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  1. Any chance OT can be made non-premium for a day or so? Many of the old timers don't have premium memberships anymore.
  2. OT! I haven't been in the forums regularly for about 10 years. I popped in a few months back and the Cheers thread was 2 or 3 pages down. This decision is reasonable, I'm always surprised the Forums survived the age of social media. But without OT I wouldn't have met some amazing people over the years. Cheers! Thank you to geocaching.com for the years I spent hanging out and making connections with amazing people in and out of OT. -Jennifer (Something something Ringbone)
  3. Some days it shows up and drags me out of the house. Some days it hides. Maybe this is a good time to get your kid into caching? Like a personal challenge between the 2 of ya for finds and the such.
  4. 16 years! And only 20,000 posts! Ah.. I remember the flame wars of 2002... and 03... and 04... and things that cannot be unseen. Remember when... and what about that one time...
  5. Welcome! We are over in Missoula but pass through Butte about 3 times a year. Enjoy your retirement! Join the Missoula Organization of Geocachers (MOOG) group on Google or the Montana Geocachers FB group to find the active players around here!
  6. Try this link please: http://deankeith.org/jens.html
  7. I will check by tomorrow,if the website is down, I'll post new links or email you the pattern. Jennifer
  8. I have to discuss this with Peggy and Miriam but there has been a few requests in the community for an event. His Birthday would have been at the end of June so we are going to discuss having an event around then. Will keep folks posted. Jennifer
  9. I usually pull PQS of older caches with higher difficulties. Then take them into GSAK and sort by last found date. Good luck!
  10. This website is for pre-existing caches. If you want to set up a temporary or example cache, then just set it up and write it up in word. Then print it out and send them on their adventure. When we have done temp caches for Fairs and Boy scouts we place a nice ammocan or large plastic container with a logbook and some toys in it for the kids to find. We try to make one or two easy ones and then one hidden harder. If you are doing this in a public area, be sure to make them clear plastic so people don't think the kids are doing something dangerous... When placing, keep the boxes away from busy roads and dangerous cliffs too... Good luck! Jennifer
  11. CacheMate and GSAK definitely should be on the list. ClayJar's multi-state traveling event should also be on the list. It was an awesome/exhausting adventure for him. We loved having the opportunity to meet up with him 90 miles from home for 5 minutes to log his event and trade TBs. The first Cache Machine by TravisL also needs listed. And list whatever movie came out about Geocaching first.. and book published with geocaching in it's plot. Jen
  12. At geowoodstock 9 my husband lost his wallet while walking along a trail. He had been wearing a kilt that day and the cachers who found it recognized from his drivers license that it was the guy in the kilt. I was waiting in the parking lot while he and some friends grabbed another cache and a lady walked up to me and asked if I had seen the kilted guy. I told her it was my husband and he was up the hill, and, after confirming that I knew the name on the Drivers License, she left his wallet with me and ran up the hill to log the other cache. As Dean put it... we were 2000+ miles from home, in a state park in PA, surrounded by geocachers who tend to be some of the nicest people on earth. Best place to lose a wallet ever! I think it was Karma for the GPSr we found near a cache and returned to it's owner the year before. Or at least, that helped. Jen
  13. Once, very early on, cache posting were rare and far between. A puzzle cache as posted one winter morning. At 5:30 ish my husband and I headed to the trailhead, where we ran into 2 other cachers, as we walked the ice-slick trail down to the stream crossing and then made our way to the deep valley where the final was placed we picked up another 3 cachers. By the time we got to the final I think there were 7 of us total. Searching a hillside of fallen trees, in the dark and snow. It took 30 minutes to find the cache, the coords were close but not perfect. Then we all went to dinner to warm up. Totally unplanned but fun. Otherwise, the most I have encountered which were non-event related would be 8 or 9 people when we ran into a large family and their friends caching one day. Jennifer
  14. Don't forget to visit the anchor Bar (birthplace of Buffalo Chicken Wings) and to grab a Beef on Weck while Buffalo! It is kinda on the list. We got introduced to Quaker Steak and Lubes a few years ago and love their extra hot wings, so we are looking forward to visiting one of them as well. Oh..definitely put in on your "to Do" list...worth the stop. And there's a cache rigth next door! Good to know!
  15. Don't forget to visit the anchor Bar (birthplace of Buffalo Chicken Wings) and to grab a Beef on Weck while Buffalo! It is kinda on the list. We got introduced to Quaker Steak and Lubes a few years ago and love their extra hot wings, so we are looking forward to visiting one of them as well.
