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  1. I just disagree with their listing travel bugs as collectable objects. I would prefer ours travel.
  2. I would definitely log anything that would effect the next cacher's decision to hunt such as bulldozed or wet log then email the owner with additional details.
  3. Is their cammo tape that will make it easy to wrap the containers? We found that at Wal-Mart, too. At ours it was with the duct tape near the paint supplies.
  4. Did you check out the rest of the pics on her blog? One of them had more than that in his hands. His parents must be so proud!
  5. Neat story! Cachers are the best people!
  6. Guess it makes finding ticks easier but PI would have to be horrible!
  7. The coin arrived today. It is wonderful. Thank you so much. And thank you to all who continue to serve.
  8. A FTF prize I like sig items, especially pins for the geo-hat.
  9. This has been tried before. In the early to mid 90s there were recreational use areas closed and the roads and trails allowed to revert to nature. Even selective logging was eliminated. This made it virtually impossible to fight forest fires and many acres were destroyed and animals killed that otherwise might have been saved if firefighters and equipment had the access the roads previously provided. There needs to be some sort of compromise between total back to nature and public use.
  10. Would like 3 coins if they are still available. How and where do I send payment?
  11. Ours is a lot more simple. We paint a ? on a polished river rock. Young cachers seem to like them. Maybe after we get kid#3 out of college we can upgrade to something a little more useful.
  12. Eleven in 201 caches, but there is a real race for FTFs around here so it can get pretty crowded sometimes.
  13. *grins evilly* You're invited to come find my caches whenever you're in the neighborhood! Took a peek at yours. The two newest gave me a headache! Hope to get up that way caching someday.
  14. Isn't it the most fun!? We weren't so lucky as to find what we went for our first time out but we are just over 200 now and there are cachers out there who have found thousands. We have enjoyed every outing and been places and seen things we would never have known were there. Best of all, we have met some really wonderful people. See you on the trail and happy caching!
  15. Our first cache attempt was for one hidden 9 feet into the woods and just north of a rock. We looked all over for it, really frustrating since there were several rocks. (Thus our name...What rock?) We moved over to another rock group, got more frustrated and went back to the car. There was now a truck parked by us. Not being shy, we asked if they were geocachers. They kindly showed us how to find the cache. It was just north of the rock, 9 feet into the woods; one of the rocks we had actually stood on. It was under a few sticks, with a small rock on top of the pile. I have a degree in earth science. I should have noticed that rocks aren't naturally found setting on top of sticks.
  16. You know those skirtlifters everyone loves to hate? All you need is a driver. In many cases you won't even have to get out of the car. (Broke my ankle caching this past spring.)
  17. How could it be down every time I have tried to log on the past couple of days and I still have 15 pages of new posts to read?
  18. My sister launched a travel bug from Kansas with a mission to visit the ocean. Instead it went to a cache across the street from where our father used to work in the town where we grew up in Ohio.
  19. They are especially nice because they are easy to open and close even with gloves on or if the arthritis is acting up. The tabs are easy to flip open and push closed.
  20. Not familiar with that expression either, but I wouldn't have been offended. Something that is "nuts" is off or crazy so I would have been wondering how you could have claimed a find if the coords were so off.
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