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  1. So, Max and 99, Vulture1957 and BluesNote, should we go ahead and try to submit this new category for ZipCars, Car2go and the like? How do we go about doing this? Thanks,
  2. Yes, Zipcar and other companies that offer similar services, like Car2go for example.
  3. Stations where you can pickup a car you reserved.
  4. Hi All, New to these forum sections, so please excuse me if I don't respect any pre-agreed format, or if this category idea has been discussed or voted on before. In more and more cities and countries, we are seing these car sharing systems popup. I think we should have a category to publish these. I have looked and found nothing similar. Are they already listed under another category? Thanks, BlackJack65
  5. I have seen both issues, but I think the first one only occurs when I post from my iPad. When I post from my PC, I don not get this issue. As far as the second issue goes, I will keep an eye out for trailling spaces. Thanks
  6. Bonjour, Nous sommes un groupe d’adeptes de géocaching de la Rive-sud de Montréal (Québec, Canada) qui organisons la compétition de géocaching «Caches en masse – Rive-sud» afin de faire découvrir notre belle région par d’autres adeptes comme vous. La compétition «Caches en masse – Rive-sud» Le principe de la compétition est simple : il suffit d’amasser le maximum de points en trouvant les caches qui se trouvent à l’intérieur des limites de la Rive-sud de Montréal entre le 1er et le 30 septembre 2011. Un millier de caches attendent les visiteurs dans des endroits des plus variés. Le dévoilement des gagnants et la remise des prix se feront lors d’une journée de plein air qui aura lieu dans la région le 8 octobre 2011. Vous trouverez tous les détails sur le site web de la compétition. Votre appui personnel : Grandement bienvenu Des dons de contenants de caches, GéoPièces, accessoires de plein-air, et même d'œuvres d'art faits de vos mains par exemple, sont toujours fortement apprécié. Parlez-en à ceux qui en ont reçu dans les années passées. Votre appui professionnel : Une vitrine pour votre organisation Un événement de ce genre vous permet à votre organisation d’obtenir une visibilité à peu de frais. En échange de quelques cadeaux et/ou objets promotionnels qui seront remis comme prix aux participants lors de la journée plein air, nous afficherons votre logo sur le site web de la compétition avec un lien vers votre propre site web. De plus, votre logo sera également affiché sur le site lors de la journée plein air et nous mentionnerons votre généreuse commandite lors de la remise des prix. Nous espérons que vous porterez une attention favorable à cette proposition et que vous y verrez une occasion intéressante de concrétiser votre soutien aux activités de plein-air en général, et de géocaching en particulier. Si vous désirez obtenir un complément d’information, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi par messagerie privée. Merci à l'avance. BlackJack65 Organisateur Compétition de géocaching «Caches en masse – Rive-sud» Site web de «Caches en masse – Rive-sud»: http://pages.infinit.net/lambert/fr/Caches_en_masse.htm
  7. Hi, It seems TEAM KFWB GPS, after finding all of 1 cache in 2003, has just retired all of their 359 caches. Are the containers still out there? If so, what are the plans to retrieve them? And if they have been brought in, what will happen to the Travel Bugs and geoCoins they contained? I happened to have my TBV6Z8 Mini Generic Geocoin in their GCJN90 KID COMMANDO CACHE Can anyone help move it along? Thanks, Black
  8. For Da Vinci Code type fans, there is my GCWCFD
  9. C'est pas mal ce site.Tu devrais aller en parler sur le forum de GeoCaching-qc.com, de l'amicale de la region de Quebec, des geocacheurs d'Ottawa/Hull, etc..
  10. Before removing an Archived cache from your database, put it in a shared bookmark list on GeoCaching.com Create a monthly list, and sahre it with your community at the end of every month. Interested GeoCachers can create a Pocket Query from that list, and dowmload it to their databases. You are not sharing a PQ, you are sharing a Bookmark list.
  11. Same thing here. When I go to a traditional cache, and click on the link for All nearby caches of this type, I get all the types, not only the traditionals.
  12. It would also be nice, if that PQ, and the map for that matter, offered to remove Temporarly Unavailable caches.
  13. It has been almost 5 years. Will attibutes ever be included in Pocket Queries?
  14. All caches in that park have being archived,at the land administrator's request. Come to GeoCaching-Qc.com and ask that question for local answers. Thre is a Stargate cache nest to the lookout on the mountain, for premium members only. My Da Vinci Code - Roslyn in Quebec multi is quite the hit! ;-)
  15. Come and ask that question on GeoCaching-qc.com forums. Someone has posted these there in the past.
  16. Heart of Paris GCQTP6 Superb GeoCache that has you discover things often missed on Ile de la Cité.
  17. Le Québec n'en a aussi que 2, pour près de 14 000 GéoCaches, sur un territoire beaucoup plus étendu, et il n'y a pas de problème de surcharge perçu.
  18. Et moi qui serai dans le Doubs deux semaines plus tard,.. :-(
  19. What you need is a card such as a Cyclo Evolution with a Mico SD card. It comes with a USB adapter, so you do not need a cable. You can then install a whole bunch of HomeBrew applications, and other things.
  20. Good! I got it to work by removing child waypoints, and by redusing the number of caches to 99. One thing I found is that other then HTML codes, neither are accented characters displayed, which are very important in many languages other then English, such as mine, French. Also, having the last logs available would be nice. TFTA (Thanks For The Application) ;-) Black
  21. I Put your app and the GPX file at the root of my Cyclo Evolution card, but after choosing it from the list, the app loads for a bit, and both screens turn black. What am I missing. I have additional WayPoints in my file. I now read those are not supported, but would it crash the app? Thank you, Black PS. Great Idea for an app.
  22. Hi all, I am down on vacation in Florida, and my GPS unit has failed on me. I need my GeoCaching fix, so I am willing to buy a new Colorado or Oregon, untill I can get back to Canada to get to my waranty papers and get my unit fixed. My girlfriend can then use the second unit when we are out on the chase. However, I cannot find a decently priced dealer in the Fort Lauderdale area, from their websites. Where do you guys purchase when you want to encourage local business, without paying more then I would in Canada, even if I don't take into account the exchange rate? Failing that, is there an online store that delivers within 24 to 48 hours, plus the expected holiday delays? Thank you, BlackJack65
  23. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20080828...19/CPACTUALITES
  24. Not to mention Spanish, US of A's seconf official language.
  25. This is now fixed in the 4/18/08 release just posted for both the emulator and player.How about the ASCII issue.I have a project with my town and parish to build a walking tour of the historical buildings, but I need french accents to make your product credible. Thank you,
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