered:


49 have yet to be activated. I will assume that by now most of these will remain as intact sets and the copy will not be released.


22 have been activated but were never released into the wild. Most of these were "dropped" into the owners archived cache or an unpublished cache listing to remove them from their inventory. These copies apparently will not be released into the wild. 3 or 4 of them are kept inhand and allowed to be discovered at events.


Only 14 were activated and released into caches as intended.


Of the 14 released copy coins, all but 2 are still travelling the world.


One of the missing coins managed to get some miles before it dissapeared (sorry AltlantaGal)

the other missing coin never made it out of the gate and went missing right away. (real tough break prntr1)


I'm still hoping that some of the 71 copy coins that are squirreled away will eventually be activated and end up in caches.


Overall, I still think this is a good idea in theory, but apparently it's a bust in practice. I'll check the coins again in a few months to see if much has changed, but I think I can safely draw a few conclusions from the test.


1. Collectors are generally reluctant to release even coins dedicated to travelling and marked as copies.

2. 1 in 7 geocoins released into caches will go missing in the first few months.


Special thanks to the following cachers for releasing your coins to the world.




Team Honeybunnie


The Dream Cachers





AtlantaGal (stolen??)


The Washers


prntr1 (stolen)

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Ditto the previous posts!


I bought mine to send out. How can you not share that cool icon!


I have quite a few of my coins with tags attached that I am still placing. I'll get your coin out yet!

Glad to see I am not the only one with an activated coin but have to many coins and not enough caching time to place it yet. :unsure:

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I for one loved this idea and had always intended to release the coin which I did. One never knows if a coin will come up missing but I believe it helps that the coin is just a copy and that the original is safely in someone's collection. I have released several coins and so far, they are all still traveling and I am ejjoying that a great deal. I love coins (collecting, finding, releasing) and although it bothers me when coins and TB's and caches come up missing, it is a great deal of fun to watch them while they are on their adventure. I really thought this would be an idea that would take off and that at some point, all coins would be made this way so one could own the coin and keep it in their possession yet have it travel as well. The one point made here that just amazes me is that so many have not even been activated. I also enjoy seeing the various icons on my trackables list. Thanks for the info, it was very interesting reading.

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We will get ours traveling, we are just looking for a way to safely release the coin so that it has as best a possible chance of traveling. We are looking into a holder of some sort to make it clear to others that this coin is meant to travel. Don't give up hope on us yet.

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If you do a round two, I think you would have more success if both copies are the same metal. I would have a hard time letting go of a unique metal. Our collection would have a blank space in it... :unsure:




I realized that same thing too late.


To all those that have asked if I have any more or if there will be another run. This series is sold out and I have no extra sets. While I do have a handful of gold, silver, copper and black nickel I don't plan to sell any of them. All but the black nickel and copper are used as swag in my local caching runs.


The dies have been retired and will not be used again. I'm currently working on my 2007 edition, but it'll be quite a bit different.


As for the icon, all I know is that Groundspeak is working on it. The last update I got was 1 week ago.

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Don't be discouraged! :unsure: Your idea was awesome & I'm trying to come up with something similar. I think you need to just give us a little more time. I haven't released either of my Bad Andy coins yet, but I will. I promise. :blink: It just takes awhile for me to get new coins ready & then get them released. I think you will find next time you do your research more will have been released. I for one am not going to just go put it in the nearest cache. It needs to be released in a cache worthy to have such a coin! :unsure:

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I have two sets of these coins. I activated one set, and have been waiting for the icon to show up before releasing it.


The other set, someone who wanted a set but missed out on the order expressed interest in trading for the set, but I haven't heard from them about it for a long while.


The set I haven't activated is a silver/keeper - gold/copy. If anyone is interested in them, let me know. If not, I'll activate this set and keep the silver to go along with the gold from the first set. Then I'll go ahead and set the gold copy and the silver copy free. I just thought they might travel better with the icon.


I really liked this concept. I still have my coin for my collection, but a REAL coin is traveling. The price was really good also. I know I'd buy more coins that were minted this way. ;)

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One of the missing coins managed to get some miles before it dissapeared (sorry AltlantaGal)

the other missing coin never made it out of the gate and went missing right away. (real tough break prntr1)



Another cacher just emailed me, my BadAndy copy has turned up in a nearby cache, looks like someone grabbed it, moved it and forgot to log it.


It is now corrected and back on radar. I have another ready to let loose also, just waiting to hit the right cache.

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Having (finally!) got around to releasing one half of a set, the following thought has occurred to me (as it must have occurred to others?):


What about releasing the other half (with the same tracking number) as well? :(

Then it would seem as though one coin was in two places!

At first it would be in two caches but only logged in to one of them.

When a cacher found it in the one that it wasn’t logged in to they would have to “grab” it from the other cache.

Of course once a cacher picked one up another cacher finding the other coin could “grab” it from them.

Given that some cachers manage to make a mess of logging a single coin the chances for total chaos are . . . :wub:


Shall I or shan’t I? :wub:

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ATTENTION BADANDY: Your coin is looking for you!


I finally came up with a worthy goal and worthy launch for my BadAndy coin. Last night I released it at a COG Pub Night event cache. It's first mission: To seek out BadAndy and have a photo taken with him.


Once that mission is complete, it is my hope that BadAndy will select another cacher for the coin to visit.


The coin is TBRCA6.

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My BadAndy copy showed up again!! It has been "lost" for 8-9 months (plus or minus a month... not sure when exactly it disappeared from the cache) after it disappeared from a Virginia cache 32 miles from my house. I was emailed this morning by a player (who will remain anonymous) that found the coin (they could not elaborate on how exactly they got it). Some other stuff happened that is complicated and not necessary for everyone to know. So, long story made short, I made and special trip today and recovered it. It is now safe and sound back in my possession (and inventory). Having only traveled 32 miles, the coin is in fabulous condition still, with only a little bit of wear and tear. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll re-release it, but given the objective of this coin experiment and the nature of the duplicate coins, I suspect I will end up re-releasing it in a bit, but quite a ways from home this time if at all possible.


I just wanted to report this fabulous news. How are the rest of the BadAndy copies doing out there?



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Mine didn't start travelling until December 27, 2006 and its goal was to go to Idaho and meet Bad Andy. In the 6 months since, it has travelled only 768km and is about 45km away from where it started, and about 45km further away from its initial goal.


By the time I had posted this back in June, my Bad Andy Travelling Coin had already been stolen. I went to the cache and checked the logs myself but there was no clue.

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