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  1. I made a route and found all caches within .1 mile of it using GSAK, and used a cache right off the road as a reference. I uploaded the same GPX that was used as an arc filter, and previewed a pocket query of it. I gave it a tolerance of .25 miles-which should have included the reference cache. It didn't. The route appeared well over .25 miles away from the actual road on Google Maps. I'll be using arc filters in GSAK this summer, I guess.
  2. I was having the same problem with a route I made from Topeka, KS to Kearney, NE in Google Maps (grabbing data with GmapToGPX). I was using the simplify filter in gpsbabel to attempt to reduce the number of route points. Once I stopped doing that, the route appeared to work-but after a certain point, all of the route seemed to be shifted about a half mile south and a quarter mile east. EDIT: Same thing with a route straight out of Google Earth.
  3. Yeah-we don't have a definite route. At any stop we could take several different routes to a destination.
  4. Lately I've been pulling 5 (full) queries a day, 6 days a week. I'm going on a long multi state vacation soon, and our route isn't fixed-so just creating a route PQ won't work. There's no redundancy because I'm using date ranges, but it would sure be nice if I could halve the number of queries I have to run in order to receive all the caches for the states I'll be traveling through. I don't know much about the load on the server, but the examples posted earlier make sense. Just my 2¢. EDIT: Oh, and I'm trying to run these very early in the morning to reduce the server load as much as possible.
  5. Anyone care to check out the EXIF headers in the bombsquad's picture, and compare it to the pics in the OP's gallery? I have. Maybe one of the bomb squad members used her camera? (Suuuuuure.) The timestamp is positioned/formatted the same too. Why would they take a close up picture of the "bomb" before detonating it? With someone else's camera, nonetheless? Something's fishy.
  6. I don't see how removing all traffic from the site would be incentive for an upgrade. Nor do I see how cutting off donations to the site would go towards an upgrade. Or do you just want people to stop using the site for *your* benefit? Any server has downtime. This one has quite a lot of traffic from all over the place on weekend nights, after everyone's gone and found a bunch of caches. Deal with it.
  7. I suppose my Garmin contains the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! Wow! I wondered what the plug was for.
  8. That doesn't work for me... I'm on version 1.2.7, which is apparently a little outdated (but is the most up-to-date version in the Ubuntu reps) I'll download it on my Windows computer and have another try.
  9. Is it possible to make a route in Streets and Trips (2005), and import it into MapSource (MetroGuide, version 7)? Reason I ask is Streets and Trips has the capability to optimize stops, while MS doesn't. I'd like to have an optimized version of the route in my GPSr. Tried gpsbabel (-i s_and_t -f route.est -o mapsource -F route.mps) with no luck.
  10. Here's another vote for two great reviewers, RattlingCrew and *gln!
  11. I'm guilty of holding some for WAY too long, but I don't get out to cache often. If it's possible, I'll put a TB in a cache after two weeks (or have momo_taro do it, as he has a lot more opportunity to go than than I do). Usually I can get it in a cache soon enough, but there have been a couple times where I could not get one placed.
  12. This may be incentive for me to get around to learning... Thanks for the offer, though!
  13. Is there any reason why I couldn't convert them to a kml, then gzip into a kmz? I'm absolutely worthless at scripting
  14. Someone on the local forums needed the page files for the Kansas DeLorme Challenge, so I thought I would take up the challenge of putting together the files myself. Going along fine, however I'd like to also have a .kmz with the page definitions (such as http://www.switchbacks.com/files/Geocaching/WDC/WDC-GE.kmz). Is this possible with gpsbabel (I'm using version 1.2.7 from the Ubuntu apt repositories)? The .txt files are located at blueninja.homelinux.org/caching/KSDCPages.zip.
  15. The NPS says: "The Tetons received their name from French-Canadian trappers who accompanied the earliest British expeditions into this territory. As they approached the range from the west, they beheld three towering mountains upon which they bestowed the name of "Trois Tetons" ("Three Breasts"). (snip) Sounds like the white man just has a thing for naming stuff after boobies..... See? We SHOULD rename them! My point is, people aren't making an uproar over these. Why single one mountain out? Another vote for thread of the month, Jhwk
  16. Only an idiot would think the bird was named for a woman's breast. And it's lovely that Squaw is not an insult in every language. I suppose the name Squaw's Tit was meant in a reverent, respectful sort of way? Yeah right. Um.. The Squawtit mountain isn't referring to a breast. Tit (or teat) refers to a peak as the original meaning. Popular culture has twisted it to mean what it does now. I suppose "Grand Tetons" means "large breasts", then? Teton and tit are related words. Better rename that entire mountain range. Maybe "Big Mountains". That's got a ring to it, eh?
