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  1. Finally received an e-mail from the DNR in reply to the one I had sent them concerning the geocaching policy. My e-mail to them simply suggested a public hearing to discuss the policy, like they do for deer hunting regulations and such. I also suggested that the properties could hold more than 25 caches each, although I agree a limit must be in place. Here is the reply I got... Your email expressing concern over the current Indiana DNR geocaching policy was received through our Upper Wabash Reservoirs geocaching account and forwarded to me. Since geocaching began in 2000, geocaches proliferated in the Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs, and the DNR was forced to address the issue. Public comments were taken and geocachers were present at meetings held as the DNR drafted the first geocaching policy. The current geocaching policy was approved at the Natural Resource Commission quarterly meeting in November of 2004, and initiated on January 1, 2005. A geocaching forum thread in November of 2004 discussed this proposal, and provided follow up from geocachers that were present in the discussions. The 25 geocaches per property rule has an administrative reason, rather than an ecological background. It is merely too difficult to manage via permitting hundreds of geocaches on some of our properties that have large acreage. The majority of the feedback received regarding the policy has been positive. In the future, should changes in recreation use on DNR lands create a need to review the policy, we will re-address the current policy at future NRC meeting agendas are posted online for citizens to see at www.in.gov/nrc. Just thought I would share it with everyone. Does anyone recall the original discussion on the forums that they speak of in this reply??
  2. Well, we didn't make the picnic. I was home suffering from a nasty chest cold/sore throat all day and had to work Saturday evening. Glad to hear everyone had a good time. Now that it's over, TEAM RETRIEVER will be caching our DNR property caches. All except Missing Dental Work that is. We'll keep that one alive. The rest will be archived and then we'll put out a couple of new caches at each property.
  3. My first GPS was a legend that I bought in 2003. Guess what? I'm still using it and have had no problems with it at all. It's the only GPS I've ever owned. It works fine for geocaching, but I haven't gone paperless yet. If and when I do, I'll upgrade to a new GPS.
  4. Worked great for me. I see a cache that we had adopted, MISSING DENTAL WORK, is on the list. With the DNR enforcing their geocaching policy, I was going to archive that cache. I think I'll leave that one out now, but by following the rules. Would be a shame to archive one of Indiana's oldest 50 caches, huh. If you’d like to figure out which was the first cache hidden in your state, you can create a Pocket Query that’ll tell you. Here’s how: Under your Account page on Geocaching.com, select, “Build Pocket Queries”. Then click “Create a new query”, and select the following options: * Within States/Provinces (select yours) * Within radius of 500 miles * Placed During (this is the key field) o Between September 1, 2000 and December 31, 2000 Then click “Submit Information” and on the next page, select “Preview the Search”. You should now have a list of the first set of geocaches placed in your state. For example, running this query for California returns a list of 16 caches, the oldest being Phil’s Memorial Cache in San Diego County near Big Laguna Lake, placed on September 10, 2000. If there isn’t a cache in your home state that falls within this search criteria, try extending the end date of the query until it produces some results. You can also modify this query to, say, find the oldest caches within a set radius of your home (using the From Origin query selection). Or, of all the caches you have found so far, find the oldest geocache hidden (check the “I have found” box). You may have to play around with the end date a bit to generate results you can use. Of course, if you use a geocaching database program like GSAK you can simply sort your different cache lists by the date placed field to generate the same information. Can someone develop a list of the 50 oldest active caches in Indiana for us, if this has not been done????
  5. Thanks for picking up the caches. It's good to know that they are being picked up. Now, I know Lead Dog said to pick up his, but I'm not sure about Trickworm. I know he said he was going to get out and pick some up, but with as many as he's got out, it would be a slow process. I'm sure he will appreciate the help. I don't think he's got any specific plans for all of those M&M tubes! LOL! Since he can't place as many caches at the DNR properties now, I bet his grandchildren will be cutting back on M&M's!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  6. Good idea Lead Dog. I like it! TEAM SHYDOG, thanks for the ammo can offer. I'll shoot ya an e-mail.
