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  1. I'm going on a hunger strike until conditions improve
  2. Oh! and GrnXnham, remember that Tag Heuer members cache series? (It was sort of like the Jeep TB's - except they had some cool watches stashed in member caches all around the US.) I love mine!
  3. As a premium member, I mostly just enjoy cashing (caching?) all the checks that the FedEx man brings every day. edited because I can't spell very goood
  4. While I'm looking under some low bushes for the cache - a elderly muggle suprises me and says, "what'cha looking fer" I say (instinctively) "my sunglasses..." He helps me look! ... after I see the cache, before I grab it I say... "maybe they didn't fall in the bushes after all..."
  5. I just printed out the picture of the alien city -and holding it to a mirror - I see the answer to one of Sue's puzzel caches
  6. Was it a difficult trip to New Jersey or something? Only MD and DE for me so far - I havn't run out of cache there yet
  7. If it would work better for you, just put a bunch of cash (not cache) in an ammo can and hide it in the woods. Put your shopping list in the AC as well - and then email me the coords. I'll come get it and then put your "purchase" in the AC for you to retrieve... Seriously - I have a relative who hates to use the web for purchases - so he gets all his web-enabled relatives to buy him everything he needs (holidays and such). Works great. Ironically, he got on my case for not filing my taxes on line this year
  8. I found myself trying to solve a puzzel cache yesterday and I was bumping my head on stage one... With my spirits low, I returned to my vehicle - thinking I would need to go home and view the page and instruction (no print-out in hand). Then I realized - I'm sitting in a small business park - "I bet someone has an unsecured network around here..." Fired up the laptop... Worked like a champ! Has anyone else ever done this? NOTE WELL: Just in case there are any applicable state or federal regulations which prohibit this sort of conduct/connection.... I just want to say... ...Why does my post say Tonylama?
  9. Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to give it a try. I talked yesterday with a good friend who is a registered land surveyor. He said that a magnetic compass would be helpful - and the trick will be to "strike a line" using trees and other control points in conjunction with the GPSr, one segment at a time. My friend also suggested that I place a portion of the tangent such that it has a clear view of the sky, to allow for an area of solid signal with which to establish a firm course bearing on the line. I'm going to set it up and suggest that this could be best done as a team effort - and I probably will shorten the length of the tangent to about 1500 feet and hide with little or no camo. Look for this cache - coming to a woods near you!
  10. Ordered mine today - paypal sent. Looking forward to it.
  11. Apparently they can selectively turn on and off in a fifty foot circle, right over most of the cache I seek.
  12. The trick is to find something that you like, that someone may find useful- and that you can buy in bulk. I picked up a case of little league baseballs at a local sporting goods place - and I put a new one (still wrapped in plastic) in every cache I set out (provided space allows) and I have been on site at one of my caches when a boy of about 7 opened the can to find the ball - and he thought it was sooooo coooool The effective cost on the ball was about ninety-five cents. Periodic checks at the Dollar Store can pay off - but you have to make 10 trips there to find one day where something is worthwhile as swag. I did pick up a bunch of the "hard style" sunglass cases - thinking that they make good crush proof protection for your glasses while in your daypack. One idea that I also stumbled on this week was this: I spend plenty of money at HTO on this hobby and for every $100 you spend they give you a $5 rebate. Most of the time I end up misplacing the dang things - so I took some of my un-used rebates and put them on gift cards - and plan to use them as FTF prizes in caches that I set up in the near future.
  13. I found a few on-line sources, including Amazon - but by far the best deals are at QVC - yes, I know... QVC.com if I remember correctly. I found a "set" for about 20 bucks plus shipping. It yielded two containers with nearly the same capacity as a 50mm AC, plus two more that are about half the size - holds a log and some small swag items, and still two more that are about the size you would stash a sandwich in. I use one of those to keep spare batteries, and my headlamp safe and crush proof in my pack. They paint up pretty good too. I used the plastic primer paint, plus regular cammo paint. They appear to be the best solution out there short of an AC.
  14. What he said! If you build it, they will come and they won't leave.
  15. I just want to go on record right now and claim all right, title, and interest in the "Tonylama Tangent" as a method of puzzle cache structure and designation.
  16. I have an idea for a multi-stage cache that would involve two preliminary stages, and a third stage that would provide TWO waypoints. The idea is that the 4TH and final cache container would be at some point along a straight line drawn between the two points designated at stage III. My idea for this came from exploring a very large park near me that has immaculate (equine) trails. The thought is to establish this "tangent line" well off trail and to make it about 3/4 mile long - with some of the line on either side of a very substantial moving water obstacle and involving some lowlands/marsh. The Five Star challenges would be (1) to try to guess right the first time on which end of the tangent to begin (water hazard) and (2) the cacher is off-trail the whole time during stage IV and must struggle to stay as tight to the tangent as possible (underbrush/briar and lowland marsh hazard) as the they move down the line. (3) Some good skills with reading maps, using control points and GPSr features will certainly be needed for success. I would probably NOT severely disguise the cache container - or in the alternative would position the cache at a notable formation of trees, rocks, etc - that would be well identified with a good clue in case it was needed. Thinking this through fully, there is no known "off trail hiking" prohibition at the state park and the density in this park is low. Can anyone think of a design-based reason this would not be approved - and also, is this too insidious of a hide? I'm thinking of calling it "Bushwhacking on-line"
  17. Congratulations on the cache. Enjoy! You are now part of a really cool sport and a great community of people.
  18. If your house catches on fire... and the only thing you try to save is your laptop and your travel bugs you might be... oh wait - that's not what we were talking about.
  19. How can you tease us like that? Spill it!
  20. Short of a confession that I missed in this thread - there has been no evidence that the cache was stolen by anyone in particular. Easy big fella.
  21. Where 'ya been for two months? Your profile (created yesterday) says you are "dying" to use your GPS. I was prepared to post a few hours ago, but decided to contemplate my post further - and having done so, and unchanged in my gut opinion, I have to cast my vote along side Vinny - 100% Cotton Tube Sock. I searched and found 15 other cache listings that reference trailer - everything from Trailer Park Boys, to Trailers Only, to Trailerpark Geocachers Meet Bigfoot! Do these not offend you Poor&proud? BTW there are 99 listings with the word "Poor", and 36 with "Proud" in the title. I think a previous (recent) post nailed it - Geocaching represents society. Some people are nice, some not so much. If you wish to retreat from society, this sport is not a good fit. If you ARE for real Poor&Proud, I respectfully submit that your issue is not related to too much Poor - but rather an excess of Proud. If you are real life, than let real life be and get on with yours - you won't have much quality if you let things people say get you freaked out. To that end: I have to run and build a cache listing... there are none with "sock puppet" or "tube sock" in the title
  22. Why pick on cachers from ARKANSAS.... oh.... I get it... What had me confused is I'm not from Arkansas... and I would NEVER log a cache without noting the time... (edit was because I just had to fix some sentence structure... what? ... no, I'm NOT AR....
  23. I am a paralegal for a medium-sized law firm - and within that, the operations manager for a title company (owned by the law firm) based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We have offices in five cities in MD, plus one in PA, and Dover De. One cool thing about my job is the fact that I sometimes have settlements out in the burbs in the late afternoon... that is why I always have my GPSr (and swag) in by briefcase...
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