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    Potsdam NY

    I know Kaseyburrell98 and Mornseer are from that area. You might want to contact them.
  2. I spoofed your login and was able to view MO caches. Have you logged out/in? Usually this happens for folks who just renewed/upgraded their membership but I know that doesn't apply to you. Very strange. This may seem obvious but also make sure you don't have two accounts. Does it say you're a PM in the little login widget at the upper right of the home page and account page? No, I don't have two accounts and yes, it does say premimum member under my avitar.
  3. Just down loaded and tried Firefox. Still can't look at members only caches and still no response from geocaching.com. I'll give them 2 more days and then I'm going to call.
  4. O.K. I went and reactivated my account and that didn't do anything. I did send geocaching.com an e-mail but no response yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  5. sounds like you are not logged in Yes, I was logged in. I am also having trouble when I do an advance search and ask not to show caches I have found. As for which browser I am using, I switch back and forth between Chrome and I.E. I did send for the validation number and will give that a try. This is the first time I've had any problems since becoming a premium member 7 years ago.
  6. Has any one else been having problems with looking a members only caches, and yes, I am a premium member. I'm not able to see the coordinates when I go to the cache page. I've been noticing a lot of problems with the web site lately.
  7. Do you know what the date of the festival is?
  8. I was doing a cache called Icy Mountain Cave. It was one of the first caches I did. On the first attempt I lost the trail up and noticing the cache was only 250 ft. away I started to bushwhack. Then I ran into the boulders and blow downs and my progress became slowed. It this point I tripped and with all good fortune I caught myself just before I impaled myself on a foot long branch on a blow down. The jagged sharp point did poke me just under the rib cage but didn't break the skin. It probable would have been awhile before they had found my body if I had not gotten so lucky. I did go home after that to try again another day.
  9. You may want to check out the NY capital Region website. http://www.geocachingny.org/
  10. You could also try e-mailing Ranger21 who is her husband.
  11. Hear Yea, Hear Yea, Let the word go forth that the intrepid cacher from the NY capital region, one Rusty O Junk, has reached and surpassed the 2000 finds level. Let the celabration and merryment commence.
  12. Any of Rusty O Junk's hand made puzzles. If you couldn't figure out the puzzle then you had to find his Unpuzzler Travel bug. He had about 7 differnt puzzles. I have only been able to get one.
  13. Congratulations to DNNSGPS for hitting 300 over the Holidays.
  14. Yes, I live about 35 miles north of Utica.
  15. I know that several times I've picked up the phone to call some one and didn't hear a dial tone. I say hello and it's the person I was going to call. No ringing phone and no dialed number. Just pick up the phone and the person I was going to call is on the other end. I know this has happened at least 4 times to me. Not quite the twilight zone but close.
  16. Just found out there was a business card found at the scene. Nothing on the card other than a name: "Marco Clemente". Attempts to reach Mr Clemente have failed, we fear it's a pseudonym, and not his real name. It's really Keyser Sosa.
  17. The only one I could find is chimney mtn. cache by beek. It's waypoint is GC94F0
  18. THere is a type of scavenger hunt where you get a sheet with about 20 or 25 things associated with other cacchers. They have things like who's from out of state, who has over 500 finds who has more than 50 hides, who has less than 10 finds. It's also a nice ice breaker for new cachers at an event to met others.
  19. We could narrow the field down quite a bit. First of all this guy has been active only since about September and we don't believe he has actually logged any caches. At least he hasn't logged any of the missing caches. As for the local reviewer, his advice was to disable the caches for awhile and hope the guy goes away. Well it has been since September and at least 50 caches are missing. Those aren't even counting the ones he's taken twice. I put these caches out to bring people to the area. and since virtuals are almost impossible to get approved it defeats my whole purpose of geocaching.
  20. Why can't the owner of a cache be able to tell who's watchlist their cache is on. The area I'm in has a cache pirate and caches that have been stolen are stolen again with in a day or two of being replaced. Several of us who have had caches stolen belive that the person responsible has them on a watch list. Making them Members only caches hasn't helped either since a new one that was put out as a member only lasted 4 days. If we could see who was watching the caches we could get a good idea of who's doing this.
  21. This is the first coin in quite a while I've ordered. I only ordered it since I've actuall been as far north as possible before having to go south.
  22. There are two events coming up in Allegany State Park. You may want to attend these. It's a great way to meet fellow cachers.
  23. Which State park? I think this is just the head of the park trying to make a little more revenue. I don't think this is a state wide thing. I'll send a message to Junglehair ( NYGO President) and see what the deal is?
  24. Is that a threat? Not really. You just have to know the NYCR geocachers to get the joke. By the way Rusty, you don't need a flashlight if Marc G. brings his inferred camera.
  25. Hi, I'm RJW661 and I'm a compulsive geocacher.
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