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  1. Have a look at this quite funny at first but when its happening it is very scary i think. We have had a few similar incidents like this with our 2 dogs, recently caching in Shropshire near cardington. http://vimeo.com/6108227
  2. I got a few signatures from my facebook caching friends and I have just reposted it Cheers Diane.
  3. Also if it all turns out to be good, does it come in any colours other than hideous
  4. I want to know if i can upload my current memory map collection (all version 5.0) just like i can to my pda, to the new memory map 2800 . Or do i have to re-purchase all the maps again which would be a non starter to any person with one iota of sanity. This system looks promising or is it too good to be true like the locked out system as in satmap.
  5. Look for the customised stamp bit we have ordererd but not received yet. http://www.superstickers.com/
  6. Congratulations from us I hope the garden didn't suffer though
  7. A massive Congratulations from us, well done U 2 And to think it all started at Big Wood Diane & Ron
  8. Congratulations from us It was lovley to meet you both at the Mega events. Diane & Ron.
  9. Hi Adam, please do not be sorry !! cacher of the month is brill but lives do not depend on it !! OK we love the finding out who is the no 1 of the month, but at the end of the day guess what reality comes first. Thank you for hosting COTM, and good luck for your new job/home. Thanks for COTM
  10. Wow thats some serious caching Well done from us
  11. A message for the Book of shadows !!! I have been trying to contact you for quite a while now could you please E-mail me. Cheers Diane.
  12. Do Not stay at the Travelodge in Hemel Hempsted no matter how cheap you can get the room for, we are booked in at the Premier Inn West to finish off the series, weather permitting of course !!!!
  13. Thank you so much for that I had a feeling my TB was missing though Cheers Diane.
  14. I was going to post a topic about the same opposite thing could any one please translate these two logs from Traffic cache GC11K2B pekne, prolezli jsme to tam a kamenu odhazeli, málem statiku svahu narusili, ale nidke ani ... A ted koukam, ze je v oprave. Jde do opravy... a bohužel - žádný TB zde není... Cheers Diane.
  15. Congratulations John & Issac WOW 4,000 caches well done. Diane & Ron
  16. Congratulations Mark & Lynn on your 600th cache. Diane & Ron
  17. Congatulations Des & Bren Well done 3,000 Caches Brill Diane & Ron.
  18. Oh and this one find the clues at RAF Boulmer then a short drive right to the final GCWM3Z Plane to see
  19. There is Lindisfarne as well a longish walk but suitable for wheelchairs GCF9A8 it'a a virtual in a brill place
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