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2006 Ontario Geocoins


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I know I sent mine within about 10 seconds of it opening, but still no invoice. Email is not a good measure of when an order was placed, you are at the mercy of the servers routing the mail. Still hopefull that I got my order in.

I'm in the same position. Had my email sent within 10 seconds. I can only imagine they are still sifting through everything.

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only e-mail I got was that they have me down for x number of each kind I have not received an invoice yet but its ok like you said they've got alot of stuff to sort through and then write up and send all the invoices.

No email or invoice here....hope i didn't get up hours early for nuthin'. :D

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Since people were listing there times that they sent the email, I just looked at the time that I sent the email and here it is:

Sunday, November 27, 2005 9:00 AM


It took me less than a secound ;) ! I had opened a file and typed everything I wanted the night before with all my info. Then I had copied it and had it ready to be pasted this morning. Thank god for copy and paste!

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