  16. When in doubt, if you were there to look for a cache and couldn't find it, put a DNF. IF you found it but could not sign it, then either a DNF or a note, depending on circumstances. This way the owner knows someone went out looking and may have had an issue. Saturday we got to a cache and high water kept us from attempting it. We could see it but could not see how deep the water was between us and it as it was muddy and fast. We could have waded, but didn't want to chance ending up in over out heads literally and figuratively. So we logged a DNF and mentioned that the cache looked fine but the water was too high to attempt it. On Sunday we ran into the cache owner at a movie and he thanked us for the DNF as he had been wondering about high water at that particular location. He told us we chose wisely as from our description, the water would have been about 3-4 feet deep at the cache, with a deep spot between the shore and the cache to navigate. Then he teased us about not finding his other cache nearby... no water there... We didn't have it on our to-do as it was a .5 mile scramble straight up a mountain with no trail and few handholds. Not something we planned on trying so we didn't log a note. So, if you try to do it and can't, post something... it makes for good conversations when you run into the owner. Jen
  17. Your copping us! We have the same plans. Lol... if I see you at my Uncle's house on the 29th, then I will be worried. Jen
  18. We will be flying into Pittsburgh and then driving up to Jamestown/Warren area on Friday, July 1st. After Geowoodstock we will head to Buffalo on the 4th of July to cache in that area a few days. Jennifer
  19. Having a geocoinfest in Montana would be alot of fun. Skip Labor day weekend though, that conflicts with other events... But October is a great time to visit. Even better, for those who want to go geocaching, the Cache Across America - Montana is right outside of Helena and is a really nice hike that leads to a tough scramble up a hill. Would be nice to have it somewhere other than a huge city. Jen
  20. When we throw our winter event, it is just an event, with games and chatting. I'll do a single drawing, maybe another if something cool gets donated, we don't do more than 2 usually. But do collect food for the Food Bank and Ani-Meals food bank. We NEVER mention it on the event page. It is always mentioned in the local forums and is a voluntary part of the get-together. People who are in the group and read the thread will see that we are collecting for the food bank and participate if they want too. But we don't advertise it and we don't worry if folks don't participate. Last event we didn't really even mention it on the local site and folks still brought stuff to donate. It has just become a part of the winter event we have. Folks appreciate the opportunity to donate and we don't have to worry about the agenda stuff as it is not an official or required part of the event.
  21. Nice article above. We use Premethrin on a set of clothes that we wear for hiking, and have deet along for the repellent. The clothes tend to work for 6-7 washes and we always try to re-treat when we reach the 7th wash just to make sure we are covered. Tick checks are also valuable. Take the time after a hike if you aren't going straight home to stop into a restroom and strip. Shake out and examine your clothes and shoes. Have a partner check your hair. Be sure to look or have someone look at all the warm and hard to reach spots. We try to change out of our hiking clothes and do tick checks when we are done for the day but not heading straight home. If you go from the trail to your car without checking you may bring ticks into the vehicle. Finding them the next day is an unexpected way to start a workday. Even normal parks and small walks can get you ticks so always be on the lookout. Don't forget to check your backpacks and purses before putting them in the car or storing them at the house. When you get home, try not to bring any ticks into the house with you- they will spread to pets and children that didn't go out. If you have a garage, do your tick check there and be sure to check all the items you are taking into the house with you. Tick check before moving into the main living areas. We usually get home and go straight to the bathroom to do our tick checks if we haven't already done them. Being sure that any backpacks get dropped outside until we are ready to check them. We've brought ticks home and later found them on our cats. That was back when we first got into hiking. We haven't had any latch onto us because we are paranoid. My hair is really thick so it takes some time to check it but the safety is well worth the effort. Once while hiking we counted 20+ ticks on our pants in a walk across a field. The premethrin works great and none made it farther than the pant legs. Earliest we have seen ticks here in Montana was a caching hike on March 18 a few years ago.
  22. The original Moun10bike series 1-3 coins may fall under the not to be sold category. Can I have your Raiders of the Lost Cache coin? J
  23. Obviously there is one solution. Go for a walk around that park every other day. Be seen with your whole family, just the wife, just one kid, both kids, etc. Make them feel miserable for calling the cops on someone exercising. Ever better... every time you see them, point them out to your children as the people who watch other people and call the cops on them. Make it obvious you are pointing at them and their dog. Don't approach them... don't talk to them in any way. Just enjoy the park. Bring friends, throw a caching event (with park permission) called "Take back the Parks!" and write your story in the write-up. If they approach, you have 2 choices... talk to them gently and be nice, or call the cops and say you are being harassed (again) for walking around the park and exercising. Describe them and their dog. Be loud enough to be heard and walk away so as to avoid them. Let the cops visit them...
  24. Contact the folks at Cache Advance then, I think they will make t-shirts with your code if you already have one... I have heard of it being done. My husband wants a QR T-shirt that links to his personal TB code. We may have to have it done.
  25. We had a blast! Thanks so much for putting this one together TravisL. We popped up to Leavenworth on Sunday before driving home and spent more time than planned wandering around there. Got home late last night/early this morning. 93 caches for the day I think 151 caches for the trip. Jen
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