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  1. I got the same message this morning when I tried a few different coins. Hope it's only a temporary problem.
  2. So very kewl!!!! Ordered some coins and pins and can't wait to get them!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to purchase these.
  3. I'm going out caching with my family. Maybe I'll even drop a few geocoins out there today.
  4. Do you have enough coins in your possession to fill the orders that were placed on or after Nov.27 2005?
  5. I found some DNF coins and pins in Georgia yesterday!! Thanks for the cool pins and coins!!
  6. Ordered 2.Awesome looking coin!!!
  7. One gold, silver and bronze Ontario coins!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing the happy dance right now.
  8. invoice paid tonight....thanks for getting me straightened out.
  9. Believe it or not, this avatar design was on one of the halloween pumpkins I carved this year.
  10. If this is a pre-order thread, I'll take 3. Great coin.....very creative idea!!
  11. WAHOOO!!!!!! Waiting patiently (yeah right) for my allotment!
  12. Could I add 5 pins to my order in the original thread please?? Thanks.
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