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Here is the initial artwork, subject to change. The artwork will be finalized soon. I am making a run of 500 coins, each of which will be trackable on www.geocaching.com. The first 100 are for me and the remaining 400 are for sale or trade. The diameter will be 1.5 inch and the finish will be polished. I have not made a final choice as to the metal but am leaning toward Nickel. Any preferences?




I am accepting preorders on www.cointracking.com. Happy Landings!

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I am overwhelmed by the number of emails I have received! Lots of offers to trade, most of which I will probably accept. There are so many emails that I am not going to try to give an individual response to each one. Instead, this note will be a kind of group thank-you for everyone who emailed, ordered, or offered to trade for this coin.


A list of preorders and trading offers is shown below. The list is sorted alphabetically by name. If I have missed you, then please make sure you are listed on cointracking.com in my coin edition.


I have not received a final price quote from the mint yet, so it will be a bit longer before I start asking folks to pay up. I would expect that the cost will be the "normal" amount for a coin of this type.


268 out of the 400 coins I am selling/trading were spoken for in a single day! If you want one of these fine coins, you will need to register your wish on cointracking.com soon.


Happy Landings! AeroHound.


Name Quantity

1markymark1 2

2bugs 4 (buy or trade)

501_Gang 3

57chevy 3

9key 1

allinfun 1

arstickerdude 1

AtlantaGal 2 (buy or trade)


BandS 1 (buy or trade)


BearPaughs 1

Bjornian 1

blindavocado 1

Bre 2 (trade)

Cache_Keri 4

cache-hounds 1

cachehunters42 2

carleenp 1

cazray 2


ChapterhouseInc 1

chrisgun 6

CogGil 2 (trade)

Cornerstone4 1

Cruiserdude 1

Damenace 1

DancesWithMoose 5

DaniDU 5

DLiming 3

dresseldragons 1

drexotic 2

Eagles61 1

elmosmelmo 2

Escapades 2

f0t0m0m 3

Facedances 1

FlyinV 1 (trade)

GAngel 2


GeoCrickets 1

geodiamond 3

GeoFaex 2

Go_JayBee 1 (trade)

GoBolt (for the SDGC) 15

Goldsnoop 1 (trade)

GrandpaKim (COOL group) 25

HerrK 2

HiDude_98 1

Holger2 2

IceCreamMan 1 (trade)

Jake-TeamAI 1

Jamie (the artist) 1 (free)


JoelMart 2

Junglehair 1

JWID 1 (trade)

KarelKraak 2

kentuckygirls 1 (trade)

keving68 2

KiltedCacher 1

KrazyTrollz 2

ladycacher 1

legna and sOulbAit 1

lpyankeefan 3

LSUFan 2

LZ33 2


Marky 1

marlin01 1 (buy or trade)

Mauison 1 (trade)

Mertat 1

minz 2

Mystery_Ink 3

Nazgul 1

Night_Hawk 1 (trade)

NorthWes 4

nscaler 1

ou8alizzard 2

outdoorlady79 2

Packman5 4

PaHawkeye 2

PassingWind 1

Prairiepartners 1 (trade)

rivercity 1

RocknCrystal 1

rojeel 4

Rupert2 2

Scaramanga 3

Shop99er 1 (trade)

SilverMarc 2

slammer180 2

SonofCyclops 2

Team PEZ 1 (trade)

TeamCoyChev 1 (trade)

TeamDonutdog 1

TeamLegGoes 4

TeamLightningBug 2

TeamMaddieUK 20

TeamSandDollar 2 (trade)

TeamWolfsbane 3

TerribleTs 1

thepud 2

Thoto 2

tigger5758 2

tomnchris 2

toojin (for ICE group) 7

TwoHappyHikers 1

walkin-ed 1

wolfmaster 2

WYlostinMA 2

zombietribe 4


Total Preorders 268

# coins still available 132

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