  17. Need some help with this. I can make it work fine with GE so I have the concept, but no luck with S&T. I am using S&T 2006 which is not listed in the GPSBabel beta drop down menu, but it appears to convert okay. I have created a route with about 70 turns and selected Route, then selected GPX 1.1 in the output section. However, it will not upload to the gc caching along a route site. No error message, just nothing. Any ideas? Thanks. Are you using the freeform tool to draw over your route? I don't think msroute in the newest version of babel supports that. st2gpx does. I've found a way to make this work. Do everything in Streets and Trips, and draw over your route with the freeform tool. Make any corrections needed to the points laid out by the freeform tool. Run this file through st2gpx, then run the resulting gpx through gpsbabel with gpsbabel -i gpx -f foo.gpx -o gpx,gpxver=1.1 -F foo2.gpx You're not done yet, because you still have your start and end points. Edit this file with notepad (or nano, or gedit, or emacs, or whatever you use) and look a few lines down for something like this: <rte> <name>Journey</name> <src>Extracted from main Journey</src> <rtept lat="39.056774000" lon="-95.677490000"> <name>Topeka</name> </rtept> <rtept lat="37.042248000" lon="-100.922325000"> <name>Liberal</name> </rtept> </rte> Remove all that (you may have more, depending on whether you've included stops or not. Just remove the first <rte> tags and everything in them). If you don't, your route will also include these points with straight lines connecting them. In the example I gave, there would be, in addition to my route, a straight line from Topeka to Liberal, which goes all the way across the state. You don't want this, because that line will also be used to find caches. Hope this helps. Blue
  18. Freeform draws a line, with points whenever there's a change in direction. The points aren't pushpins, though. st2gpx worked with it. Thanks for your help.
  19. Apparently you don't have the newest version or it would support msroute. msroute was added 2005-09-05. What version do you actually have? I have version 1.2.7. Downloaded Sunday from sourceforge. Edit: I see this version was released in August. I'll download the beta. Edit Edit: Aaaaand it works. Thanks! Yet another edit: Apparently I only get my start and end points in the file... even though I went over the route with the Freeform tool.
  20. Robert, I did gpsbabel -i msroute -f "Triple P Day 1.est" -o gpx,gpxver=1.1 -F blah.gpx and got "No valid input type specified". I have the newest version from sourceforge. I get the same result doing gpsbabel -i msroute -f foo.est -o gpx,gpxver=1.1 -F route.gpx with the latest version from the Ubuntu apt repositories. Using st2gpx then babel to convert works. Edit: Actually no it doesn't, I end up getting a bunch of chopped up miniroutes.
  21. I'm fine with micros, IF PLACED RIGHT. If you have to walk any significant distance to it, it'd better not be a bison tube or film canister. If the cache takes me to a great location.... I'm usually ok with whatever it is. However, I believe that the cache should be a regular if the area allows it. I also believe that micros have their place in the city-there is a stealth aspect to most of them that make finding the caches both more exciting and more difficult, and there aren't a WHOLE lot of places you can place a big cache in an urban area.
  22. st2gpx predates GPX 1.1. Either use GPSBabel (which, in the newest versions, will read est and axe) to do the conversion directly or use GPSBabel to convert st2gpx's GPX 1.0 output to GPX 1.1 Do note that GPSBabel defaults to writing GPX 1.0 - ironically, that's mostly becuase Groundspeak's private namespace is GPX 1.0. Fortunately, getting 1.1 is easy: gpsbabel -i msroute -f "Triple P Day 1.est" -o gpx,gpxver=1.1 -F blah.gpx Thanks! msroute hadn't worked for me earlier, probably user error. I'll check it out when I get to the other computer.
  23. I had an issue... I created a route in Streets and Trips, marked over it with the 'freeform' tool, saved the file, and converted it to a gpx with st2gpx. This file works for arc/poly filters, but when I try to upload it I get 4 routes with 0 points in them... What's wrong?
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