  7. Casting my vote for the camo duct tape. It's held up suprisingly well on some caches that we've hid.
  8. In spirit of the Spring Picnic pilgrimage, we'll keep ours out until the Monday after the spring picnic. I did archive one of our caches (Dead Tree Hill) due to it's condition. Didn't see much point to replacing it since I would have to pull it in a few weeks anyway. Hope to see many of you at the picnic.
  9. Well, I went through the caches that we own and made notes on 'em. We'll be archiving them within a week. Sad, as I really enjoyed reading all of the logs. When we get them all taken out, then we'll attempt to hide a couple at each property. Looks like I'll need to buy a few ammo cans. If I'm going to be limited to only two per property, they're gonna be good ones. LOL! I'm going to e-mail the DNR and see what the chances would be of them holding some "public input" meetings on their geocaching policy. They do that for everything else, so it might happen. Who knows. The part that upsets me the most about all of this is I know some geocachers who will be archiving their caches won't go pick 'em up. At that point, the caches are litter.
  10. I will be archiving all of the TEAM RETRIEVER caches, but will wait for a week or two. So go get 'em!
  11. As a hunter, and one who hunts Huntington Reservoir quite a bit, I couldn't agree with you more. I've been trying to preach that for years. I pick up my empty shells and all of my trash. Usually have my game vest full of other people's crap by the time I get back to the truck. Not to mention last fall I let my labrador carry out empty pop cans and plastic bottles. So just to set the record straight, not all hunters are litter bugs!! I think it's just people in general. I've seen the same amount of trash at some of the picnic areas and local parks too. If you don't believe me, participate in one of those "Adopt A Highway" programs. I did that for the first time up near Leo, about a month ago. I never new our roadways were so filthy!!! People doing community service should have to start out at the reservoir! And there should be stiffer fines for people caught littering.
  12. It would have been nice if we'd been given that opportunity when they first discussed writting policy. Wulf "If we'd been given that opportunity.."??? Well, my experience tells me that the DNR has a pretty fair open door policy. You can't sit back and wait for an invitation. You've got to get on the offensive and go to them. If you think about it, we've had this opportunity to discuss it with them for the past couple of years, since most of us knew about it, but yet did nothing. We have only ourselves to blame for the policy being what it is yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  13. Sooooo, nobody is liking the committee idea I assume. Doesn't surprise.
  14. Okay, I'm going to suggest this like I did back when the ACRES properties enforced their rules...I feel we should establish a small group or committee of geocachers to discuss this with the DNR. We could either meet with DNR officials or the individual property managers. Whoever meets with them will need to be very professional and open minded in their approach. Having been an active officer with our state bowhunting organization for over a decade, I know that the DNR is always willing to listen. I think while we won't be able to get rid of the permit/cache limit, we might be able to get that limit increased and change a few things like the need to move them every year. Anyone with me??? I think a group of about four or five people willing to work together would be beneficial. It's either that or suck it up and accept the rules. On another note...TEAM RETRIEVER will keep our caches out for one week, maybe two, since the DNR gave us 30 days to remove them. After a week or two, they will be archived. I'm doing this because I've already gotten a request from one geocacher wanting to find them. So if ya haven't claimed all of ours yet, now's your chance!
