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  1. Have you tried using the trackable code to grab it? try logging it as though you have just got it from a cache, and select "Grab it from somewhere else" That may then put it into your inventory or collection... The only two choices I have when logging are write a note or discover
  2. That is the main problem, it is not showing up in my collection for me to move it to the inventory.
  3. So pretty much their is nothing I can do?!?! And for those who keep just saying move it from my collection into inventory, the whole issue is: The TB is not listed in my collection even though I moved it there after it went missing
  4. Yeah right account, and it will only let me discover it and write a note
  5. It will only either let me discover it or write a note?!?!?!
  6. Owner of said TB here, the issue is this The TB in question does not show up in my collection so I can move it back into circulation. So if anyone who knows what might be going on can help, would be great to get this little monster back in action!
  7. An ALR (Additional Logging Requirement) cache was one that after finding the physical cache, you had to perform some additional task in order to complete the find. I never had one but have been to a few. Some were fun and some were silly. One example was a cache which required you to tell a story when you log it on line. In this case, the story was about goofy things that happened in your love life. Another type required solving a puzzle after the fact. Still another that required something additional is a liars cache which requires you to keep the story going about the nature of the cache. In this case, the cache was a simple micro but it was rated higher and you had to tell how treacherous it was to get to the cache or your log would be denied. I didn't study GroundSpeaks decision but it was sudden and complete. No more requirements after finding the cache. Now you see how ECs have been compared to ALR traditional caches. We also require something after finding the cache before the cacher can claim a find. Groundspeak grandfathered ECs but that upset some people. I have no idea why Groundspeak did what they did. I suppose some of the ALRs got out of hand. Sorry for the long winded explanation but you know by now I can get long winded! Example of an ALR---<b>to log this cache you must tell me the number that is written under the lid of the container, if you do not tell me the number you can not log a find for this cache.</b> As for Earthcaches, the only thing I know that is being filtered out is from EC on their end is the pins for Bronze and Silver.
  8. The great and powerful FROG has spoken and has said NO JAVA...but you can find a nice LSM (lamp skirt micro) at a well known pricey JAVA place
  9. then he needs to make sure he logs the TB out of the last cache location so it does not show up on a cache page when the TB is not listed. Congrads to your brother
  10. I'll be honest, some stuff some people want you to do to claim the earthcache is pretty ridiculous Measure how far you are from the rock and then guess how high it might be if the gravitational pull of the earth was X then divide that by the number of finds I have and you have...etc... I've only found a few but they are fun lessons about the earth and enjoyed the locations. Honestly if you take a picture at the location and post it with your log that should be the only true requirement.
  11. If you have the TB in hand, log it and it will be in the hands of the owner. All my TBs are still out and about but I've helped a few TBs actually complete their missions.
  12. In the past Reviewers have suggested not dropping TBs into unpublished caches. The cache page is not seen but the owner and whoever else is watching that TB will get an e-mail saying that "so and so bug" was dropped in "so and so cache" yet when they click the link for the cache they get an error screen saying cache page can not be viewed until published. People who find caches prior to published tend to come from events where the caches were placed for the event then are either published that day or the next.
  13. So in other words the frog is now juicing?
  14. Start a post about how geocoins are going to be discontinued and see how many of the regulars show up
  15. Will be caching through Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach, Orlando, and Gainesville July 8th-July 13th
  16. Shiver me timbers to Davey Jones locker I say you go, with the riddle you foretold....
  17. Woohoo, I also got the email on the invite and have added my info to it
  18. Please toss Geoholic28 into the 2nd mission. Who do we need to contact with our mailing address?
  19. the one by the train is actually a listed cache GCHJ5A, what was told to me was the hide-a-key was suppose to be taken up prior to the event and replaced with the ammo can.
  20. The last couple of years the trend has seem to be that the odd numbers were east of the Mississippi River with the even numbers being west. Stone Mountain would be REALLY interesting but you almost would have to shut down the park for a day and I do not know if they would do that or not.
  21. There used to be another one up in the Jacksonville Fl area
  22. 1. Participating: e-mail sent as of now, 2/18 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  23. Can not speak for the Savannah part but I have been caching awhile and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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