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  1. I made a route and found all caches within .1 mile of it using GSAK, and used a cache right off the road as a reference. I uploaded the same GPX that was used as an arc filter, and previewed a pocket query of it. I gave it a tolerance of .25 miles-which should have included the reference cache. It didn't. The route appeared well over .25 miles away from the actual road on Google Maps. I'll be using arc filters in GSAK this summer, I guess.
  2. I was having the same problem with a route I made from Topeka, KS to Kearney, NE in Google Maps (grabbing data with GmapToGPX). I was using the simplify filter in gpsbabel to attempt to reduce the number of route points. Once I stopped doing that, the route appeared to work-but after a certain point, all of the route seemed to be shifted about a half mile south and a quarter mile east. EDIT: Same thing with a route straight out of Google Earth.
  3. Yeah-we don't have a definite route. At any stop we could take several different routes to a destination.
  4. Lately I've been pulling 5 (full) queries a day, 6 days a week. I'm going on a long multi state vacation soon, and our route isn't fixed-so just creating a route PQ won't work. There's no redundancy because I'm using date ranges, but it would sure be nice if I could halve the number of queries I have to run in order to receive all the caches for the states I'll be traveling through. I don't know much about the load on the server, but the examples posted earlier make sense. Just my 2¢. EDIT: Oh, and I'm trying to run these very early in the morning to reduce the server load as much as possible.
  5. Anyone care to check out the EXIF headers in the bombsquad's picture, and compare it to the pics in the OP's gallery? I have. Maybe one of the bomb squad members used her camera? (Suuuuuure.) The timestamp is positioned/formatted the same too. Why would they take a close up picture of the "bomb" before detonating it? With someone else's camera, nonetheless? Something's fishy.
  6. I don't see how removing all traffic from the site would be incentive for an upgrade. Nor do I see how cutting off donations to the site would go towards an upgrade. Or do you just want people to stop using the site for *your* benefit? Any server has downtime. This one has quite a lot of traffic from all over the place on weekend nights, after everyone's gone and found a bunch of caches. Deal with it.
  7. I suppose my Garmin contains the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! Wow! I wondered what the plug was for.
  8. Well... Where to go from here? A couple weeks before the news, I stumbled upon my element 3 CSCE. Can I take that to a VE session and be upgraded to General, or will I have to retake the test? Obtained the CSCE last April.
  9. I've got to disagree. People who were formerly required to learn it had nothing stopping them from learning, taking the test, and never using it again (or just plain forgetting it). I've been trying to learn the code for the last couple months, listening to the CDs every day (or nearly every day) and not getting far. I don't think people who don't want to learn code will come flooding in. I'm sure a lot of NCTs who won't learn code just can't, for whatever reason. Who knows, it might put a lot more spark into the hobby.
  10. Well, apparently morse is now removed as a requirement. All the NCGs (No Code Generals) are gonna be "inferior"... There's still some time to learn it if you want it on your license, about 60 days. http://www.qrz.com/ib-bin/ikonboard.cgi?ac...=3&t=140583 Check that out. Make sure you've got popcorn.
  11. Starts in a couple days.... Anyone else?
  12. You don't need an Extra or General license if you have a nearby participating NWS office. I'm a tech too, and I have no problems operating HF under the WX callsign. EDIT: I see the closest one for you would be in Taunton... maybe that's not so practical.
  13. I'll try to stay awake for the entire event, wimped out and didn't go on the air last year. Going to try to this year. I'll be operating under the call WX0TOP. Anyone else participating?
  14. That doesn't work for me... I'm on version 1.2.7, which is apparently a little outdated (but is the most up-to-date version in the Ubuntu reps) I'll download it on my Windows computer and have another try.
  15. Is it possible to make a route in Streets and Trips (2005), and import it into MapSource (MetroGuide, version 7)? Reason I ask is Streets and Trips has the capability to optimize stops, while MS doesn't. I'd like to have an optimized version of the route in my GPSr. Tried gpsbabel (-i s_and_t -f route.est -o mapsource -F route.mps) with no luck.
  16. Here's another vote for two great reviewers, RattlingCrew and *gln!
  17. I haven't tried it but I've only had my ticket for about two weeks. Can I use a Yaesu VX-7R to APRS? I'll have to look in the manual. It's been pretty overwhelming but I'm catching on to it. Yes, you can. It won't directly support it as the Kenwood will, you'll have to get an encoder and cables from Byonics (or some other company... I think Byonics is the best though)
  18. I'm guilty of holding some for WAY too long, but I don't get out to cache often. If it's possible, I'll put a TB in a cache after two weeks (or have momo_taro do it, as he has a lot more opportunity to go than than I do). Usually I can get it in a cache soon enough, but there have been a couple times where I could not get one placed.
  19. Well... Of course I'm ready to take the Morse test, and I can't find my CSCE for element 3. Will I have to retake the test, or can I get a new one from the ARRL or something? Thanks to anyone that can answer.
  20. I'm going to use Fedora 5-figured it's best to use the latest version. Dunno where, but somewhere on the site I found the .iso so I didn't have to pay $20 or whatever the asking price was. I was going to try to find an Alinco DR-135T at a swapmeet today, but I ended up having to go to Wichita for a school club activity. My brain was worthless at 5 this morning, and I forgot to have dad go and pick a radio up (if he could find one). Guess I'll have to hit ebay.
  21. Eh, sort of. UPS says the server is to be delivered Monday, and I can install the OS (or try to, dunno if it requires the board) that afternoon. It'll be a while until I get the board, gotta save up some allowance for that.
  22. This may be incentive for me to get around to learning... Thanks for the offer, though!
  23. Note to self: place a few caches in Lawrence.
  24. Is there any reason why I couldn't convert them to a kml, then gzip into a kmz? I'm absolutely worthless at scripting
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