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  1. Liar! ? Was browsing my emails and one brang me here after 3 years I see now... funny how many of you are premium today!
  2. Thanks for quoting me... BTW you see I was saying that the little + would be gone? I don't know why it is still showing up here on the forum as I assure you I am no more a paying member. Click my name and you will get to my profile proudly showing I'm standing by my initial decision. And if they ever revert back someone will have to tell me or update this thread, otherwise I will never know.
  3. Anyone who love geocaching will renew when they get the notification email anyway. That email was the perfect reminder, no need to force user with such an auto-renew. It was nice to offer the auto-renew for people who liked it but as the only option, just NO. I'm glad you do not renew like me.
  4. Quick follow up as I'm on twitter and following @GoGeocaching. I decided to let them know over there too. Discussion is here. You are welcome to chime in...
  5. What a dishonest and doubtful business practice, shame on you Groundspeak. I don't care we can cancel after buying, that's not the point. The option was there all those years (I know because I was a subscriber since 2006, wow 10 years already, time flies!) and you intentionally removed it probably in hopes some members would forget. If you have a bit of respect for your paying members, you will kindly revert back to give us the option again and, I know it's hard, apologize. Because we all do mistakes. P.S. I wonder how that can happen, I mean is this a one man decision, or, on a group meeting they all concluded it was the best thing to do? SERIOUSLY! N.B. I see most of you complaining are still +Premium. Today is the last day you'll see the little + under my name because my membership ends today and I logged in today specifically to renew after receiving the email telling me it's about to expire. That should have been a routine but found this change I'm not happy with so I thought I'll let them know and act accordingly. I hope many of us can hold back and show we are the customers.
  6. Thanks, I DID a search with 'auto-renewal' and I got many pages with lots of topics not related to that at all and after 3 pages I quit... search need to be fixed, dunno if it doesn't like the dash (-) or what.
  7. It's the time of the year I usually renew but seems they have made changes to the renewal options and all I can see is this: Until last year we were able to select or unselect the auto-renew, now there is not such option, or I don't see it. Am I missing something? I see no reason for removing that option, unless they look and hope for some users who could forget auto-renewal is on but they may cause frustration. I put my renewal on hold until I can disable the auto-renew.
  8. wow I started this topic in May 2013... We are still left without badges here in Canada, Subaru suck in this departement. Anyway, I tried submitting Geocaching too but it stays on Please wait... I'll give another try later.
  9. Well since you updated this thread I will tell you that in Canada we are still waiting for Subaru to introduce badges... never thought it would take that long after last annoucement... looks like they are lazy!
  10. So, 7 months later... anyone in the marketing had anything to say? I just requested an update with Subaru Canada, they were supposed to have Badges available at the end of summer. I don't know what happened.
  11. Loading of cache pages is very slow... I don't know if it has something to do with the problem mentioned above about Loading Logs that hang and which may also cause a constant load on the server. I hope it will be acknowledged soon so we will know someone is working on fixing this.
  12. Kind of generic reply and the lady wasn't probably aware that... Groundspeak will get in touch with Subaru and this could well speed up the things.
  13. Don't be too optimist about people participating... in the other thread on another forum (see OP), I kindly asked to reply if they gave a call (with intructions where to call and that it would take less than 2 minutes) and nobody did. I doubt anyone here (except you and me) contacted them. Most will rely on Moun10Bike post...
  14. It would not be readable so I hope not.
  15. You probably saw there is only one badge with colors... I mean a single color. I wonder if the geocaching one will have 4 colors? If you had to vote on this, what would be your choice? I think I would not minf white only. The current in color is a very special one and I don't think the geocaching one need to stand out from others.
  16. In my oppinion driving a car and outdoor activities are quite the opposite (and mostly driving a car is an indoor activity anyway (as long as its not something like a Biscúter 100 )). So -1 from me. Well, how many Forester/Outback I see with bikes on a rack, roof cargo, tents, surfboard, name it! People driving Subarus usually enjoy outdoor activities. Does that sounds better to you?
  17. Ha! What a chance having an admin owning a Subaru! Thanks! Let's see in a month if this have progressed...
  18. I tweeted about it yesterday and this morning, @Subaru_Canada retweeted my tweet! Cool, this mean all Subaru owners in North America will be able to show favorites badges. I hope by the time those are available, there will be a geocaching lifestyle icon added to the list. Is this forum post enough or should I also send to someone's specific email address? I want an answer from anyone at Groundspeak saying that someone will look into it eventually.
  19. I have 2 declas on my Forester already, the logo and the large text one. The Badge would probably be too small for everyone to notice, except other Subaru owners with badges, but I think it's more about proudness. I'm proud of my car and I love geocaching. Subaru promote outdoor activities, just like geocaching wants you to go out.
  20. Groundspeak may think it's a so great idea that they go proactive and give them a call to say: those Badges are a great idea and we grant you the use of our logo. :-)
  21. We all know Subaru drivers like outdoor activities... in case you didn't know, all Subaru US owners can order Badge of Ownership and show off what they like in a cute way. What's missing is a badge with the Geocaching logo. So this message is directed to Groundspeak, please get in touch with Subaru of America so they offer a geocaching badge too. I'm jealous of US Subaru owners, now I need to convince Subaru of America to also offer those badges in Canada. EDIT: Good news, I was told (link) they should be available for Canadians too before the end of the year! WOOT!
  22. This morning in my inbox there was the PQ of My own caches and I haven't requested that. Last time I did was a week ago. Anyone else?
  23. Just visited the page and... well... it's pretty ugly if you ask me... have nothing to do with the presention of geocaching.com and you worked so hard lately to improve on this. Oh well. Have you tried to get in touch with any websites already offering the service? I only have one puzzle cache that require validation and I choose http://geocheck.org/ for it.
  24. I'm in Canada and use a Maha C401FS. I had one for 6 years then my stepmother broke it inserting non rechargeable batteries in it. I had to buy another one as I liked it so much, it is 4 independant chargers in one... best ever and come with car adapter. Eneloop get my vote for batteries.
  25. WOW! Really? I just suggested it shortly after the last updated here and now I see it's available. Also I'm glad I won't have to edit all my listings now that you have restored some CSS. For a few weeks they looked bad and I was not happy with that but now it's over. Thanks for all the hard work.
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