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  1. E-mail sent. I have 2 in VT. One easy one, one hard one.
  2. I haven't seen them yet, and I got an email from him last week.
  3. Heard from Ross a week or so ago, still no coins.
  4. I have 5 extra LE 2006 Spring Canoeman sets. They are in Gold, Nickel, and Copper. They are a limited edition of a 12 coins. 50 gold, 100 silver, 100 copper 4 times this year depicting the seasons. The theme will have to do with my handle, Canoeman. The first 50 coins in each season will be the Gold. You will only be able to get the first gold coin if you truly want to get the whole set of 12. Cost will be 15.00 per the set shipped. If you want to be one of the 50 people to have this set email me and I tell you how to purchase them. First 5 people will get the sets and will have the chance to get the other 3 Seasons.
  5. Got mine in Calgary today. Whoo-hoo! Postmark from Chicopee, MA. That's interesting!! When I called the number I was told he was no longer there. Maybe he just moved out of that place.
  6. Where was the post mark from? Mine are not in yet. Mr. Smith and thoughts?
  7. Me too Must be for the free popcorn?
  8. I have somewhat of an update on this. I happen to have his number because he was going to trade for my LE set. When I called the number some younger woman answered and when I asked for Ross she said "he moved out, he doesn't live here and more" and hung up. Rude, but polite. I will try back to see if I can get any more info out of her later. Contact me if you want, but I don't think I would give you his old number. I do have the address that the number is located at. Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Smith might have a suggestion on what could be done next.
  9. I didn't see it on their website for 390.........it was 488, 490 total You must have hit an erro at the time, here is what it is now and what you get. Value Pack GPSMAP 60Cx This package is shipped with the Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx and the package accessories listed below just as you purchase it in stores, PLUS the Auto Kit, contains the following: Bean bag mount, dash mount, cigarette adapter, North America City Select DVD v 7.0 w/full unlock code. Special $488.00
  10. I don't believe that is true. I know you are talking about the 60CSx which I am looking to pick up but, on my Etrex Vista it has a pressure reading maybe not the same as the 60CSx but when I went across country with it, it recorded a speed of 595 MPH and an altitude to 40000 feet. The exact altitude that the pilot said we were at.
  11. Which account are you talking about. I don't see anything for google earth.
  12. Put me down for 1 of each metal.
  13. Can I get one? Let me know please.
  14. I'm trying to find a 2005 Alabama coin for a friend overseas. If someone would have an extra one to sell or trade for please let me know. canoeman@comcast.net Thanks
  15. I'm trying to find a 2005 Alabama coin for a friend overseas. If someone would have an extra one to sell or trade for please let me know. canoeman@comcast.net Thanks
  16. Put me down for 1 please.
  17. Please put me down for 1 of each. Thanks
  18. Sign me up for one when you get them. Sent email
  19. canoeman


    I know I added a post here but it seems to be missing. Anyway Sign me up for a coin. Sending email as to why I need it.
  20. If you have a coin you want to sell let me know. I'm going all out to get some for Christmas and will entertain anyone who has one, some, all to sell. State, personal, group whatever. Leave a post or send an email. I will respond as soon as I get a chance. Thanks
  21. Sure, I have a yellow one that works great. I use it on the snowmobile. You want it let me know.
  22. Will be sending a check for 1, please add me to the list. Sending the order form today. Thanks
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