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  1. I was a long haul truck driver and have seen all 48 states, it would take me 4-6 days to go coast to coast depending on the route the freight needed to go. I wish you luck on the journey, enjoy the good sights and over look the bad, you will see a lot of each. TruckerGeorge
  2. Yes it was a nice turn around time, will definitely do business with them again.
  3. Am looking to meet up with other Cachers in the brighton,co area that are willing to help a senior to cache (I no longer drive),as I am limited on what caches I can get to. TruckerGeorge
  4. Got a nice surprise in the mail today, they really look nice, have their own series, all start with TG, sigh couldn't find the cash to have it's own icon.
  5. Coin is now in production, had a small error, I forgot the word caching under TruckerGeorge. Was able to get it added before it was too late🤠. This is what's getting minted. Great customer service through the whole process. Me I give them 5 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍. Thank you Eric.
  6. Well it took me about 11 years, but it's worth the time and money that I saved up for the project.
  7. I have finally gotten around to getting my geocoin minted. Will have 50 done ,then will see if there are more requests. Just got actively caching again, and forgot the fun of what hiding and searching for the 🤠 TruckerGeorge / TG
  8. Hello, am back after an 8 year hiatus, have been updating my list of 18 wheeler and RV Friendly Caches. Cleaned out the archived caches and now have close to 700 caches and I am not even half way across the country. Will keep updating it daily. The list started on Geo trucker's and I have done as a way for long haul truck drivers and people with RV s a way to safely park n cache
  9. yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaa one of my coins made a big move today. thought it was lost like the other coin is. am back in the race vroooooooom vrooooooooom TG
  10. ok, I have looked at coincodes.com. quality coins. where oh where can I activate this coin at? many thanks oh wise ones of the forums TG
  11. see that my two coins still in the race, moving slowly. so far so good.. TG
  12. Just out of curiosity, why did he stop you? It sounds like you had a good experience, but in America the police are not allowed to stop and demand ID unless they have a reasonable and articulable suspicion that you have, are, or are about to commit a crime. In other words, they cannot stop you and demand ID unless they believe you are involved in a crime (and can articulate that belief). It is a violation of your civil rights for them to stop you if that legal threshold hasn't been met. Is there more to this? it was because he first saw me in the area where the Drug dealing goes on, then I moved to another part of the area. I had my gps in hand and was and walking suspisiously around the areas. lol cant blame him for not checking things out. had nothing to hide anyway errr illegally that is. lol
  13. was out tonight looking to hide a new cache in town after work, was stopped while I was out walking the area. after showing id and going through the stop proceedures, he asked me what I was doing and proceeded to explain geocaching to him. there was a cache in the area previously that is now archived, so he knew a bit about "electronic treasure hunting". after going back to work I printed out a brochure, then met him back at the police station to explain things in more detail. I took several caches inside with me ( nano to large loc-n-loc). let him look things over and told him this is a family sport. He loved the CITO idea, and that we are not out there to Trash in but to trash out. when he asked about hiding caches, I told him we have rules that we go by, and that there are reviewers that double check things before the cache is published online. he liked the idea that once places a cache to bring people to an area of interest in towns, plus he added, cachers bring money to spend at local stores when there. the thing that made me feel good, they were having a meeting at the end of the week, and he was going to bring up geocaching, the containers and the sport to the rest of the dept. even the dispatch lady was very interested in geocaching when I left tonight. oh the reason he stopped to check things out. there is an area where I was first looking to hide a cache that is frequented by drug dealers and kids drinking beer. I noticed those signs in that area, and proceeded to find a new area to hide the cache. Yes, I do have permission to hide more caches in town. TG
  14. Responding to the message, guess I need it for both coins. thanks TG
  15. I did a seach, but wasnt sure what to search for. if you have the links I would be grateful. thanks TG Hi TG, See these threads: Question for Collectors Logging collections into events My New Geocoin Case Geocoin Collection Storage Maybe one/some of theses should be pinned? Cheers, Craig thanks that really helped out. will be checking more into this, I would really like to share the coins I have (to be discovered that is ). but really wasnt sure which way to go with it. I agree some of those threads should be pinned to help others out. TG
  16. I did a seach, but wasnt sure what to search for. if you have the links I would be grateful. thanks TG
  17. I saw some one that had thier coins in a note book,. they used the baseball card holders and had the coins placed in a thin layer of foam. am sure there is a thread about how to do that. they had it as a travel bug. you could log the tb as well as discover the coins. thought it was a novel idea. but wasnt sure how it would work to put the coins in it. my guess would be much like an event cache. but only doing it as a tb. I like the unpublished cache idea. was just wondering how many people have done it. thanks. TG
  18. have heard of doing this both ways. putting your coins into an unpublished cache to keep your list nice and clean. have also seen them in a book that is a travel bug. you log the bug and then discover the coins inside. what is the best way to do this. have heard pros and cons each way. thanks TG
  19. my coin mailed yesterday. am looking forward to this race. TG
  20. Count me in. would love to try this again. on the last race, my coin went MIA after the first cache. oh well. am not giving up on this and will hope for the best in this race.
  21. was wondering how often the site is updated to show the movements of the tb's TG
  22. have 3 tb's that I set up a race for. and will be interested to see how well they do. Vw Racers is the race name if anyone wants to watch them. will be interested to see how the site grows TG
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