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How Often Do You Think About Geocaching?


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I had a dream once where I thought someone placed a cache in front of my house the person didn't even live close to me. After I woke up I got on here and was just getting ready to Pm them asking them why they placed a cache in my front yard. Then I realised I didn't have that type of lightpole in front of my house so I stopped the msg just before I pressed send. So yes I think about it all the time. :lol:

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I fall somewhere between Tank and Geoholic28.


Suffice it to say that Geocaching has been on my mind daily since I first discovered the website on February 28, 2003, at about 7PM. Less than 12 hours later I was hunting my first cache with my trusty old GPS2000.


I DNF'd that day, but I found it the next and the rest is history.....

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I actually knew of Geocaching a couple of years before I got hooked. I just couldn't understand how finding a box hidden in the woods could be fun. It only took one find however to make a hopeless addict out of me... then my wife... and then it spread to all three of my grown children and even a few friends... It's sorta like a virus but with no cure... I'm doomed to think about it several times a day! Help!!!

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Hah! FnH has me pegged! Every time we go grocery shopping my wife yells at me when I pass the storage containers. "No, you can't buy another one! You haven't even hid the last one I let you buy." But, but....I know where it's going to go!!!!


Driving by caches I've found is the best though. hmmmm, I wonder if it's still there.....

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Went out to the local mall yesterday afternoon to see if I could get a reading under the skylight . . . had a satelite hit that I lost and then my battery died. Was reading in the forums last night about a couple having two GPSr's so they could both search without one following the other.


Ended up dreaming last night that someone gave me a box of old GPSr's. One was so ancient that it had a cable antenna connector and power connectors on top and the face was just a single needle that you lined up with a slot in the face of the unit. Got a couple of 'old Garmins' and gave my son one so we could geocache together.


Stupid dreams. I only had one GPSr when I woke up this morning! :lol:



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How often do you think about geocaching? :o:lol:


No OCD here but I do think about everything related to geocaching on a regular basis. The most recent thing on my mind has been the business end of geocaching. I have been taking some management classes and it is neat to compare the two. You can see examples of failures & success and determine what was the cause and how direct input from the customer makes things more user friendly - show me the money. Lurking the forums is fun and it is nice to see how things progress and how things are handled :lol::o .

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Welcome to GA (Geocachers Anonymous)


The 12 Suggested Steps of Geocachers Anonymous (not exactly 12-steps to STOP Geocaching, because who would want THAT?)


1. We admitted we were powerless over the urge to hide and find tupperwear--that our lives had become unmanageable.


2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves (Jeremy?) could restore us to a cache-rich



3. Made a decision to turn our will and our distant hides over to the care of cache-adopters as we understood them.


4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves, our tupperwear, Moun10bike coins, and little yellow Jeeps.


5. Admitted to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our DNFs.


6. Were entirely ready to have fellow cachers point out all our defects of coordinates.


7. Humbly asked forum admins to remove our flame posts.


8. Made a list of all persons we had led astray, and became willing to send swag to them all.


9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others, or cost more than Dollar Store swag.


10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly edit our listings.


11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with satellites, as we understood them, praying only for knowledge of a good WAAS signal, and a good supply of AA's to carry that out.


12. Having had a good signal day, awaken as the result of these signals, we tried to carry this message to Geoholics, and to practice these principles in all our hides.


(With all appologies and respect to AA, their members, and their goals)

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I think about it several times a day... it drives my wife nuts. Unfortunately I can't get out nearly as often as I'd like. I have to admit, I haven't dreamt of caching yet, but I can easily see that happening.


I am glad to see that I'm not the only one. If only I could make a living at this :laughing:

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I admit it - its alot - but pretty much only when I'm awake - or right after I fall asleep - and then also in the few minutes before I wake up - when I'm having that last minute dream (about caching) that I remember in the morning... that pretty much covers it...


Ironically, it's while I'm geocaching that I am most able to think about other stuff

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Your topic keeps on cycling to near the top so I had to eventually get caught by it. :D It occurs to me that people who don't think about geocaching a lot probably don't hang around forums devoted to it much either. :D (As for me, if I don't quit thinking about it as much as I do, I might have a few more "life problems" soon.) :laughing:

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as an over the road truck driver, I go down the road and say, hey there a neat area for a cache, or in a rest area that has no caches. I walk around during my breaks and say now there a cleaver spot and not a MICRO spot either.


ok I hate micros, but to each their own. I wished there were more rest area caches out there for us truckers to actually take small breaks to find. I have a small list started but want to find more.



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Think about it? Man, if I actually thought about it, I probably wouldn't do it. Geocaching is one of those activities that it is best to simply enjoy, without too much thinking. Te more you think about it, the stranger it seems.


I think all week in my little gray cubicle with the humming fluorescent lights. I don't want to think on the weekend--I want t walk in the woods.

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...It occurs to me that people who don't think about geocaching a lot probably don't hang around forums devoted to it much either... ;)

This may be true, but considering that in the last 7 days, there have been 136,178 new logs written by 22,539 account holders on this site, I suspect that there are a lot of (non-forum type) cachers out there who think about geocaching on a very regular basis. It would be interesting to know. :(:P

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I usually think about geocaching around the time I wake up and at least once an hour until I fall asleep. If I get lucky and actually go geocaching, I generally think about it constantly. I occasionally dream about it too.


How often do you think about geocaching? :(:P


Geez, I'm addicted! I am constantly looking at things as either trade items, containers, or hiding spots.


Went to my grandparents for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the peanut butter jar was almost empty. Asked grandma if she had a use for it when it was done! LOL!


Later that same day, my daughter had a basketball game. While walking through the school hallway, I noticed a pencil on the floor that had been sharpened many times and thought to myself..."Hey, that will fit in the peanut butter jar I got earlier!"


Yeah, it's become a disease!!!!!!!!! ;)

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I guess I think about it once a day. Unless I'm thinking of a new cache, then it's non-stop until I get it out (like now). Sometimes it keeps me up at night.

Other than that, I come by the forums several times a day when I'm at work.

I check to see if my caches have been found daily.

I check other caches that I've already found to see if anyone picked up my trade items, again, daily.


Not too bad.

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I heard of GC over a year ago on a local TV program and thought it was looking cool but that's it.


Since a few weeks I don't remember what reminded me to it but now I think about it really often. Just 2 weeks ago I was looking at which GPS to get but I finally decided to put that on hold for now. I still keep reading about it like you can see!

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When I go to the store, I look for cool swag.

When I drive down the road, I look at all the guardrails.

When I go out to my wood shop, I think about what I can make for an FTF prize.

When I eat, I think about eating (yeah, I'm overweight.)

When I'm on the computer, the Geocaching.com link calls to me.

When I'm on the can, I wonder if there's enough TP.

When I'm working... oh yeah, I'm retired.


As you can see by this list, my life now consists of eating, s#!ting, and Geocaching.


Ahh, the good life.

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