  15. For those of you who didn't get the e-mail, this is the one we received. I don't mind playing by the rules, but there is a LOT of caches out there that will be lost. And I don't know if the DNR has any idea how many people these caches brought to their properties. Anyway, here is our e-mail from the DNR... Dear Upper Wabash Geocacher, It has come to our attention that several geocaches on the Upper Wabash Reservoirs have been placed without permission or with a required Indiana Department of Natural Resources Geocaching Permit. A person who participates in geocaching on DNR land is subject to 312 IAC 8. A “cache” is a “device” and requires a license from the department under 312 IAC 8-2-10(6)(. The standards for a license are outlined by Information Bulletin # 46. The entire policy can be accessed here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/files/InfoBulletin46_Geocaching.pdf. In addition, a list of affected geocaches is included below. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is giving geocachers on the Upper Wabash Reservoirs 30 days to either 1) remove and archive the unpermitted geocache or 2) apply for a geocache permit. After 30 days, state geocaching reviewers will begin archiving affected geocaches from the geocaching.com website. The permit is free and is good for one year, and can be found here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/files/Geocaching_Permit_09-03-04.pdf. We hope you understand the need to maintain the balance of recreation and natural resource preservation in these great state parks and reservoirs. Should you have any questions regarding a geocache in question, please contact the property office in which the geocache is located. Property Addresses: Mississinewa Lake 4673 S 625 E Peru, IN 46970 765-473-6528 Salamonie Lake 9214 W Lost Bridge W Andrews, IN 46702 260-468-2125 J Edward Roush Lake 517 N Warren Rd Huntington, IN 46750 260-468-2165 Indiana Department of Natural Resources Upper Wabash Reservoirs JACOB'S CACHE GCT8BB Missing Dental Work GC2665 JJ's Sweet Sixteen Cache GCY4EW JJ's Sweet Sixteen Cache GCY4EW TEAM RETRIEVER'S DEAD TREE HILL GCRYAH TEAM RETRIEVER'S M2 GCQPN0 TEAM RETRIEVER'S M3 GCQPN5 TEAM RETRIEVER'S M4 GCQPN9 TEAM RETRIEVER'S M6 AT THE AIRPORT GCRX4M TEAM RETRIEVER'S M7 GCT9E1 TEAM RETRIEVER'S Oriole Field GCVM77 User's Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=ee...6d-cd40efcdb951


    I'm surprised I haven't seen any discussion on this yet. Or maybe I just missed it. Looks like a lot of good geocaches will be archived, including some of our own. Just might archive 'em all and start a couple of new ones. So let's have a moment of silence for the caches that have to be archived...
  17. Yeah, I just found a broken golf club in a cache the other day. I have also found drywall screws, scuffed up and used golf balls, and just plain JUNK! Too many cachers do this, although they don't admit it. TRADE UP OR EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. You should leave $100 bills in each cache you find and then e-mail me with the coordinates and info. Seriously, the choices are endless. Matchbox cars and small figures (i.e. Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, etc.) are good ideas. Basically use some common sense, shop the clearance aisles and let your imagination go. Here is a link with some other great geocaching swag items. We bought some patches and pencils with the Geocaching logos on them. You can also find stuff like this by doing a search for "geocaching" on ebay or whatever. Like I said, use your imagination and have fun with it! Think of stuff you would like to find in a cache. Geoswag Home
  19. I got a couple of micro containers and a geocaching logo baseball cap. Haven't figured out where I'm going to hide the micros yet, but have worn the hat a few times already. Love it!
  20. Congrats to both of you on your pins. We have to find one out of state before getting our first pin.
  21. My first cache was also a simple micro. When we decided to get into this strange new hobby, we had a full day planned with the kids. So, in order to make sure I knew what I was doing, I went out by myself and found a micro. I can't explain how cool it was to find it! Who knew I could get so excited about an M&M tube wrapped in electrician's tape and hidden at the bottom of a fence post???
  22. Thanks! Well, when she ran behind the couch and knocked a lamp over this morning, I wish she could have hopped from my house to your's too! She's a great dog, so I can't complain. Very loveable and I would suggest a daschund to anyone wanting a small, well mannered, intelligent and non-shedding (compared to other breeds) dog.
  23. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We've got a geocaching dog, Abby the Wonder Pup. She's got her own account and while she doesn't log many finds herself, she's been geocaching with us since she was two months old. We're also getting a black lab puppy this coming April (I need a good hunting dog) and he'll be caching a lot with us too. Trust me, you won't regret your decision to take your new family member caching with you. Like mentioned above, just take along the basics...food, leash, water, baggies (for cleaning up after the dog does his business on the trail), etc. Oh, and don't forget your camera! You'll want to take LOTS of pictures of your Geo-Dog!!!!!!
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